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Hi! Saw yesterday the posts about Oikawa`s outfits in your AU, so I am a bit late. But I wanted to tell you I am really impressed by all the outfits you came up with for pretty much everyone. <3 Are they inspired by specific outfits/people or are they all outfits you came up with?

Mmmmmm THANK YOU!!!! asdfdgfhghfgdfs (/)//(/) <33

Ahh I get inspired by lots of things…by the things I wear, by the things I like, by the things I see walking down the streets, by the things my friends and classmates wear, the things I see online, by photos…so many things!!!
When it comes to the Hip Hop Au I’m also inspired by music artists.

Like the style I have for Iwaizumi is inspired by some old school simple Hip Hop style and mainly by the Rapper Slug and also a little by the rapper Evidence. So simple loose jeans, simple big hoodies…hats..things like this.

Kuroo is more based on a Hip Hop style like Wu-Tang-Clan and some other old school style which isn’t as simple and underground as the one for Iwaizumi.
Also Kuoor’s style is inpsired by some late 90′s and early 2000 skater/slightly late grunge style. So he wears a mix of things.
The same goes for Kenma who’s style is also inspired by some 90′s grunge and modern hipster style. Oikawa is more modern hispter and some weird Hip Hop style. He is all over the place

So yes, I get inspired by old Music Videos and things I come across online and mostly what I see walking around and what people around me wear.


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I just want to say that I love your drawing style. Your human Tamatao is so well designed ! I'd totally buy a shirt with him on it ** !

~ @alcemin HAAASHDLGfdgfml Hahaha sorry but I had to. HAHA ! Thanks sooo much for your sweet words, oh my, it means so much to me !! And I’m really glad you like my design for Human Tamatoa ;; w ;; ♥ Yes this is me answering for once

Rockabye (pt.6)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin 

word count: 3.3k 

You still couldn’t believe Jae-Eun called Jimin dad. That was his first word. Yeah, he’s mumbled words here and there but never once called you mom. He normally just screamed to get your attention and that seemed to work pretty well.  The fact that Jae-Eun called Jimin dad shocked you. It was so unexpected and crazy because the two haven’t even been together much and even when they were, it was for only a couple of minutes.

Jimin felt so bad, not because Jae-Eun called him dad but because he still hasn’t called you mom. You understood, though. He was only around 7 months old and you figured his brain hasn’t quite figured everything out yet. As much as it hurt your feelings, you knew Jae-Eun would never understand, let alone do anything on purpose considering his age.

Your phone buzzed you out of your thoughts and you looked down to smile at who it was that was texting you.

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I just imagined this perfect scenario and you can use it as a prompt for a karamel fic if you want. So it goes like this:

Kara and Mon-El are kissing on her couch (Kara’s on top) and then accidentally she puts too much pressure with her palm on the couch and it breaks under them and they fall with it. Kara’s shocked and she stares at Mon-El, scared that she’s harmed him. But he gives her one of his smiles and says something like “Don’t worry. You can’t break me that easily.” And she sighs in relief and then they both laugh quietly.

Collab w/ @mittenkittenpk !!

Sketch & Lineart | @mittenkittenpk

Color / Shade / Background | ME 

Thank you so much for collabing with me !!

I had so much fun !! Thank you <3

Your art is so cute omg //w//

Hope you like it ! <3


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Get yer overrated butt outta here, Tamatoa. Cuz there is someone who deserves more love and attention. ... And her name is Cali (-cot-ZC)

~ AwWww look at you, you’re so sweet !! ♥ Thanks so much for this lovely message ! Well, Tamatoa isn’t really happy about you giving attention to the diffident artist, but eh ! Tama, deal with it, I can shine for once !

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I wish you where my art teacher! You'd be so much better than my current one, all she does is yell at me and compare me to the better students v.v but you seem so sweet and caring!

~ @goldlovesthedecapoda Awww look at you, what a nice message ! ♥ Well, I try to do my best everyday, at work with my 600 students per week and here too, and yes, I really do care ! Don’t listen to comparisons, it’s definitely the worst thing ever, and accorded to me, it’s only a poison. Draw the more and the best you can, keep your passion up, bring things to paper and life, and a very important thing : NEVER GIVE UP ! ♥

This is my side of the art trade that I did with the lovely @vanillaamoursucrethings, she’s so kind and talented and all of her candies are absolutely stunning, this was so much fun to do and she’s so amazing go give her love ♥♥♥
I really hope you like it!!