sweet star


So the times when I can fly the highest…

are the times I’m holding your hand.


Is that so?

I feel the same way.

When I’m with you, Mai, I can feel the most “myself.”

So, can we keep jumping together from now on?

Higher and higher!



(Saki skips over to Mai and takes her hand)




Strike a pose!!

(The two collapse in giggles, still holding hands).

161020 BTS/Park So Hyun's Love Game (speaking about Hoseok’s MAMA)

Park So Hyun: Before that, everyone needs to listen to MAMA a lot. I’m curious about how your mother reacted when she heard this song.

Hoseok: She really likes it! She was like, “ah my son succeeded and even wrote a song for me~!” The most important is that the members’ parents called her as well. They were saying, “you must be so proud of Hoseokie, I’m envious.” I also felt they are very proud of me. I thought, “ah, I’m really doing my filial duties.

Can you believe all of Bangtan’s moms called Hoseok’s mom to tell her they we’re so proud of him and wanted songs, too? Our Hoseok is the sweetest boy, he even melts mothers hearts aw.

  • Leo: happy birthday!!1!
  • Guang-Hong: thank you! I was starting to think you forgot.
  • Leo: why would you think that?
  • Guang-Hong: ...do they not teach you about time zones in the US?
  • Leo: ...
  • Leo: I feel like such a fool right now.
  • Guang-Hong: it's okay, you're still the best boyfriend ever.

Spock pretends to not understand human courting methods, and Bones won’t stop buying him flowers. When Spock decides to return the favor in his own troll way, he gifts Bones a beautiful, freshly-picked bundle of….asparagus. His reasoning in the totally-not-romantic-love-letter attached to it is that asparagus is “more useful” than something that just sits there and looks pretty, but of course Bones puts it in a fancy crystal vase on his desk and openly cherishes its “beauty” just to piss off Spock. They were made for each other that way.