sweeney todd quote

Everyone tells you it’s all right to cry, but not enough people say it’s all right if you don’t want people to know.
—  Lemony Snicket
I’m drawn to emotionally damaged characters because there is more to unlock.
—  Helena Bonham Carter

“Tim helped a lot and is a very relaxed director, though I was terribly nervous—and Johnny was great too. On the first day of shooting, I was standing with him on a boat in the middle of the studio. And I’m like, “Is this actually happening? Am I here?” Now, Johnny can tell I’m a wreck. I’m shaking while there’s this huge fan blowing our hair wild. But then he leans over and says, “Jamie, that’s our biggest fan.” It was a great way to break the tension.“ Jamie Campbell Bower

Bonham Carter gives a haunting performance. Not the cockney fishwife created by Angela Lansbury in the famous 1979 production, but a stitched-together soul, driven to unspeakable actions by economic woe and twisted love. She yearns, heartbreakingly, for better things.
—  Ian Nathan’s Tim Burton: The Iconic Filmmaker and His Work