sweet babehs

Boyfriend Wonwoo means
  • you’re basically dating Mingyu as well
  • lots of coffee dates
    • or like going to little cafes and just talking about life
  • getting random presents from him just because
  • like, “hey, I saw this stuffed animal octopus and it made me think of you”
  • or, “we were in the airport, and I saw this key chain of a pineapple, and I thought of you”
  • and like, you never question the gifts, but sometimes you’re like, why the hell does he think of me when he sees a pineapple?
  • he loves to cuddle, and hold hands
  • like even though everyone thinks he’s this super serious guy
    • he ‘s honestly a big teddy bear
    • and you love that you get to see this side of him all the time
  • he loves calling you baby or sweet or just babe
  • he loves sitting with you and asking about your day
    • not minding just sitting in bed while you talk for hours about every detail, because to him it’s all important
    • he loves seeing how happy you get about the littlest things
  • you frequently spend the night at the dorm
  • the boys always are trying to catch you two kissing
    • but it never happens
  • wonwoo likes pda, but he keeps it chill around the guys
  • he loves to just randomly tell you how much he loves you
  • because he never wants you to just assume he loves you, or he doesn’t want you thinking it’s implied
    • but he also just really loves saying “i love you”
Chapter 9

Elicia POV

Tonight was beyond amazing. Dinner with my baby had me on cloud nine and I couldn’t wait until we got home. Auggie really had no idea what he was in for which made this night that much more special.

Helping me out of the car the night air brushed against my skin making me shiver just a little reacting the protective instincts from my amazing boyfriend. He’s been nothing short of good to me these past couple of weeks especially with everything that has happened.


Ridding the thoughts from my head because it would put me in a bad space I cuddled closer to Aug as he walked us to the door. “Ya good babeh.” I nodded with a smile kissing his small goatee.

“I’m good babeh.” I mocked his accent making him chuckle some. As soon as August opened the door I pulled away from his embrace running up the stairs. The Christian Louboutin heels made loud sounds against the hardwood floor, and I could faintly here Augs heavy footstep following behind me.

“Yoo Lici wha’s good babeh?” Ignoring him I reached our room going into our walk in closet. “Nothing babe, Auggie can you do me a favor pretty pleeeeaase?” I dragged out cutely leaning my head out the entrance-way.

August was stepping out of his jeans and into a pair of black basketball shorts his inked covered chest on full display. Licking my lips I met his brown eyes rolling mine when he smirked knowingly. “Jus’ tell me babeh n’ it’s all yours.” Giggling and blushing I waved him off.

“Boy it’s been mine.” Surprised by quick response he trekked over to me a lustful stare gracing his beautiful features. “Word babeh?” Grabbing me he dropped his hands down to my ass gripping it through the red fitted skirt. Nodding against his chest I pressed my lips to the middle of his chest. Shivering from my touch his grip on my ass tightened illuminating a low whimper from me.

Pushing him back I grinned at his annoyed facial expression. “Can you please bring me a glass of juice.” The only thing I could think of at the moment. Staring at me with a questionable look I poked my bottom lip out. “I’m thirsty.” Still looking at me skeptically he backtracked his steps ultimately walking out the room altogether.

Quickly grabbing the pink and white small rectangular shopping bag I held it in my hand scurrying into the bathroom. Locking it behind me I slipped out of tonights dinner outfit and into what I’ll just call dessert.

Pushing my c cup breast up in the turquoise lace push up bra a smirk graced my red tainted lips. My baby wasn’t going to know what hit him tonight.

Turning around I poked my ass out looking back at it twerking a little. Maybe I was feeling myself a little too much but I was in a good mood and was about to get dicked down. Why wouldn’t I have a reason to twerk in the mirror.


“Lici, wha’cha doin’ girl?” Twisting the door knob I ignored him sliding my feet in my stiletto heels. Fluffing my already curled hair. It was locked so his attempts to get in failed miserably.

His pleas for me to come out ceased and I couldn’t have been more than happy. His persistence was cute and welcomed but I really didn’t need that right now. Not while I’m trying to build up my confidence and walk out there in next to nothing.

“You got this Ease.” Pep talking myself seemed to help a little. Taking a deep breath I unlocked the door giving myself one last once over before stepping out.

August was sprawled out across the bed his arms over his eyes while I watched his chest rise and fall. I know he heard me come out the bathroom but he wanted to play games and ignore me. It’s ok I had something for him though.

Walking to the edge of the bed I crawled onto the California King bed making my way up Augs lanky body. Still ignoring me I sucked my teeth dragging my hands up his bare chest placing my ass directly on his dick. Bingo.

That seemed to get all of his attention and I grinned. Removing his arms he stared at me blankly before his eyes widened and his bottom lip tucked under his teeth.

Watching as his eyes went from shock to lust in a matter of seconds cause a mini pool to form. “Damn.” His large hands gripped my thighs rubbing up and down reaching my ass and squeezing both cheeks in his hands. Moaning like I did earlier I jerked my hips forwards eliciting a deep groan from him.

“I tol’ ya befo’ babeh. Ya not ready so don’t start.” Teasingly I dragged my nail up his chest staring up at him innocently.  "Ready for what baby? I’m not starting anything.“ Mumbling against his lips I slid my tongue in his mouth rotating my lower half on his rising member.  His hands slowly caressed my body as he groaned into the kiss. I thought I finally won but he quickly pushed me off of him rising off the bed and facing me. “Babeh I know ya not there yet.”

August POV

Rejection. That’s all I saw on her face and my heart broke. Lifting her chin with my finger I kissed her softly before trying to look in her eyes but she wouldn’t meet my gaze. “I know ya want it babeh, trust me ya ain’t the only one.  But I don’t wanna fuck up ya process just cause I wanna fuck up the sheets.” Chuckling she finally looked up at me and blushed. Sitting down next to her I pulled her into my lap rubbing my thumb along her thigh.

Letting out a deep sigh she looked in my eyes and spoke softly. “It won’t ruin my process baby, it will complete it.” I twisted up my face ready to tell her she was crazy but she stopped me and continued. “The last time my body was touched in a way that I only ever wanted you to touch me, was forced. I need you to remind my body what sex is supposed to be. I need you to remind my mind that we make love.  I need you to erase that.” Turning in my lap she straddled me before pressing her lips to mine. “I need you.” Lust dripped from her voice and I couldn’t fight it any more.

Kissing her passionately as I turned us over I laid between her legs. Staring into her eyes I saw all of the desire that she had just spoke.

Trailing kisses from her cheek I slowly swirled my tongue over her breast. Kissing the top of them lightly as she arched her back allowing me to remove her bra. Her light panting became soft moans as I began to tease her nipple gripping her ass tightly. Shifting my body against hers I traveled my tongue across her stomach before giving her other nipple the same performance.

As I placed wet kisses down the center of her stomach moving my body lower her hand went for my hair and her breath quickened.

"Ya good babeh? I can sto-”

“Don’t!” I chuckled at how eager her voice broke. My baby was feening.

Sliding down as I pushed her body up removing the lace that adorned her center; I looked up and smiled. Every emotion I saw the first time I tasted her, the first time she had ever been tasted, was flashing across her face. 

“Relax babeh, I gotcha.” She let out a faint “ok” as I began to lick and kiss her inner thigh, massaging my hands up her back.

I placed wet kisses on her second lips and she spread her legs more removing her hand from my hair. Gripping both of her thighs I separated her lips with my tongue as I licked slowly from the bottom to just under pearl. Breathing lightly over it I looked up at her once more making sure she was ready. Her eyes had grown irritated with my teasing so I gave her what she wanted.

Firmly I pressed my tongue against her pearl before flicking it quickly. Her body tensed up so I slowed down, gripping her waist firmly. Swirling my tongue in a circular motion on her pearl my hands continued to caress her body as her moans became louder.

I sucked harder on her pearl causing her hand to fly back to my hair. “Ba-baby,” she whined more than spoke as I brought my right hand to her center using two fingers to grant me more access to her pearl.


“Hmmm babeh?” I made sure I pressed flat against her pearl so that she could feel the vibrations.

“Mmm right there,” her body suddenly relaxed and her hand left my hair again. Peeking up at I saw that her right hand was stretched out against the bed as her left one massaged her breast playing with her piercing.

Keeping my pace on her pearl I slid two fingers into her warmth moving dramatically slow. Tickling her g-spot causing her to body jerk slightly.

Shortly after I picked up the pace of my fingers she was raining down my fingers as her walls clenched tightly around me. I licked her clean drinking her juices before I kissed my way back to her face.


Bliss. That’s the only way I could describe the feeling my body was trying to understand. I almost forgot how well August could take care of me.

My breaths quickened as he made his way back up to my lips kissing me hungrily. “Ya still taste sweet babeh,” he spoke in a low husky tone before grinding his teeth against my neck before he sucked each spot. “Ya still sure babeh? We can stop here.”

Feeling his hardened length pressed against my still throbbing pearl threw that option out the window. “I want you baby,” I breathed out tugging at his basketball shorts. My groan from him standing up quickly turned into a smirk as he removed his basketball shorts and his Polo boxers. “What ya smilin at babeh? Ya missed him?” He hovered over me rubbing his hands against my center. “She did,” before I could speak his lips came crashing into mine and arms flew around his neck pulling the his body down as I laid against the bed.

Starting at the center of my back his hands slowly slid down gripping my ass as we continued to kiss feverishly. He grabbed my thighs opening them gently as his lips left mine and returned to my pearl. He swirled his tongue around my pearl as his soft bites and hard sucks restored my wetness.

Kneeling between my legs he laid his dick between my lips thrusting slowly; teasing me as the tip tapped my pearl. I opened my mouth to complain about his antics but a moan slipped as he slowly entered me.

My walls immediately clenched around his width and I couldn’t let go if I wanted to. It was an all too familiar feeling of pain and pleasure as my body reacted like it was my first time. Gripping the sheets I inched away from his length only for him to grab my waist tightly forcing me still.

His eyes screamed focus as he stared down at my center with his bottom lip tucked firmly between his teeth. He knew exactly where he was headed and the moment his head tapped my spot the levy broke and my wetness allowed him to easily slide in his remaining length with my loud moan and his harsh grunt competing for center stage.

As he pressed his body against mine I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started working his hips in a slow circular motion, his shallow strokes giving me time to adjust to his length prompting my walls to finally release their grip. The moment they did I wished they hadn’t because he immediately started delivering long strokes being sure hit every spot just right.

My voice quivered as I gathered enough air to speak. “Auuu-Auuuuugust baby just like that,” I moaned as I released the hold my legs had on him making him fall even deeper if possible.

“Shit babeh,” he rumbled in my ear before he started sucking my collar bone. Arching my back as he continued to deliver his stroke I threw my head back and enjoyed the pleasure as I matched his pace.

He hit my spot with force and I’m sure the face I made was as strange as the moan he provoked as my nails dug into the sheets.

August POV

Staring down at the beautiful brown skinned goddess up under me. I watched as her face twisted up in pleasure as I thrusted in and out of her. My babeh was so warm, wet and tight that if I wasn’t focusing I would’ve busted right then and there.

Gripping her thighs in my hands my tongue swarmed around her collar bone and I slid my hands between our heated bodies reaching her clit.

Thrusting deeper in her Lici’s moans filled my ears before she dug her nails in my skin when I brushed against her  pearl. “Auug!!” Pushing her knees up to her chest I pressed down on ha stomach making ha back arch up off the bed and ha hands grab a hold of the silk sheets.

“Sh-uhh!” Thrusting upwards she placed her hand on top of mine unable to get her words out. “Lemme hea’ ya babeh.” Leaning back the sight of my dick disappearing in and out of pretty pink pussy had me harder if possible. Looking up at her to see her still holding back her moans I pulled out completely before slamming into her making her let out a high pitched scream.

“Fuck Aug!!!” Gripping her hips Lici released one of her hands from the death grip she had on the sheets before trailing it down her body I watched with hooded eyes as my babeh played with her clit. Rubbing on faster her back arching up off the bed while my thrust went long and deep. “Uhh shiiiiit!! Baby..deeper.” Dropping one leg she spread it across the bed and I hovered over her, my balled fist on either side I her head.

“Ya luh me babeh.” She nodded rapidly eyes closed in pleasure as my dick showed no mercy to her tight pussy. “Ya got’a say it.” Snaking my hand around her waist I lifted her slightly off the bed biting gently down in her shoulder.

“Oh god!! Yes! I love you!” She cried holding onto me, meeting my thrust. I clenched my jaw grunting in her ear when she squeezed her walls around me. “You feel so good.” Her soft voice whispered in my ear before she bit down on my earlobe, swirling her tongue around it before sucking on it.

Unexpectedly I turned her on her side wrapping my arms around her waist. Lici laid her left leg over mine holding onto the pillow as I fucked her on her side. Snatching it from her she whimpered her nails digging in my arm making me hiss out in her ear.

Not a lot of words needed to be said between the two of us. Her moans and the way she held me into her said it all. I missed her just as much as she missed me and I was gone make it my mission to show her how much I loved her.

Lici’s body jerked forward her walls clenching around me and her nails digging deeper in my hands letting me know she was about to come.

“Let it go babeh.” The gushy sounds of how wet she was motivated me to go faster, while I squeezed her breast flicking nipples. “God Aug!! I’m cu-oooh!!” The loud moan followed by her juices dropping down my dick and our legs caused a smirk to appear on my face.

Pulling out she moaned taking a deep breath before closing her eyes. “Nah babeh, dis wha’ ya wanted rememba. Arch ya back ma.” Smirking Lici arched her back her face pressed against the bed her arms stretched out over her head and her ass poking out in the most alluring way.

Raising my hand I slammed it down on her ass biting my lip as it jiggles ignoring her high pitch yelp. Squeezing it in the palm of my hands I spread her legs her freshly shaven box a sight for my eyes only.

My babeh was drenching, trailing my hand up her slit her she moaned. “Ya so wet Lici.” I muttered before guiding myself in her.

Elicia POV

He slowly eased into me making me bite down hard on my bottom lip. The feeling of him filling me up was overwhelming yet it felt so good.

“Fuck!” was all I could yell as I tried to escape his length.

“Ya ain’t neva been a runner babeh. Don’t start that shit nah.” He growled as he pulled me back into his stroke.

“Ba-baby pleeeeease,” I said as he slowly stroked me with half of his length.

“Wha babeh?” his tone teased me as he gave me more. “Ya want me ta slow it down,” his words slurred like he was drunk as he gripped my ass tightly and slowed down dramatically. All I could do was gasp and throw it back so he would stop massaging my spot so slow, I wasn’t ready for another one.

“I ain’t ready eitha babeh,” he grunted as if he read my mind. Gripping my waist he forced me still as he returned to his slow stroke.

“August PLEASE!”

Almost on cue he grabbed a handful of my curls and started delivering long, deep strokes at the perfect pace. Moaning loudly no longer caring about control I started throwing it back hard. I needed to please him, to thank him for night.

Looking over my shoulder at him I smirked as I continued to throw it back. His head was tilted back and his mouth was hanging open as he stroked me with through bated breath. Squeezing my walls around him tightly I snapped him from his daze. He was close, I could see it in his eyes.

“Auggie let me ride.”

Groaning as he pulled out of me he laid down on the bed. My legs quivered as I crawled over to him. Straddling his waist with my back to him I looked over my shoulder.

“Ya showin out na babeh?” Staring into his eyes I grabbed his dick and teased the tip, my walls taking it upon themselves to hold on for dear life. With a low grunt he gripped my waist easing me onto his full length, guiding me as I bounced slowly. Removing his hands and tucking my feet under him for leverage I sped up my bounce squeezing every time his tip came to my entrance.

“Gah dammit!” he breathed as he grabbed my waist trying to regain control. Leaning forward I broke his grip. Placing my hands between his legs I arched my back and bounced at a slow pace before suddenly switching to a fast grind. His slight shifting beneath me and low cursing stroked my ego as I wound my hips.

Sitting back up straight I threw my head back and continued to ride before right suddenly gripped my waist as he thrusted up. “Ya got cocky E,” he forced out lowly as he dug his hand into hair snatching my head back. “Ya know betta babeh.”

I threw my arms behind me as he continued to pump from beneath me. His hand crept from my right hip to my pearl and I knew it was over. My clawing at his skin did nothing as he rubbed his fingers quickly against my pearl still maintaining his stroke.

Arching my back as my body tensed up I clawed at the sheets ripping them from the bed. I trembled through my orgasm collapsing back against his body but his stroke refused to let up. “Au-August fuuuuuuuuck!” He wrapped his arm around my waist pumping faster until he released inside me. Stroking slowly until we both finished.

I slowly slid to the side of him, turning on my stomach, only for him to pull me by arm onto his chest wrapping me securely in his arms. Listening to his quickened heartbeat.

“Ya good babeh?”

“Perfect,” I murmured as I kissed his jawline. “I almost won.”

Laughing he gripped my ass making me look up at him. “Ya know damn well that’s lie Lici.”

Sitting up and straddling him I sent him a challenging grin. He quickly turned us over before pecking my lips. “Best even outta odd?” he said with a smirk. Nodding I wrapped my arms around his neck before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

This is about to long night and I’m here for every second.


Author Note: Thank you to my NCB myloveff for the inspiration and assistance. I hope you enjoyed the chapter.  

Chapter 30

August’s POV

Wakin’ up beside Yaya was always a nice thing, but wakin’ up balls deep inside ha was even better. If it was up ta me, this is how I would wake up every mornin’. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The only reason Yaya let me stay inside of ha all night was because she didn’t have the strength to argue with me. A full stomach, stress, and a couple orgasms had ha out like a light by the time we got finished. My eyes drifted to the clock on my nightstand. It was 9:32 in the morning. Which meant it was about time fa me ta be gettin’ up. As much as I wanted ta fuck Yaya awake, I didn’t have the time. I woke up ta a text from Mrs. Yolanda this morning. She wanted ta talk ta me bout sumn’. She didn’t say what, but I had a pretty good idea as to what she was referring to. A smile crept on my face as I looked down at Yaya. She looked so peaceful when she was asleep. Almost childlike in a way. 

“Yaya. Babeh, wake up." 

"Hmm.” She grumbled with ha eyes still closed. “What?”

“Imma bout ta head out fa a lil while, but I’ll be back." 

She finally opened ha eyes and looked up at me. Normally, she would have pouted and latched on to me, but she didn’t. All she did was wrap ha arms around ma neck and nuzzle my cheek. "Hurry back, Anthony. I expect you to be here when I wake up again." 

I chuckled and pecked ha lips. "I will, babeh. Don’t drool on my pillows.”

“Haha, very funny.” She mumbled. “And don’t think we’re going to sleep like this all the time.” She said, pointing between us. I sucked ma teeth and thrust upward into ha just fa that slick ass comment. “August!” She squealed, smacking me on ma chest. 

“Aight, aight. Lemme stop before I end up fuckin’ ya.” I grunted, leaning down and pecking ha lips as I slid out of her. She let out an almost disappointed moan and rolled on ha side. “I know ya gonna be out by the time I get out the shower so gimme a kiss.” I demanded. Instead of pouting like I thought she would, she smiled and grabbed my chin, pressing a small kiss to my lips. “Bye, baby.” And just like that, she pulled the cover ova’ herself and laid back down. I swear she loved sleep just as much she loved food. 

I took a moment to stare at ha a lil longer before going to take a quick shower. Yaya was knocked out when I left, just like I knew she would be. With ha cute ass. In under 20 minutes, I was dressed and out the house, heading to Dunkin’ Donuts at Yolanda’s request. By the time I pulled up, it was already 10 o’ clock on the dot. I was just in time for my lil date with Ms. Yolanda. The scent of coffee and doughnuts hit me as I soon as I walked in. I spotted Ms. Yolanda sitting sitting at the table farthest from the counter. She smiled as soon as she spotted me. Yaya definitely got her looks from ha mama. After exchanging hugs and greetings, we sat down to officially start this lil meeting.

“I’m sorry for bothering you so early in the morning.” She said, frowning slightly. 

“It’s aight. I’m usually up round this time anyway." 

She seem surprised by that. "Really? Mari would sleep all day if she could.” She shook her head causing me to chuckle. I knew exactly what she was talking bout. “But she stays up all night. That child of mine.”

“That’s Yaya fa ya.”

“Certainly is. Is she alright? I wanted to call her, but I was sure you were taking care of her for me." 

"She aight. Shed a few tears, but other than that, she’s fine." 

"My poor baby. I know she’s tired of this while thing.” She sighed, grabbing her coffee and taking a sip. “You’re a bright young man so I know you know why I called you here today.”

“I had an idea.” I shrugged. 

“I just wanted to apologize for my husband. He thinks he knows what’s best for Mariya, but he doesn’t. My husband is insensitive, but he means well.” She sighed. “He’s stubborn as hell, but that’s definitely a trait Mariya inherited." 

"Hardheaded too.” I mumbled causin’ her to laugh. “I preciate ya apologizing ta me, but I ain’t offended. A lil angry? Yeah. I hate seein’ ma babeh upset, but it’s not really ma place ta say anything.”

“My baby really lucked up finding you.” She smiled. 

“Thank ya, ma'am.” I grinned. If I ain’t know any better, I’d say Ms. Yolanda was sweet on a nigga. Like mother, like daughter.

“We planned on coming down again for Yaya’s birthday next week, but I doubt she wants to see Joshua after this.” She said. “So, I’ll be counting on you to make my baby’s birthday a good one." 

"Me and Isis already got sumn planned fa ha birthday.” I chuckled. “She gon’ claim not ta like it tho. I already know.”

“You really know her well.” She commented.

I nodded and smiled at ha. “That’s ma babeh. Even when she is being a lil brat." 

"Well,” She began, grabbing her coffee and standing up. “It’s time for me to go. It was nice talking to you, August.”

“I’ll walk ya to ya car, ma'am.” I stood up and offered ha my hand. She smiled and took it.

“Such a gentleman.” She complimented. Once we mad it out ta ha car, Yolanda pulled me into a hug which I gladly returned. “Take care of my baby, August. I like you, but I will hurt you if you hurt her. Understand?” Ha voice was still as cheerful as before, but I could tell she was serious. Reminded me of my mama. “Yes, ma'am.” I chuckled. “I’ll treat ha like the queen that she is.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Bye, honey.” She gave me another small hug before she got in ha car and drove off. As soon as she did, I felt my phone vibrate in ma pocket. I already knew who it was before I even opened the message. Had a good idea bout what it said too. 

Ma thick ass babeh: Ur late. I already showered and ate. :(

Me: I kno. I’ll be home soon.

Ma thick ass babeh: Better.

I chuckled and sent her a kissy face emoji before putting my phone back up and walking back towards ma car. The drive back was a lil longer than usual thanks ta some traffic, but it didn’t take me too long to get back. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the smell. Whatever Yaya made smelled good as fuck. Ma babeh could throw down in the kitchen just as well as me when she wanted to. Walkin’ into ma room, I spotted the only person that could make pissed and horny at the same time laying on ma bed, staring at me. “You’re late. Again.” She mumbled. I chuckled, walking over and sitting on the bed next to ha. “I know, babeh. There was traffic.”

“Mhm.” She grumbled, sitting up and crawling on ma lap. All she had on was one of my old wifebeater’s and a blue thong. She knew what she was doing. She always did. Ma hands gripped ha round ass as she wrapped ha arms round ma neck and kissed ma chin. “I left you some food in the microwave.” She mumbled against my neck.

“I’m not hungry. I just wanna hold ya.” I grumbled before pushin’ ha down gently and situating myself in between her legs. A groan left my lips once she started ha favorite pastime. Playing in ma hair. “Ya not gonna ask where I went?”

“Nope.” She simply said. “I have a pretty good idea about where you went anyway. You talked to mommy?”

“How you knew?” I asked, sitting up and lookin’ at ha. She smiled and shrugged, still keepin’ ha fingers tangled in my hair. “I know how my mom is. Plus, she probably wanted another excuse to see you again. She really likes you.” She rolled ha eyes and pouted. “I swear you have too much charm.”

“I knew she was a lil sweet on me.” I chuckled causin’ ha to frown. “Why ya frownin’, babeh? Ya sweet on me too." 

"Shut up. And when are you goin’ to get a haircut?” She frowned. “Your hair starting to look like a jungle, sir." 

"I’m tryin’ sumn new and it don’t look like a damn jungle.”

“But it does, baby.” She pouted.

“Whatchu want fa ya birthday, Yaya?” I asked. 

“Dick.” She replied bluntly. “That’s all I want. Preferably from Chris Brown." 

"Don’t even play bout that shit, Mariya.” I frowned. She giggled and wrapped ha legs round my waist. Even though the chances of ha meeting that nigga was slim as fuck, I still didn’t like the idea of another nigga even touchin’ what was mine. Mariya knew that shit too. “And that smart ass mouth is exactly why I ain’t tellin’ ya what we got planned fa ya birthday.”

“You and Icey get on my nerves. How you gonna keep me in the dark about my own birthday?" 

"We keepin’ ya ass in the dark cause ya need ta be kept in the dark. Me and Vanilla Ice don’t got the time ta be arguing with ya ova’ this.” Yaya opened ha mouth to speak, but I cut ha off. “And don’t even cause I know what ya gonna say." 

"Fine, fine. I just hope you two didn’t plan anything too big.” She sighed. I didn’t even think what me and Isis had planned was big enough. Knowing Yaya, she probably would think what we did had planned was too big. I understood she didn’t think ha 22nd birthday was a big deal, but I wish she would get a lil more hype bout it. “Baby?" 


“Can I wash your hair for you?” She asked.

“Sure, babeh. I still ain’t tellin’ ya ass the surprise tho." 

Mariya’s POV

I always underestimated how perceptive August. The fact he saw right through my little plan was a little annoying. It’s not like I had never asked to wash his hair before. All the other times I asked him, he told me no. Now when I actually was trying to get something out of him, he wanted to let me do it, but not give me the info I wanted. And I was the childish one. Either way, I got my wish so I wasn’t too disappointed. So, here were in his bathroom, with me standing in between his legs as he sat on the toilet and I lathered up his damp hair with shampoo. It probably would have been easier to just get in the shower with him and wash it, but I knew that wouldn’t have worked for obvious reasons. 

"Auggie, stop.” I whined. It probably would have been a good idea to throw on a pair of pants. I was still only dressed in one of his tank tops and a thong. August being the man that he is, was shamelessly alternating between grabbing and rubbing my cheeks in his hands as I took care of his hair. Normally, I wouldn’t have minded, but it was starting to get hard to focus. Especially since he was getting closer and closer to my center with every touch. “Ant, don’t make me tell you again.” I warned.

“Shut that shit up, Eli.” He ordered. “Ya should be used ta this by na.” His large hands gripped my ass roughly for emphasize. I was pretty sure an argument with him was only going to make his groping worse. Mumbling under my breath, I let him continue to grab my cakes as my fingers worked his scalp.

I glanced down every once in a while to look at his face. It was so damn flawless and I was still so damn jealous of skin. It was perfect. He didn’t have any scars or blemishes at all. And the worst part was he didn’t even do anything to get his skin like that. Just regular old soap and water. People paid thousands of dollars to get beautiful skin like his and all he did was wake up. It really wasn’t fair. And those perfectly thin eyebrows. I could go on and on about how beautiful my man was and still find something perfect about him. I would never let myself forget how lucky I was to have August Anthony Alsina Jr. 

“Babeh, I think ya titties gettin’ bigger.” He suddenly said causing me to blush. This man. 

“Why you say that, Aug?” I mumbled, still focused on his hair. 

“They look bigger.” He commented. 

“They look the same to me. You’re just imagining things, love.” I was hoping he was just imagining things anyway. “I wouldn’t mind my boobs getting a little bigger, but not too big. I enjoy going out without having to wear a bra.”

“And I enjoy ya not wearin’ a bra or underwear when ya wear them maxi dresses. The way ya ass jiggle in them dresses….gahdamn!" 

"And on that note, it’s time for me to rinse your big ass head and get you conditioned.” I mumbled quickly. Somehow I managed to get Aug’s hands off my ass long enough to rinse his hair and pull out the conditioner. Of course, his hands didn’t stay away for long and were right back to our previous position. There was a comfortable silence between us now. August hadn’t uttered a peep since I had rid his hair of the shampoo. “Can we be old people and stay inside today?” I asked while dragging my nails across his scalp. “I wanna have a movie day.”

“Mhm. What ya wanna watch?”

“Finding Nemo.”

“Fuck Nemo. We watchin’ Four Brothers.”

“We can watch that after we watch Finding Nemo.”

“Ya seen Nemo like a 100 times. The fuck ya need ta see him again fa?” He complained.

“You seen Four Brothers like a 100 times. The fuck you need to see them again for?” I mimicked back. I giggled as he sucked his teeth at me. I don’t think we would ever stop being childish with each other. 

The next half hour was spent with us going back and for about which movies we were going to watch. August ended up winning, but only because he cheated and offered to cook me dinner. They say a way through a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I’m sure that saying was true for women as well. While I sat on the counter and scrolled through Instagram, my hubby was slaving over a hot stove to feed me. And he looked so good doing. So good that my normally stingy self wanted to share this moment with Insta. I switched to the camera app and snapped a quick picture of him. 

@Mariya_luv: Daddy cooking for me. #datbodydoe #hebeenworkingout #hegotabootytoo #hesallmine #sorryladies #i'mneverlettingy'allhavehim #hisdmclosed 

I had just uploaded the pic to Insta, but I was already getting tons of likes and comments. Pretty much all of them were from females, but a few males commented here and there. “If he fuck up, I’ll be here” or “damn. lemme know when y'all break up” were the most recurring comments. I rolled my eyes and sat my phone down to find August looking over at me. I gave him a innocent smile and waved. “Ya ova’ there stuntin’ fa the gram while I break my back ta cook fa ya fat ass.”

“And I love you so much for that.” I chuckled. He shot me and look turned back to the food. Smiling, I hopped off the counter and walked up behind him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my front against his back. I couldn’t help but to plant small kisses on his back. Call me a weirdo, but I was so fascinated with his back. How smooth it was, how his muscles flexed when he exercised, how the scratches I left from my nails seemed to disappear so fast. August had me so sprung and I wasn’t even sure if he was aware of it. 

“It’s almost ready, fatty.” Typical August. He thought I came over for the food. For once, food wasn’t on my mind. Even though it did smell heavenly.

“That’s not why I came over here, stupid.” I mumbled into his back. “I just wanted to hold you….a-and tell you how much I love you.” Oh, great. I was stuttering. He hadn’t even done anything and I was stuttering. “What ya stutterin’ fa, babeh? I’m makin’ ya nervous or sumn?” He chuckled. I didn’t even need to see his face to know he was smirking. I was about to retort, but August turning around in my arms cut me off. He didn’t say anything as he stared down at me. He just took his hat off and placed it on my head backwards. “Wha-” His lips on mine cut me off once again. It was just a peck, but it was enough to make my heart pound and my knees weak. 

“I luh you too, babeh.” Before I even had the chance to blush at that smile, he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up into his arms. I ended up back on the counter with August standing between my legs. I could feel him staring at me and tried not to blush. I don’t even know why, but I was embarrassed to look at him. So, I hid my face in the crook of his neck. The emotions this man put me through were ridiculous. “Ya ain’t gon’ look at me na?”

“Stop staring so hard and maybe I will.” I mumbled. 

“I can’t help myself and ya know that. Just tell me what’s on ya mind, babeh.” I huffed and tried to calm down my heart rate enough to look at him. I was acting like a scared little schoolgirl and I hated it. “It’s not important, love. I just…you just… I wanted to say that…oh my gosh!”

“Babeh, calm down and use your words.” He chuckled. He was enjoying this. I sighed softly and gathered up all the courage I had in me. Taking a deep breath, I pulled away from hiding spot and cupped his perfect cheeks in my hand. “I just wanted to tell you that you make me really happy and that I can’t see myself with anyone else but you and I love you so much.” I rushed out. 

“That’s what ya wanted ta tell me? Why ya nervous ta say that ta me?” He smiled wide and pecked my lips. He leaned back a bit and pointed to his chest. “Ya already know this is yours.” He then pointed to my chest and smiled even wider. “And that’s mine."