Tumblr needs to be reintroduced to this unproblematic queen

Okay listen up.

This beauty right here is LOREEN. She’s a Swedish pop singer of Moroccan descent, and you might know her as the record-breaking winner of Eurovision in 2012.

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She started out on Swedish Idol and then went on to do Melodifestivalen twice and of course Eurovision. Her debut album Heal came out a few months later, featuring these kickass tracks. And then she also made this and this, not to mention the hundreds of insanely awesome live performances that I won’t bother to link because there are so many. So pretty epic music right?


Loreen isn’t amazing just because of her music. She’s a fricken activism CHAMPION. First of all, Eurovision 2012 and some of the other music festivals she did were in countries with huge human rights problems. What did she do? CHALLENGED THOSE SUCKERS. Azerbaijan? Met with human rights activist groups. Belarus? Spoke out in defense of political prisoners. Russia? Defended LGBT+ people LIVE ONSTAGE. Putin, what’s good?

And she’s worked for the Swedish Committee of Afghanistan on promoting education, she’s won the World Children’s Prize Crystal Globe twice, she performed at the Vienna Life Ball in support of HIV/AIDS patients… just constantly being an incredible human being.

(Yes, that is Malala next to her.)

Some quotes:

“People need to take more responsibility for each other today. Egoistic thinking won’t work in the end. Being a second generation immigrant, I strive to make something of myself but most importantly to make a difference in the world.”

“I was born in Sweden but spent summers and winters traveling to Morocco and seeing this– seeing poverty, seeing women being treated differently. As a child, it bothered me so much but I felt helpless because you can’t change it. Today, I can work to change it and I am.”

“I am not so interested in media if I can´t give. If I can´t say something important. If I can´t make a difference. Why would I sit here and just be ego? It is so unsexy after a while.”

“In every man and woman there is both feminine and masculine aspects. So what defines a man or woman really? It is just an illusion.”

So yeah. Loreen. Look her up. Love her. She deserves it.

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