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“Honestly, I know I wouldn’t be up here if it wasn’t for one of my best friends who took me to pubs and taught me how to make a good cup of tea and taught me everything I need to know about the UK. I just want to say I love you, Ed Sheeran.”

“America would never have happened for me, or I would never have got the ball up at all if I hadn’t gone on tour with Taylor Swift in 2013. She texted me and asked did I want to go away with her for six months. I might have been a very successful home grown act here (UK), but not in America, so it was the best text I’ve ever had from Taylor.“

In the past six years since signing my deal, I’ve kind of grown and evolved so much, and it’s exciting to watch someone else do that. You could see Taylor Swift come out with a country album, and the kind of growth that Taylor has gone through since her first album to her most recent album, it’s really exciting to see that arc happen.
—  Ed Sheeran talking about Taylor’s growth as an inspiration for new artists in an interview with Elvis Duran. (1/12/17)

someone: hey what’s u-
me: Taylor Swift didn’t mention a single thing on social media about her birthday, or CHRISTMAS, or New Year’s, but Ed dropping music not only gets an instagram post, but she came on Tumblr as well. Ed Sheeran is more important to Taylor Swift than any holiday or anything ever really and they’re ruining my life yet again and I don’t know how I’m gonna cope with this


The way she said “away” OH MY GOD