Anonymous said:

Hello, I’m a new beginning voice actor who is trying to get more publicity so I can take part in voice overs and animations. I’m not sure how to really start out, I’m always open to requests and no one asks. Should I just start doing some voice work of my own to show what I’ve got?

Just post stuff, tag it, see if you can find other voice actors maybe, I dunno, I have no real advice for getting publicity.  If you post good work, you’ll probably get some attention as you go along, but that shouldn’t be your main goal.  Luck is also part of it.  I’m adding this to the FAQ.

airoehead said:

CAN I have your autograph

If you ever meet me in person, sure why not.

Anonymous said:

Can you read the “chicken nugger” story from Tumblr to us? With the french fries and sweer potato?


Anonymous said:

What’s the background music behind that Winnie the Pooh post?

Measured Paces, by Kevin MacLeod.

Anonymous said:

Have you ever played the kyle hyde games? They’re legitimately one of my favourite series ever

I played Hotel Dusk and couldn’t really get into it.

Anonymous said:

do u ever feel self-conscious about your toes?

what the fuck