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Hello, I have a quick Q- do you have any OCs from Haikyuu?? I'd love to draw them if you do. If not, who is your favorite character(s) and I'll draw them. I just really want to draw you something because you're amazing and always draw my favorite team (Dateko) --S

Anonymous said: have you ever thought of making a Haikyuu OC? or have you already? please show!!!!!!!! i can tell they are gonna be the shiniest sunshine ever

aaahh!! yes, meet my children!! don’t worry about drawing them though, they’re happy to just chill here (and keep bullying Iwasa with affection, poor guy). I appreciate the sentiment regardless! ♡ thank you so much for asking!! and thank you second anon for having faith in their sunshine(?) hahaha 

⌒▽⌒)ゞI hope you both have beautiful days!

Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~ Ayato After Story Part 1

(I know my edit sucks but whatever hehe)

The entire after story is seriously long, I decided to split it into 2 parts to make it easier to read. Extra fact: There’s not even a CG in this first section!!

Also, I have a Tiny update about who won the poll which I set up. I’ve closed the poll, and he the winner this round is Shuu!! I’ll only be opening the poll once I’m done with these 2, so please do look forward to that!

Do be reminded these spoilers after HDB, so I’d suggest people who don’t know happened in actual route not read this, unless you’re really curious.

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