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kneel || bill skarsgård

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description: in which you want the king to kneel before you

requested by: anonymous

warnings: a bit of daddy kink, oral (male on female), choking, swearing, general filth

“Get on your knees.“

The words, familiar words, were forthright, demanding, said without so much as a thought due to them being used so often. When they were spoken, it was certain their recipient was supposed to obey. 

But then the word "no,” was uttered, which turned everything over on its head.

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I kinda want more soft concerned giants

I keep thinking about giants who are aware of their destructive capabilities and are as gentle as they could possibly be becausr of that, sometimes even too gentle. Giants who somehow stumble upon tinies even though they actively seeked out a place as far from tiny societies as possible so they don’t accidentally hurt anyone. Giants who act super concerned about the tiny, asking if they’re hurt and trying to reassure them that they don’t want to hurt them and there’s no need to be scared. When a giant has their face close up to the tiny so they can see them better, giving them that concerned look. There’s something wonderful about a giant looking at a tiny that close up. Maybe even the giant still being insecure about themselves, worrying that the tiny thinks their scary or that they’d hurt them and the tiny reassuring them. The tiny getting close to them and placing a hand against their cheek or nose or putting their forehead again the giant’s. Just really close moments between concerned giants and tinies

one of my friends thinks im a furry. and i let them think im a furry, because if i corrected them, they’d be all “but i thought you had some super secret interest” and i’d have to say “yeah, but its not being a furry, its that im two inches tall mentally and roughly half my life revolves around that”, and that’s a long conversation. so i let them think i wanna be a deer. which i do, sometimes, just not as much as i wanna be two inches tall.

Francophone POC Youtubers to Watch

I wanna apologize for putting a certain racist youtuber *ehem ehem* Shera Kerienski on one of my recent masterposts. I had no idea. Since I am no longer watching her, I made a list of some much better youtubers to watch. Thanks so much to @afronomade 

(Please add your favorites!)

Mademoiselle Gloria: (>1M subs) she makes loads of challenge videos or general entertaining videos as expected for her big personality :)

Sweet Vicky: (>100K subs) she loves pranks, reaction videos, and beauty. she is much like a mischievous older sister.

Beauty Glam Paris: (>100K subs) she is always super beat. she is a beauty guru that doesn’t limit herself to just that. she loves humoring her viewers like the other 2.

Beautiful Naturelle: (>60K subs) she runs more of a lifestyle channel. all you watchers of vlogs, cooking vids, natural hair vids, and booktube (like me) will love this channel. (she also has an English channel if you’re interested)

Cerise Daily: (>30K subs) she makes a lot of videos giving advice and favorites. If you like to sit down and get caught up on what’s going on in a YouTuber’s life (honestly we’re all nosy like that because of social media), then you will love her videos.

TheCocodollzz: (>50K subs) she says it herself in her header pic: Beaute Mode Lifestyle. she makes quality content that always leaves you satisfied (it can be refreshing amidst all the sponsored videos on YouTube).

Tia Mendy CheveuxAfro: (>70K subs) she makes great videos for natural hair care and whatever else she’s loving at the moment. perfect if you want to watch product reviews and hair routines in French.

Black Twins: (>10K subs) their channel is a bit newer so it’s still growing. but if you want tips(!) with styling and caring for your natural hair…they will be your go-to. I consider them a younger francophone version of the Glamtwinz.

A Good Thought

during pre-debut vernon tested dino’s english skills and asked him what hyung is in english. dino replied “brother”. then hansol asked him what dongsaeng is and dino replied “princess”, making hansol laugh. Channie later explained that he knew the members were really stressed out and just wanted to make them happy so he said a random word.

What a good boy. A precious boy. Our thoughtful baby maknae

Sweet Limits

<b> Please remember that this is only a suggestion for caregiver-less regressors! Please take care of your health and listen to your caregivers rules! </p>

How many cookies can you have a day?

Max: 5 oreo sized cookies

Max: 3 sugar/chocolate chip sized cookies

Daily Max: 5 cookies daily

How many candy treats can you have a day?

Max: 10 starburst sized candies

Max: 1 candy bar sized candy

Daily max: 11 candies (only 1 candy bar sized though!)

How many bowls of ice cream can you have a day?

Max: 1 bowl

Daily max: 1 bowl

How many popsicles/icees can you have a day?

Max: 2 push up icees

Max: 1 creamsicle

Max: 1 *random type of ice cream bars*

Daily Max: 2

Weekly Limits:

Cookies: 15 cookies

Candies: 30 small candies, 3 candy bars

Ice cream: 2 bowls

Popsicles/Icees: 4

my ryland headcanons:

> demisexual boiii

> isn’t a big fan of sweets 

> secretly a huge musical lover (like hamilton, annie, etc)

> not a fan of physical affection or contact in general (alex is ok sometimes)

> not unemployed, but works from home

> has never seen lord of the rings

> secretly a really amazing singer/rapper

> loves camping. like a lot. loves the woods/lakes in general

> likes cats more than dogs

> doesn’t do drugs, but doesn’t really care if others do them

> very frugal and is a whiz at couponing

> wears long sleeves as a form of protection against the rest of the world

> it’s hard for him to vocalize how he feels about people

> doesn’t have anger issues; more like he has problems expressing himself in healthy ways

> wanted to make his own video game when he was a kid

> actually very fond of sam but of course he shows it in his own bumbly way

> ambidextrous

> decent cook

> animals really like him for some reason

> big environmentalist and recycles

> has always wanted a garden

this was supposed to be a precure self-insert as melli invited everyone to do one…….. but everything i touch turns overpowered…………………….. so kira kira white sparkle final super powerup form it is   ☆ ~ (๑ゝ з ◕๑)

cure sugar!!  that’s me!!! white and gold are my fav colors and who doesnt want to be overpowered really

AG: It is way too tempting not to let you know I have taken gr8 care to 8ecome a very important feature of your life. 

Let’s be honest: you would do that too if given the chance.

AG: Or for that matter, to let you know that I will 8e giving you a present so much 8etter than the useless crap you’re shoving in that 8ox.
AG: I will 8e giving you the gift of immortality!
GT: oh sweet, that has been on my wish list, ranking just below a mint condition little monsters poster, starring hollywood superstar, howie mandel.
GT: can i expect it to arrive on my next birthday??
AG: Yes, as a matter of fact. Nice guess!
AG: It will come at a cost though.
GT: the mandel poster, or immortality?

I think all of John’s best comebacks are him just being oblivious, and then rolling with it after he’s already said it.