sweet angel princess

Can we just pause for a second and treasure how happy Emma was in this episode? The beaming smiles, the giggles, the spring in her step, the hearteyes.

All I’ve ever wanted is to see her this happy. I know there’s things she doesn’t know so she’s blissfully oblivious to stuff that will harsh her mellow, but for now I’m just gonna bask in the glorious sunbeams of her smiles.

Okay but what if Snow & David were the parents who gave Emma up when she was 3?!?

Hear me out.

What if somehow early on in the curse of S1 they found a way to reach her, ‘adopt her’ etc, but the BF turns up/Rumple is somehow involved and forces them to choose to either forget Emma and each other and return to living under Regina’s curse with no memory of ever finding their daughter etc (and Emma having false info about why she was given up)…

…or they could choose to be together as a family in the Land Without Magic, but if they choose that option, they will keep Emma from fulfilling her destiny as the savior.

I know it’s unlikely and far fetched and probably suspect and clashy with the timelines and such, but I can’t stop thinking about it and it makes me super emotional.

I doubt canon will give us something quite as complex, but perhaps they’ll have been given a choice to reach her later on (hence McKenna being in the flashbacks). Perhaps they weren’t the family who had her when she was a baby, who gave her up after 3 years, but the whole choice thing above was given to them years later.

Idk I’m just spitballin’ and feeling emotional because lil baby Emma in the foster system flashbacks ruin the fuck out of me.