sweeney todd quote

“Tim helped a lot and is a very relaxed director, though I was terribly nervous—and Johnny was great too. On the first day of shooting, I was standing with him on a boat in the middle of the studio. And I’m like, “Is this actually happening? Am I here?” Now, Johnny can tell I’m a wreck. I’m shaking while there’s this huge fan blowing our hair wild. But then he leans over and says, “Jamie, that’s our biggest fan.” It was a great way to break the tension.“ Jamie Campbell Bower

Bonham Carter gives a haunting performance. Not the cockney fishwife created by Angela Lansbury in the famous 1979 production, but a stitched-together soul, driven to unspeakable actions by economic woe and twisted love. She yearns, heartbreakingly, for better things.
—  Ian Nathan’s Tim Burton: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work

“Johnny Depp’s performance is quite remarkable. Sweeney’s desire for revenge and the simmering anger and hurt that he feels carry the story forward, and Johnny finds the most remarkable variety within that narrow set of emotions. The intensity is at a boil all the time and he never drops it. It’s real anger.
Stephen Sondheim


I’m drawn to emotionally damaged characters because there is more to unlock.
—  Helena Bonham Carter

“I always wanted to be a character actor, even when I was stuck inside a corset playing innocent girls. I always thought that they were so passive, which I now see as unfair. They weren’t passive; they were these amazing, dynamic women from the novels. But I’m afraid that’s how I saw it.”

Happy 49th birthday to the remarkable Helena Bonham Carter (May 26th,1966)