How it works:

There will be two rounds, this 1st round will be you guys picking the top 3,5,7,8,9 players from each team that made it to the Round of 16. Then once that’s been decided the players that got the most votes will move on to Round 2! Then you guys will rank what’s left of the players and once it’s decided, I will make a gif sets in sets of ten that’ll be released once a week (Thursday)!


- You can only vote once.
- The number of players from each team will be decided on how far they made it into the tournament! For example, since Switzerland lost to Canada in the 1st round, only the top 3 players will be selected.

How many players:

Only these teams get the Top 3 players voted up:

- Switzerland
- Cameroon
- Colombia
- Sweden
- South Korea
- Brazil
- Netherlands
- Norway

Only these teams get the Top 5 players voted up:

- China PR
- France
- Australia
- Canada

Only these teams get the Top 7 players voted up:

- Germany
- England

Japan will get 8 players voted up and the USA will get 11 players voted up!

How to take the survey!

Voting ends July 16th! Take it here! Make sure to reblog this and spread the word!