sweet angel baby cake


* ˙ ˖✶ nicknames (mostly gender-neutral!)

under the cut you’ll find #62 cute nicknames in alphabetical order! i primarily made this for otps to call each other but it could work for friends, siblings, or for a parent to a child. whatever works for ya! some of them are a little silly but i’ve heard pretty much all of them used in media or in real life, so take your pick. please like/reblog if you are rph or found useful.

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(Not my gif-credit to @murderous-manipulative-angel) But THIS MAN^^^^ was INCREDIBLE AND THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE MOVIE. And Harley was AMAZING too and just the way they interacted was PERFECT. Gahhhh I can’t stop thinking about the movie! I already want to watch it for the second time!!

anonymous asked:

What do you think Suga/Tsukki/Yama/Kenma's pet name for their s/o would be?

Short and quick answers, I hope you don’t mind.

Suga: Hun, Sweetie, Sweetheart, Babe,

Tsukishima: Babe, Sweet Cheeks, Baby Cakes, Angel( He uses pet names to tease them a lot.)

Yamaguchi: Flower, Sugar, Dearest, Pumpkin

Kenma: Darling, Love, Beautiful, Zelda / Link / Shiek. ( Kenma would probably.)