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Spring is coming, and that means strawberries! Get into the spirit of Spring with a Strawberry Picnic Bracelet! This elegant pearl bracelet comes in pink and white colorways to go with any of your strawberry prints like Angelic Pretty’s Berry Garden or Baby’s Creamy Berry Fairy Dream!

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* ˙ ˖✶ nicknames (mostly gender-neutral!)

under the cut you’ll find #62 cute nicknames in alphabetical order! i primarily made this for otps to call each other but it could work for friends, siblings, or for a parent to a child. whatever works for ya! some of them are a little silly but i’ve heard pretty much all of them used in media or in real life, so take your pick. please like/reblog if you are rph or found useful.

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(Not my gif-credit to @murderous-manipulative-angel) But THIS MAN^^^^ was INCREDIBLE AND THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE MOVIE. And Harley was AMAZING too and just the way they interacted was PERFECT. Gahhhh I can’t stop thinking about the movie! I already want to watch it for the second time!!


These are my ten favourite coordinates for the year.

Coord 1: French Dot Girl - AP
Coord 2: Fairy Marine - AP
Coord 3: Milky Planet - AP
Coord 4: Milk Chans Fantasy Wonderland - BTSSB
Coord 5: Sweet Cream House - AP
Coord 6 and 7: Little Bears Cafe - AP
Coord 8: French Dot Dream - AP
Coord 9: Honey Cake - AP
Coord 10: French Cafe

anonymous asked:

Hey Iylla ^-^ do you happen to have any posts with HCs about what kind of nicknames Poe would call an s/o?

Hiya! I don’t have any posts for that, but I could give you some headcanons now. :)

-baby/babe/baby girl/baby cakes
-my angel
-my goddess
-my soulmate
-the best thing to ever happen to me (a bit extensive, but that’s Poe for ya)
-my pride and joy
-my other half
-he uses the last four when he’s trying to get your attention or when he’s trying to get you to forgive him
-his favorite is “angel”

anonymous asked:

What do you think Suga/Tsukki/Yama/Kenma's pet name for their s/o would be?

Short and quick answers, I hope you don’t mind.

Suga: Hun, Sweetie, Sweetheart, Babe,

Tsukishima: Babe, Sweet Cheeks, Baby Cakes, Angel( He uses pet names to tease them a lot.)

Yamaguchi: Flower, Sugar, Dearest, Pumpkin

Kenma: Darling, Love, Beautiful, Zelda / Link / Shiek. ( Kenma would probably.)