Cynical Fashion Magazine #25, July 2016

“Swedish Spring”
Photographer: Belinda Bärtzner
Model: Sara Scarlet 
Designer: Dead Lotus Couture


➳ Dreamiest café in the world just outside town (placed practically in the middle of the forest). Can’t believe I’ve lived here for almost 22 years and I haven’t heard about it until now.


To Miss Someone You Never Met

Did you ever miss someone you never met? I miss my grandad, Gösta Wirén, but I never met him, he died nine months before I was born. My grandad was a press photographer for Stockholms Tidningen in Sweden. I have managed to rescue some of the photos he took, I’ll post a few on here. I’m his biggest fan and think that the images ought to be shared. We seemed to have a few things in common, the love of pictures, a good cocktail and America. Thanks for the photos, grandad!