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anonymous asked:

write a femshep/window guy fanfic

Challenge accepted!

Shepard wistfully stares at the window overlooking the Vancouver skyline, for a moment forgetting the Reapers, the exhaustion, the hesitation. Trying to remember…

“You coming, Commander?”

Vega’s rough voice broke her reverie and she faintly shook her head to collect her thoughts. She glanced at the soldier before her eyes strayed on Admiral Anderson, a knowing look crossing his worn-down and weathered face.

“Hold on,” she inhales deeply, gazing back at the window with faint longing. “I’m trying to remember-”


And then she recognizes his voice and when she turns around she sees him and she lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She smirks and shrugs out her hand, wanting to feel his calloused fingers again.

“Hey, stranger.”