EXO english
  • Xiumin: mArsHmeLLoW~
  • Luhan: heller everybooty
  • Kris: u are beauitful
  • Suho: layday~
  • Lay: taylor sweeFT
  • Baekhyun: *singing* gurr~ *speaking* hello my name is byun baekhyun im 22 years old my blood type is o and i like big butts and i cannot lie
  • Chen: *goat noises* gurr
  • Chanyeol: she's such a transformer- HERRO MY NAME IS CHANYURR
  • D.O.: watcha gonna do with all that junk *exo-l sobs in the distance*
  • Tao: acturry engrish is berry haerd fo meh
  • Kai: helooooo meerkit
  • Sehun: yo cum here cum here luk at me