sweeney gen 2


“Goodbye, thanks for having us, and all that, et cetera et cetera.”

“Bring Mom and Dad with you next time.”

“Are you kidding? They don’t listen to me. I’ve been trying to convince them to move to Twinbrook with us but they’re still holding on to every last shred of their youth. Hey–you and Billie should consider moving to Twinbrook.”

“Very funny.”

“Sorry. I don’t mean to talk about your sister that way. I do love her.”

“No, I understand. She’s always been stubborn and proud. And bossy.”

“Haha. Hey, that’s my wife you’re talking about.”

“I always considered you two the model couple. Your family seems perfect. It’s kind of a shock to hear…”

“It’s perfect for what it is. Or maybe nothing is. Either way, I wouldn’t trade it.”