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~ We keep these memories for ourselves ~

She is literally taking over the world and it’s the best thing to witness her do. She deserves every minute of success she has and I know we are all so proud.❤️

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate sweeran shipper but not sweeran, that makes no sense

Because I don’t dislike like Taylor, I don’t like love her but yano..So if they did get together, I’d be happy for him :) But Ya’ll shippers make something out of nothing, like how awkward do you think it is for them when ‘sweeran’ is thrown in their face constantly? And she’s his mates ex. Just let them be! Even if the did/do feel like that about each other all the fuss you’ve made about it has pretty much made it impossible for them act on it and media doesn’t help at all…Plus you all give me bare hate for not being a shipper and like, I didn’t join this fandom for abuse man, we all love Ed and we should all respect each other, I don’t go to peoples blogs and be like, ‘You should burn in hell cause you’re a sweeran shipper’.

Shoutout to the sweeran shippers out there that don’t hate on nonshippers cause ya’ll are decent people xoxo

Okay i’m actually done with this fandom today. 

1) To Kaylor shippers, ship on. If the hate is too much, I understand jumping ship. But this was to be expected. If any one of you feels like hurting themselves or anything after those messages, please please message one of us!!

2) To Tayvin shippers, ship on, but please don’t be so hypocritical when y’all are discussing their sex and love lives worse than the media. 

3) To Sweeran shippers, you lucky bastards, ship on.

To anyone that cannot see how problematic it was for Taylor to like that post then fucking unfollow me. 

If I hear of ANYONE hurting themselves as a result of this then i’m fucking done and I’ll have some 1989 tour tickets up for sale and a whole lot of merchandise.