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Menu #7: Yangnyeom Chicken

KFC…Korean Fried Chicken! Korean fast food at its finest.  The chicken is not only fried once, it’s fried twice so it’s crunchier, and then seasoned with a sticky sweet and spicy sauce (i.e. mainly gochujang - Korean red chilli pepper paste, ketchup, garlic), and dusted with sesame seeds. 

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Healthy sprouts in six days.
March 14th 2017

Bringing healthy food to the table, especially for the growing children, has never been this easy. We soak the seeds the first day for 24 hours. Then every morning and evening we fill the jars with water to do a shake and rinse. So, simply fill the jars, shake and pour the water out. once you’ve shaken the water out of the jars simply lay the jars on their side next to the sink. Keep them close and convenient. In six days you’ll have jars full of clean and organic sprouts for salads and sides. The nutritional value is exponentially higher when the beans open and the taproot grows. This is a great solution for anybody who feels they are too busy to grow their own healthy foods. With simple old-school methods no one has excuses and there is no light required. Moreover, the sweet and crunchy experience usually wins over the children.

From our experience, if you have an active lifestyle and need easily digestible foods that translate into quick and clean energy, this is definitely a route for you guys to explore.

I hope this message finds you guys excited about getting ready for the spring time.


Some of my favorite quotes from Worst Cooks in America

”You’re supposed to please the 4 corners of the tongue, bitter, sweet, um, crunchy, and sour.”

“I mean, I’ve heard of food processors, but I’ve never used one.”

“I’ve never been to Sweden, but I know it’s in Switzerland.”

*is blindfolded* “I can breathe fire. I feel like a dragon.”

“The most extreme I get is salt and pepper.”

“I’m making my dish Asian inspired because… I gotta represent.”

*opening a bottle of wine* “Finally something I know how to do in the kitchen.”

“This is such a humbling experience for me. I hate it!”

“The have a refrigerator! Wow!”

“Holy Toledo, I totes won!”

“I’ve lived a good life so I hope I won’t be hunted by chicken ghosts.”

“I feel like I have post gelato stress disorder.”

“Bobby said I infused the noodles with flavor. I didn’t even mean to do that, but I’m glad I did.”


Just because of that apple post I decided to try this for a late night snack! I’ve heard it was a good combo and the hype was right! So tasty. Sweet and creamy and crunchy.
I went plain this time because I thought the apples would be crunchy enough, but crunchy peanut butter would put it all over the top! But I love crunchy peanut butter.

I recommend this snack! It gives you something sweet but keeps it healthy, there’s protein in the peanut butter!

When your TOPPINGS game is on point😍✨ what are your favourite porridge toppings??
I love a mix of fresh, sweet, creamy + crunchy, so you get a BURST of different flavours and textures with every bite👅
I used to skimp on toppings to save calories, but now that I’ve been able to change my mindset to see food as FUEL, energy + nourishment I enjoy my topping-filled breakfasts soo much more💛
This bowl of creamy vanilla brown rice porridge (find the recipe up on my blog!) I topped with fresh strawberries, mango, crunchy chopped carrot, soy Greek yogurt + mixed seeds. Would highly recommend👌🏼👌🏼

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If you have ½ a cup of pomegranate arrills, it is 72 calories! They are sweet, crunchy and delicious! I usually do ¼ or a cup for only 36 calories. They are very nutritious, and contain essential vitamins.


Crunchy Sweet Potato Fries


I’m filipino, but I realize I never make filipino food. Truthfully, I don’t know much about the cuisine especially because my parents didn’t cook much while I was growing up. I also don’t eat it much because the cuisine typically has a lot of meat, which I gave up over a year ago. I hope to make some vegan/vegetarian versions of my favorite dishes in the future! 

I was craving something sweet and crunchy, and remembered one of my childhood favorites, turon! It’s fairly easy to make. :) and you can make them in big batches, to enjoy over a long period of time!

You will need:

  • Plantain bananas - I bought mine at 99 Ranch, and they were labeled ‘Burro Bananas’. It’s very important that you don’t use regular bananas!
  • A package of lumpia wrappers. Mine came in a pack of 25 sheets. Depending on how many bananas you use and how thin you slice the pieces, you may need two packages. They come frozen, so make sure to thaw them. Some people recommend putting a damp paper towel on top of them to make sure they don’t dry out.
  • Jackfruit pieces - I know you can buy them frozen, but I’ve always bought them in cans.
  • Brown sugar in a shallow dish, as needed. 

  • A small bowl of water, for sealing the turon.


  • Open the plantains. It’s harder to peel them like regular bananas, so I use a knife to slice the peel vertically and open them up that way. Cut the banana in half horizontally, then slice each half into thirds. You may want to cut them even more, depending on how big you want the turon to be.

  • If the jackfruit isn’t in strips when you get it, tear the jackfruit into small strips.

  • Now you’re ready to start making them! Take a banana piece and coat it with brown sugar. Place it on a lumpia wrapper, perpendicular to one  corner. Place a few pieces of jackfruit on top of the banana. Then, begin rolling the banana in the wrapper. This is optional, but I use water to seal the end of the wrapper to the roll.

  • Repeat :) until you’re all done. 

  • If you’re not ready to cook them all, place them in ziplock bags or an airtight container and place them in the freezer. You don’t need to thaw them before frying.

  • If you are ready to cook them, or at least some of them, :) then pour about half an inch of cooking oil in a saucepan, and place over low-medium heat. You’ll need to play around with this to make sure that the turon doesn’t cook too fast. If the brown sugar leaks through the wrapper, there’s a chance it will burn on the outside as well. I had to figure this out through trial and error and ended up with some burnt ones, but they were still nice on the inside. 

Enjoy! :)

You do not mess with a man’s pregame ritual.  It is a sacred and honored tradition, and everyone knows that interfering with the ritual comes at a hefty cost.  Still, when the world around you changes, you have to make changes as well.

Jack Zimmermann must have his peanut butter and jelly sandwich before each game, but he knew that things weren’t quite right.  He knew it was not the type of bread, or the smoothness of the peanut butter, or the flavor of the jelly that felt out of place. He knew what was missing, but despite it all, he kept trying.  One knife-full of jelly.  Two knife-fulls of peanut butter.  Three strokes to spread it together.  Exactly the way he memorized it, but he knew it was never quite right.

Until one day Jack sat down and pulled a sandwich out of his bag.  It was wrapped in white parchment with small note signed with some kind words and a heart.  It was made with sweet honey-oat bread, crunchy gourmet peanut butter, and homemade pluot jam.  From the very first bite, Jack knew it was the perfect sandwich, not because of what was in it, but because for the first time in years, he did not have to make it himself.

Jack was satisfied, and the ritual was complete.

You do not mess with a man’s pregame ritual.  The Aces understood why Kent Parson must have his peanut butter and jelly sandwich before each game.

But they wondered why he always made two.