sweeney family

Murder Among Friends
The Murder Of Jason Sweeney

On the 30th of May 2003 in Philadelphia, 16 year old Jason Sweeney was lured to a remote location by new flame Justina Morley. Unknown to Jason, laying in wait was brothers, Nicholas and Dominic Coia and Edward Batzig Jr.. The boys beat Jason to death with stones, hammers and a hatchet. Afterwards, they stole the money on Jason and brought heroin among other drugs.

Jason was unaware that when he began seeing Justina, she was sexually active with Nicholas and Edward. Sadly, Jason was childhood friends with the people that killed him

The motive was deemed more than robbery, the men resented Jason as he had a job and was doing well in life.

In 2005, Nicholas and Dominic Coia and Edward Bastig Jr were sentenced to life

Justina Morley was sentenced for up to 35 years

the neon frights on broadway - a halloween playlist filled with creepy showtunes that’ll give you some terrible thrills

prelude / the ballad of sweeney todd - sweeney todd // why are all the d’ysquiths dying? - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // evil woman - xanadu // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // a freak like me needs company - spider-man: turn off the dark // it’s a dangerous game - jekyll and hyde // kiss of the spider woman - kiss of the spider woman // carrie - carrie // when you’re an addams - the addams family // suppertime - little shop of horrors // evil is hot - the toxic avenger // the time warp - the rocky horror picture show // crazytown - 35mm: a musical exhibition // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // when lily came - darling // ruination - we foxes // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // no good deed - wicked // the ballad of sara berry - 35mm: a musical exhibition //


fight the dragons - a father’s day playlist for the best fathers featured on broadway

home before you know it - the bridges of madison county // gliding - ragtime // the pinstripes are all that they see - catch me if you can // it all comes back - fun home // i’ve been - next to normal // inutil - in the heights // no more - into the woods // deep into the ground - billy elliot // bring him home - les miserables // johanna (reprise) - sweeney todd // that’s what i could do - violet // hey, kid - if/then // fathers and sons - working // race you to the top of the morning - the secret garden // happy/sad - the addams family // if only (reprise) - the little mermaid // father to son - march of the falsettos // i made that - the burnt part boys // fight the dragons - big fish // he lives in you - the lion king //

L I S T E N 

For People Who Hate Being Scared But Still Want To Watch Halloween Movies;

Here’s a list of Halloween-y movies to watch that don’t make you wanna pee yourself (and I don’t find that scary);

-The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Hocus Pocus
-Any of the Addams Family movies
-Sleepy Hollow (this has a few jumpy bits and some gore)
-Sweeney Todd (not really Halloween-y and a bit gory but I love this film)
-Any bad horror movies (which are the best cause they are super funny instead of scary)
-Black Swan (warning: this is a thriller and could be seen as scary and has a few jumpy and gory bits)
-Stardust (it’s pushing it a bit on the Halloween theme… But it has witches?)
-Rocky horror picture show

(Feel free to add any more!!!)

signs as famous anti heroes
  • Aries: jesse pinkman (brba); johnny strabler (the wild one); arya stark (got); hans landa (inglourious basterds)
  • Taurus: tony montana (scarface); sam winchester (supernatural); walter white (brba); wolverine (x-men)
  • Gemini: tom ripley; peter pan; birdman; draco malfoy (harry potter)
  • Cancer: catwoman; mickey and mallory knox (natural born killer); meg griffin (family guy); sweeney todd (the demon barber of fleet street)
  • Leo: tyler durden (fight club); ; patrick bateman (american psycho); magneto (x-men); elsa mars (ahs)
  • Virgo: dexter morgan (dexter); john constantine; lisbeth salander (millennium trilogy); leon (léon: the professional)
  • Libra: v (v for vendetta); jax teller (sons of anarchy); michael corleone (the godfather); katniss everdeen (the hunger games)
  • Scorpio: alex delarge (a clockwork orange); frank underwood (house of cards); cersei lannister (got); elvira
  • Sagittarius: travis bickle (taxi driver); robin hood; sirius black (harry potter); piper chapman (oitnb)
  • Capricorn: batman; castiel (supernatural); daryl dixon (twd); severo snape (harry potter)
  • Aquarius: dean winchester (supernatural); the driver (drive); deadpool; hannibal lecter
  • Pisces: beatrix kiddo (kill bill 1 & 2); jay gatsby (the great gatsby); loki (marvel); mystique (x-men)
What musical characters would say if they were in the nut house

Seymour Krelborn: I’m not nuts!!! I swear that plant eats human blood!! And it told me to kill people!!! I didn’t even kill them!! One killed himself! The other stuck his damn head in the plant! Dammit I killed no one … Because the third one was a dizzy blonde that should have not gone in the shop! I did nothin’! I shouldn’t be here!

Sweeney Todd: I don’t deserve to be thrown in here! … So what I killed a few people out of revenge!? And cooked them into pies then ate them! … Its all judge Terpin’s fault! I wouldn’t have killed or ate anyone if it wasn’t for judge Turpin!!

Belle: My father and I aren’t crazy!!! I swear I lived with a beast! And all the people in the castle were enchanted objects!!! Gaston is only telling you my father and I are crazy so he can marry me!

Wednesday Addams: I honestly don’t mind being trapped here… What I do mind is Lucas isn’t here … And the rest of my family isn’t here!! I mean … Yes I told Lucas to shoot a crossbow at me blindfolded after we argues who was crazier!… And my family has a butler that no one is sure if he’s living or dead… And a woman that lives in our attic and my mother and father don’t know if she’s even a part of our family … And I torture my little brother … Because he likes it!

Cinderella: I swear I had a fairy godmother! And she made a coach from a pumpkin! And made lizards and a goose into humans! And mice into white horses! And my fairy godmother fixed my dress and made me glass slippers! And all the magic wore off at midnight so I had to leave the ball! And … And I left my shoe for the prince to find me …

Herbert West: you have no clue what your dealing with! I am an amazing doctor! I just really messed up by mistake! … I don’t belong here… I didn’t make zombies on purpose! I didn’t think that my medicine would make zombies I thought it would bring them back to life to live their lives the same way before they died! … I need to get out of here so I can undo my mess! I need to up the dose!