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Model AU

For @silver-note
Sorry for being a little late. Life’s been so busy lately and I just got time to write these out for you. I really hope you like them! :3

-Shouto and Katsuki work as models. They’ve run into each other a few times throughout their careers, but haven’t thought much of it. Both are very popular and are asked to do a photo shoot together.

-Shouto has always found Katsuki to be beautiful, in a rough-edged, savage kind of way. His pictures are always showing more skin than necessary and those red eyes burn straight through you. He grins like a lion about to pounce.

-Shouto’s pictures, on the other hand, are elegant and graceful: suits and ties, casual wear, bathing suits, he can make anything look good. People are in awe over his eyes and hair and photographers make sure to bring it out in their work with him. Katsuki pretends not to give a shit when he meets him for their shoot together. But he can’t stop sneaking glances at Shouto’s gorgeous, mismatched eyes.

-Their photographer is a new kid: Izuku. He is the opposite of the practiced professionals who normally work with Katsuki and Shouto. He’d awkward, dorky, and trips over his own feet. He’s supposed to be taking photos of the two for a fashion magazine, but he couldn’t be less fashionable himself: wearing an old jacket that keeps falling off one shoulder, round, red-framed glasses, and sneakers.

-Katsuki wants to walk out right then. Shouto thinks the photographer is oddly adorable though, and convinces him not to storm off like an idiot.

-When they start, they immediately can tell that Izuku is different from the others in more ways than one. Instead of sticking with what works, he wants to change things.

-He encourages Katsuki to tone down the crooked smirks and savage charm. Instead, he asks him to not even smile, to just look into the camera like he’s trying to tell the reader, come here. And it works. Katsuki growls and grumbles the whole time, but his own pictures come out looking like he’s about to come off the page and pin the reader against the wall. He comments this aloud and Izuku blushes. “R—really? I guess that was sorta what I was going for… I wanted to focus on your eyes a lot…”

-For Shouto, he doesn’t take the clean, graceful route at all. He messes him up. He has Shouto lay on his back, arms sprawled about his head, and tip his chin up slightly. Then he actually sticks his fingers into Shouto’s hair and tousles it (shouto shivers the whole time, but tries not to show it) Then he tells him to smile like someone just made his day.

-“How do I do that?”
“Your hair is very pretty, Shouto.”
And Shouto smiles like a fool, and it comes out lopsided, with a hint of teeth biting his lower lip, and he looks damn good.

-At some point throughout the shoot, Shouto walks over to Katsuki and asks him if he’s ever had such good pictures taken of him before. Katsuki grudgingly admits that the “damn nerd” did a pretty good job. “Not to mention he’s fucking cute. And he made you look fucking edible.”

-They come to conclusion to ask their sweet little photographer out to dinner.

Everything Is Coming Up Draco - Chapter 3 - October

(FFN)      (AO3)

Biting the inside of his mouth so not to scream. “Sweet mother of Merlin, Granger! I am trying to help!”

“And I,” she slurred, he could only imagine the pathetic attempt of her brushing her bush from her face. “Want to give you a mind of my peace!

Pausing outside of her door, slowly lowering her to the ground as she raised her brow in an attempt to seem annoyed but only looked cute. “A mind, of my peace?”

For @harrypotterandthegobletofwine 

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Omgg idk if ur still taking them but 41 Dick and Dami from dcau?

Lmao, holy shit this prompt is so those two. Haha. Yes. On this.

“Someone is grumpy”       “Someone wants to die today.”

The aroma of bacon pancakes was such a wonderful smell first thing in the morning. Alongside coffee, it was the golden combination.

Whistling and the background noise of the news broadcast on the TV, was the only sounds in the kitchen this morning. Dick was moving around his home, preparing breakfast for his two loved ones.

And by the sound of it, one of them had already risen for the day. Her humming mingled with his whistling as she floated down the hallway and into the lounge behind him.

Dick glance over his shoulder as she came to stand behind him, wrapping her arms around his middle and resting her chin on his shoulder. She gifted him with a kiss on the cheek before deeply inhaling,

“Mm… that smells incredible, Dick.” She sighed,

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75 for Tsuyu and izuku?

Prompt: “I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?”

Pairing: Izuyu/Midotsuyu! (Izuku x Tsuyu)

Rating: PG (it’s just…cute…short and sweet)

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“It’s a secret…”

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Hie uh can you do a fluffy maybe you and Calvin in a cute romantic bathtub date? If that makes sense 😂 maybe candles or what ever you feel like he would do :) love the account so far! 💙

Hey, sorry for the delay in posts, my roommate is home with me in California from Mississippi so I’ve been busy being a tour guide.. Lol. I’ve had this request for a long time and thought it was really cute 😊 Glad you are enjoying the content thus far 😁 Short and fluffy but gets the point done. Anyway, kys.

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Reverse Date Night

Calvin and you liked to try something different so each week you guys tried to plan a reverse date night. One day of the week you would plan something simple you thought Calvin would enjoy and one other day he would plan something he thought you would enjoy. Both of you were super busy, but still tried to make a point of having one or two nights to relax and hangout. This last Tuesday you took Calvin to Victoria’s Secret and let him pick out whatever lingerie he liked.. Only to end up seeing it on you later. Not to mention taking him out to dinner.

This Friday, today, was Calvin’s choice for a date night. You had been busy with work and meetings the rest of the week. You got home late, about 11 every evening. It wasn’t your fault, your work was understaffed and being one of the main managers you needed to check over everything at the end of the day. Not to mention you were having to plan for a major international trip and deal in the next two weeks. Halfway through the day you ended having to text Calvin and tell him date night was off and you had to stay late again. He was a little sad that you canceled but understood you wouldn’t do it unless it was necessary.

By the time you had gotten home it was right around midnight. Traffic was a nightmare and all you wanted to do was take a shower, snuggle up with Calvin, and go to bed. You walk in to the house and state that you were home. Calvin walks in quickly and asks you, “Can you just chill on the couch for like 10 minutes? I promise it’ll be worth it?” You sigh, setting your stuff on the counter and reply with a small smile, “I guess?”

Sure enough, 15 minutes later Calvin comes back into the front room and asks you to follow him. You take his hand and he guides you to the bathroom where you see a variety of simple candles and a cute bubble bath drawn. Not to mention some music playing at a peaceful volume in the background. Upon initially seeing it you smile and say, “Definitely worth it. Thanks, Calvin.” Giving him a quick hug you say, “you have no idea how long my day was.” He gives out a short chuckle and replies, “I wanted to do something for our date night, I’m just disappointed all of our favorite takeout places are closed right now.”

Quickly stripping yourself of all your clothes you are already hopping in the water when you say, “it’s okay, this is more than enough.” You sit down and immediately look up at Calvin, who is blushing and simply confused at how you managed to get out of those clothes so fast. You question him, “are you not going to get in?” He looks down at you and says, “well, I thought you would just want to relax by yourself..” With a quick reply you say, “no, please come in, too! There’s plenty of room and it is our date night.” He doesn’t even try to argue with you and strips down to sit behind you in the tub.

Sitting down, you guys begin chatting as you normally do about your day. His hands are intertwined with yours as you both just sit soaking up the hot water. You begin by asking, “So, how was your day, how are the stats on today’s video?” Per usual he replies, “day was fine, views are consistent and I was able to gain some more subscribers so that was good. How about you?” Replying you say, “oh, you know, no one gets trained on how to properly do anything so I had to retrain several people and then my boss had me re-coordinate the entire itinerary for the international trip in two weeks. Not to mention a load of other things that I shouldn’t even be in charge of.” Letting out a sigh, you hear Calvin let out a chuckle, “Babe, you’re the most capable for all the jobs so of course they are going to ask you for help. Just threaten them that you’ll leave and ask for a raise. You deserve it.” You laugh a little to yourself and say, “I guess I can talk with them on Monday.” Sighing you lean against Calvin and say to him, “enough about my day, any bright ideas to relax?” Thinking to himself he states, “well I have a couple ideas, but you can start by allowing me to wash your hair? Or I don’t know.. Your body?” You immediately let out a couple laughs and sarcastiy reply, “mhmm, yeah, I’m sure that would be sooo relaxing.” He wraps one of his arms around your waist, leaving the other intertwined with your hand, and starts kissing down the side of your neck, “you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be.” He stops at a couple places and gives you a hickey or two. His lips feeling like they linger each time he pulls away. His tongue gliding across your skin, before he gently bites down on your sweet spots. The moment you slip out a small moan and his name, he doesn’t hesitate to lift you out of the tub, dry you off quickly, and carry you to bed for a steamy makeout session.

Meant to post this a while ago but I hope you enjoyed! 😌 Steps to properly enjoy this: 1. Kys 2. Submit your requests. 100 Notes and I’ll plan a date night for Calvin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)