Thank you guys for 10K!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

I am speechless… HONESTLY I DIDN’T KNOW I WOULD GET 10K BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR! ;; You all are amazing and I cherish every single one of you <33 I AM TOO BLESSED TO HAVE YOU ALL DFASFAS

Thank you soo much for your support and kind words daily! I will work hard in 2017 to create more art and return to AUs, so lets all have fun together :D 2016 has been a great year with you all <33~ I wouldn’t be here without all you lovely atlantean people ;)

Thank you also for 1K on Insta and 1.5K on Twitter ;-;)/<3  *UGLY SOBBING*



Coloured Smoky Eye Holiday Look

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om g your latest yoi howl'smovingcastle!au art is beautiful!!! I feel my love for Victuuri grow even deeper when I imagine them in the scene where Sophie kisses Howl in his demon form....*shrieks*

sfsadf thank you soo much!! <33 SQUEALS AAA THAT SCENE /// I kinda wanna draw that scene but aaa aa im too shy drawing kiss scenes lol

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I Watched 11 Seasons of Bones in Three Months, and This Is What I Learned

I Watched 11 Seasons of Bones in Three Months, and This Is What I Learned #Bones @BonesonFox @harthanson

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Source: jigsmave Posted by Sage I currently pay for a full cable subscription. I also subscribe to Netflix and Hulu. My dad pays for HBO Go, and, well. I have access to so many miniseries, event series, reboots, prestige adaptations, and critical darlings that I sometimes feel dizzy with television responsibility. And for the last 12 weeks or so, I ignored all of those trending programs in favor…

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I’ve cryed all night… I just feel so bad.. It’s amazing how our biggest fears just can come true by our own hands… I don’t want to lose you baby. I don’t want to scare you away… I just love you so much…

How did this happen? I wasn’t expecting but at the same time I was feeling it coming… I know and respect you will, but I’m sorry I could keep away from this feeling… to love you this hard.

Somehow our souls were meant to be together at some point..everything that led us here. I hope it’s not just for some time… I hope we stay together somehow…

I can still remember the first time I came to your house, you told you were expecting for that moment for two years… OMG really? Or ou were just saying that!?! I don’t want to be just one more on your list.. I don’t want to be just one more..I want to be the last.

You were by far the best thing that happen to me.. not just in a good and romantic way, but you have shown me my flaws and to deal with them, you have been showing me how to be a better person, the one that I’ve lost somehow along the way with everything I’ve been trough..

I’m so sorry baby, I want to be best for me and for you… for us…