sweet & flirty


I usually give Simon larger frames, but for the sake of making him look less like a tiny Luke-a-like, I decided on the narrower cool kid glasses.

With Izzy, I struggled to draw a face that could pass off as snobby or flirty or sweet, depending on her mood… 


The puzzling thing about Stephen Colbert is that he’s very friendly but distant with his female guests, but a shameless flirt with every attractive man who crosses his path. The first time I noticed that I assumed I was reading the situation wrong, and the second time I thought maybe I was missing an inside joke or something, but now I have to wonder - does he do that because he’s naturally flirty and a) he doesn’t want to make his guests uncomfortable (because, well, being hit on by someone who’s interviewing you is not the best experience for women but, like, Brad Pitt doesn’t mind his married friend horsing around - different context) or disrespect his wife or b) this is actually a subconscious thing and he genuinely finds guys attractive and he just can’t help himself? 

Whatever the reason, he’s absolutely adorable. 10/10 would protect until the end of times.

okay but the part where phil softly hit dan’s face was so?? because it was so flirty and sweet and casual? and you realize they do that shit often??? and phil’s beggin sorta soft but you know he’s gonna relent because dan’s lookin cute???? not only that but there was a good year where phil didn’t reciprocate a lot of dan’s flirting on camera and now phil’s the one flirting first?? i just? i feel things

How They Greet You// Riverdale


Betty: She just about skips over leans to give you a quick peck and an excited “Hi babe!”, nothing too hot and heavy but always sweet and flirty. 

Archie: He’s always a bit taken a back when he see’s you, no matter how long you’ve been together you still take his breath away. After he scans your entire body he crushes you in a warm hug and presses a kiss to the top of your head always murmuring “there’s my girl.”  

Veronica: She loves to tease, her favourite hello is “oh havent seen you in awhile.” when in reality you’d been apart for a class at the longest. You fake a loud laugh until she kisses you, hard and happy. 

Jughead: He tries to play it cool, smiling at the ground playing off his excitement but usually ends up standing to greet you with a kiss to your cheek and a hand through your hair mumbling “missed you.”  

“The dusky and faintly sweet smell of her perfume came to Therese again, a smell suggestive of dark green silk, that was hers alone, like the smell of a special flower.”

positives & negatives of the rising signs

as an aries rising you seem… youthful, direct, straightforward, bold, active // dramatic, fidget-y, angry, impatient, intensely competitive

as a taurus rising you seem… down-to-earth, calm, generous, kind, grounded // killjoy, unchanging, bossy, controlling, self-righteous 

as a gemini rising you seem… intelligent, witty, curious, charismatic, funny // detached, cold, fake, superficial, manipulative

as a cancer rising you seem… caring, compassionate, kind, subtle, sweet // whiny, sensitive, sad, shy, overemotional

as a leo rising you seem… in control, passionate, charismatic, expressive, magnetic // bossy, demanding, commanding, overbearing, haughty

as a virgo rising you seem… smart, analytical, observant, innocent, reserved // antisocial, calculating, conniving, nervous, shy

as a libra rising you seem… flirty, sweet, accepting, social, charming // gossipy, fake, disloyal, indecisive, an airhead

as a scorpio rising you seem… powerful, magnetic, mysterious, deep, intriguing // brooding, jealous, secretive, displeased, cold

as a sagittarius rising you seem… fun, open-minded, smart, adventurous, independent // flighty, too honest, uncaring, contrary, disrespectful

as a capricorn rising you seem… hard-working, ambitious, forward-thinking, controlled, attentive to detail // self-important, opinionated, serious, not fun, unsatisfied

as an aquarius rising you seem… intelligent, friendly, innovative, excitable, idealistic // naive, cold, contrary, detached, uncaring

as a pisces rising you seem… kind, intuitive, adaptable, romantic, sweet // vague, naive, dependent, spacey, sensitive


Gonna give tumblr some love because I’m taking a break from insta. These are my oooold OCs (I made them when I was like 14) they were in the same story Alex was originally in. I basically made a group of OCs based off that ‘Zombie Apocalypse Team’ thing. Kurt is an sweet flirty ex tattoo artist and Marty is his grumpy tired genius boyfriend. I might toss them in my Dying Light universe who knows.

Home - Joe Sugg

Request: Joe imagine where y/n and joe meet at a club and go home together– next morning she wakes up to joe making breakfast and being sweet/flirty/sexy

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: PSA, there’s double “that that” and “for for” in this so just know it’s not a grammatical error LOL!

I hope you like :)


Everything about him was everything you ever wanted. The way his brown hair fit so perfectly upon his head but was still long enough that you could run your fingers through it. The way his blue eyes shined underneath the lights, it was as if they shined brighter than any star in the galaxy. The way his hands fit so perfectly on your waist, you were sure they were made just for you. His name was Joe and you had no idea that that one little moment would change your entire life.

You had ditched your friends almost immediately after Joe asked to buy you a drink and some time throughout the night, you noticed Joe had done the same. Usually, being alone in a club with a boy you didn’t know was never a good idea but for some reason, you felt so safe and secure with this one, you knew you didn’t need supervision. His arms felt like home to you and that was a feeling you had been searching for for a long time.

Just as Joe brought his lips down to yours, the constant buzzing in your pocket was driving you absolutely mad so you had no choice but to look. Joe removed one hand from your waist and scratched his neck awkwardly as you looked through your messages. Your 38 messages. Your friends were having a discussion in the group chat about whether or not you had died or if you had found a boy. So you sent a quick “Alive.” text and just as you were about to lock your phone, you saw the time. 2:43am.

“I should really get going.” You said, looking up at Joe. You could see the light fade from his eyes and you knew he wanted you to stay just as much as you did. “Care to walk me home? It’s just around the corner…” You suggested, not wanting the night end.

As you two walked down the street, Joe slipped his hand in yours and pulled you closer to him. Although it was beginning to heat up outside, at quarter to three in the morning, it was not warm enough to not be wearing a jacket…something neither of you thought about.

“Is it alright if I grab your number? I’d really like to see you again.” Joe said, as you stood in front of your house.

The thought of Joe wanting to see you again made your heart flutter. You wondered if he had felt it too. Was he thinking of your eyes in the way you were thinking of his? Did you feel like home to him just like he did to you? You smiled as you handed his phone back to him and just as you went to turn around, he took your wrist in his hand. You turned your head to face him and the feeling of home grew even more. His lips were soft, just as the kiss was. There wasn’t too much force within it and for you, it gave you a feeling you never wanted to end.

“Would you like to come in?” You asked, surprisingly. 

This was something you never did. Nights out were always a good time with friends and if you happened to find a boy, great. But you never once went home with them or invited them inside yours. But Joe was different. Being with him was like already being home.

Unlocking the door, you couldn’t even lie to yourself. You knew what you wanted and holding back was not an option. You opened the door and allowed Joe to enter first as you closed the door behind you. Suddenly, your back was pushed up against the door and Joe’s chest was pressed against yours. You looked into his blue eyes that shined through the dark before looking towards his lips. He let out a little smile before closing the gap completely.

As you rolled over the next morning, you noticed the space beside you was empty. The boy had left you. You rolled your eyes as you thought about it. How could I be so stupid? How could I think he was different? As you managed to gather your thoughts, you climbed out of bed, putting on an over-sized t-shirt you had in your closet and headed towards the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee but that’s when you saw him. The boy had stayed.

“Morning love, how do you like your eggs?” He said, looking over at you with a smile on his face. The same smile that had found its way into your heart.

You leaned against the counter as he continued to make breakfast and you couldn’t help but smile. Who knew you’d find home within a club? Who knew you’d find home within a boy? Who knew you’d find home so damn attractive?

“Is everything okay?” He asked, placing the plate of eggs on the counter beside you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he placed his hands on either side of you, disabling you from moving…not that you wanted to. You pulled him closer to you and pressed your lips against his, this time feeling him smile into the kiss. You broke apart and looked into the blue eyes that had managed to get you hooked. 

Everything about him was everything you ever wanted. And you couldn’t wait to see where it went.

Bad boy!Jimin being there everyday to pick you up from school/work, leaning up against the wall with his hands in his pockets and smirking at you “wanna go have fun with me, beautiful?”