sweet as hell photos

From A-Force #2

A lot of cameos on these photos - Molly, Gert (which seems to denounce the worries this Nico was never a Runaway), Xavin (?), Anya Corazon (?) and it looks like Singularity decided to be teenager as well.

And damn, America buying Nico camera and making her take photo a day - that’s sweet as hell.

fieldofclover replied to your photo “Ok but what in the sweet hell is that”

I’m watching the amazing peaceful-fury play BotW today, and I’ve seen that thing. She’s a fair bit ahead of you at the moment. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna find out pretty quickly what that is, lol.


It scared the absolute crap out of me when it happened but it DID, IN FACT, EXPLAIN ITSELF EVENTUALLY.


SO I JUST MET TAISSA (I took a photo with her but my face is of unspeakable horror so I’d rather not post it on here) but I gave Taissa my letter and she hug me and took a photo with me and was sweet as hell. You can see her holding my letter in the first and second photo. AND I got to see share which was v good.