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hey !! (i m a friend of j haha this bby) Can I request some hcs ?? Like s/o's paladins being the lead singer in a band and stuff ? ♡ thank u in advance ur writing is so sweeeeeeet

yEs!1!1! i’m sucker for aus man istg also i did kinda like when s/o met them for the first time

- definitely the lead singer of a rock band
- he and s/o would meet at one of his first gigs
- it would be at a small bar and he’d be performing at a small stage
- s/o was so awed at him
- also shiro is like hella good looking with a plain white t-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket thrown over
- s/o approached him at the bar after he’s finished a show
- and they were so surprised at his politeness
- and for the fact that he was drinking orange juice
- and god he was blushing madly every time s/o compliments him
- and they both started to talk about rock and shit
- they ended up talking all night
- shiro shyly asks them for their number
- and that was how it started
- once his band got bigger he will want s/o to tag along with him everywhere
- probably makes them a manager or something else
- he’d blush wildly every time interviewers ask about his s/o
- cuddles and tv after shows!
- probably marries s/o in the end man

- is probably in a pop band
- and he’s like the really flirty and precious member in the band that everyone is annoyed with but adores him as well
- writes the best cheesy love songs
- surprisingly he has never really dated anyone
- even though he had people throwing theirselves to him
- he just really wants a serious relationship not the ones that are just playing around
- he met s/o backstage after a concert
- and they were a photographer or a journalist
- and he surprised when they reached a hand out for him to shake
- because he was used to people flirting straightaway  
- he’s think s/o is so pretty
- as he was shaking their hand and introducing themselves he’ll study them
- and for some reason he couldn’t find the courage to flirt with them
- they both end up talking in the tour bus for so long
- he’ll awkwardly ask for their number
- and when they give it to him he’ll be so happy and hug them tightly

- the lead singer of an alternative or punk rock band!
- he’s known for how cold he is
- and his iconic back tattoo
- with his hair tied up and ripped band muscle tee, tight fitting black jeans and worned out high top vans
- he doesn’t really go to fancy events
- and chooses the interviews his bands are invited to
- he’s also really good at songwriting and guitar
- he’s really into coffee
- he went for a really early jog one day
- then went for coffee
- and the coffee shop was empty
- except for s/o sitting on the table across from him
- and they’d be softly singing his band’s song
- and he’d quietly listening
- he’d be smiling to himself as he studied them
- he couldn’t help being awed by them
- and then he’s sit in front of them joining them singing
- he’ll laugh slightly at s/o’s shocked expression
- both ends up making conversation
- and they’ll plan to meet at the same place and time tomorrow
- and that was the start

- she’ll be in this really cool electro pop band
-   she’ll be a pro at composing music
- her and s/o would meet at a festival
- she’ll be finished with her gig and decides to see the rest of it
- and she’ll bump into s/o
- literally
- and she would be so pissed at first
- but seeing hoe precious they looked she didn’t get mad
- s/o would compliment her about the show
- and it makes her feel so giddy inside
- they end up walking around and watching gigs together
- and pidge will ask them to hangout at the after party
- and when s/o was about to leave, she’ll ask their number on an impulse
- at first they hangout at festivals
- then pidge asks them out on a date
- and thats where it all began

- he’ll be in an indie band!
- he’s so chill and friendly
- definitely the fan favorite type
- oh come one evrybody loves hunk
- he’d be that type of artist that isn’t flashy
- so he’ll meet s/o at a bar
- and they wouldn’t know it’s him
- with the dim lights at the bar it was way harder to recognize him
- when he asks about s/o’s favorite band
- they would fangirl
- and he’ll just giggle
- then he’ll finally introduce himself properly
- and s/o is so shook
- poor s/o

My take on what Galra!Keith is probably going to look like.
Highly doubt he is a furry, going for the Ulaz or Lotor style.

Also, staff said he was supposed to have white hair. ¬¬

shameless self promotion: my take on galralogy. *wink wink*
I’m still working on this. I swear. More to come with S4.

Eva: Everything ready for the big birthday brunch? 
Mags and I are on our way to get her <3 

Chris: Yes sir! The boys are here and the sparkling wine too  😎

Noora: Isak and Sana are fighting how to arrange the canldes 

Sana: were not fighting
my way is just better 

Chris: thank god we have candle geniuses! 

Eva: we would be lost without you  🤓 🤓

Noora: those best buds <3 

Sana:  🙄

Eva: ..hæ?

Noora: Isak calls them best buds! 

Eva: that is so sweeeeeeet 
sanaaaaa ❤️ ❤️

Chris: and here i thought we were best buds 

Sana: you are all my best buds ❤️

Noora: aaaww :) 

Eva: soft-sana 😍  

Chris: yasss