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coconina123  asked:

Can I have HCs on SP with a girl who's family is the Russian mafia head

Uhm YES!!!! (Sorry for the wait)

- pretty, protected, untouchable, shy, sweet, dangerous
- those are the words people use to describe you, you don’t know if you hate it or if you love it, all you know is you want a burger from Pop’s and by god you’re going to sneak out whether your father, uncle, and two older brothers like it or not
- you stick out like a sore thumb in the red glow of the diner, wearing an oversized black sweater with the hood drawn over your head because if anyone recognizes you you’d never hear the end of it
- you order your food in a shy voice and slip a fifty into the table, cue more weird looks because all you have are large bills
- meanwhile a boy you’ve never seen before is staring at you from across Pop’s and your heart races when he smirks because your dad would definitely not approve of the bruises under his eyes and the cuts across his knuckles
- but the boy with raven hair the colour of midnight stands and walks towards you because you have the biggest doe eyes he’s ever seen and you blush when he looks at you so he’s intrigued and a little curios as to why you’re hoodie is swallowing you whole
- and that is how you start the biggest, forbidden, whirl wind romance with Sweet Pea
- making up excuses to meet up with him
- “no, dad, I’m going to the library”, “no, dad, I have cheerleading practice”, “no, dad, I don’t want to meet your friend’s son. NO, dad!”
- having a drawer at home devoted to all the shirts you acquire from Sweet Pea, hidden by the girliest things you can find because no one in your family would continue snooping through a drawer of lacy pink panties except your mom
- and that’s exactly how your mother finds out her little “zaika” (“bunny”) has a boyfriend
- naturally she doesn’t tell your father, he doesn’t need to know everything, but you can bet she pulls out that metallic twenty two she keeps on her person and goes for a little drive to meet this dashing young man and, well, warn him
- you have to stay in the car for that meeting, it worries you a little bit when she shrugs off her jacket and cracks her knuckles before knocking on his door
- it goes smoothly though, especially when he attempts some Russian to get on your mother’s good side, he butchers it according to her but she was pleased nonetheless
- your father, however, is not pleased you finally decide to tell him about Sweet Pea when the school dance arises and you’re desperate to bring Sweets
- think lots of guns, lots of guns, and a whole lot of testosterone simmering in one room
- your father yells
- your uncle yells
- your brothers yell
- everyone yells
- and then a gunshot goes off, the wall behind your father explodes a little, your mother gracefully blows the smoke from her gun, studies her nails, and politely tells your father that her little “zaika” will be attending the dance
- your father grumbles but agrees
- he waits at the door for when Sweets shows up, rolls up his sleeves, shows some of the ink staining his skin because that little snake tattoo doesn’t even begin to compare to the markings on your father’s skin, and doesn’t let that baseball bat go until he’s done sizing him up
- Sweet Pea has never been more scared in his entire life
- He’s definitely wondering if the cute girl sitting next to him in his borrowed pick up truck is as dangerous as the rest of her family but hell he is willing to find out



Imagine Your OTP

Someone unkind to Person A: “Look at you! You’re ugly, stupid and worthless!”

Person A has a hurt expression then looks down.

Person B: (Unbeknown to anyone Person B happens to be close by and comes to Person A’s aid) “You must be either blind or isolate to not see their beauty, you must be ignorant to ever call someone so brilliant, stupid and they are not worthless, quite the opposite they are priceless. HOW DARE YOU even say anything remotely like that to such a wonderful person like them?”

Person A then looks up at Person B in shock from hearing them say such kind things and mumbles ‘Person B~’ for Person B to look down at them giving a sweet smile and put their arm in Person A’s and leave. To which Person A later rests their head on Person B’s shoulder, kiss them on their cheek then add a ‘Thank you~’.