Swedish poster for YOUNG DESIRE (Lewis D. Collins, USA, 1930)

Artist: uncredited

Poster source: Heritage Auctions

“Beauty Mary Nolan stars in this tragic melodrama from director Lewis D. Collins, about a sideshow dancer who falls for a handsome socialite played by Leon Janney. The film would be one of the better and final pictures to feature the lovely Nolan, whose career and life would conclude due to self-destructive tendencies involving nervous breakdowns and drug abuse.” –Heritage

The Swedish title translates as “Death Leap.”

Swedish poster for MEN IN WHITE (Richard Boleslawski, USA, 1934)

Designer: John Mauritz (Moje) Åslund (1904-68)

Poster source: Listal

“A dedicated young doctor places his patients above everyone else in his life. Unfortunately, his Social Register fianceé can’t accept the fact that he considers an appointment in the operating room more important than attending a cocktail party. He soon drifts into an affair with a pretty nurse who shares his passion for healing.” -Wikipedia

Swedish one sheet for FRENCH DRESSING (Allan Dwan, USA, 1927)

Artist: uncredited

Poster source: Heritage Auctions

“Philip and Cynthia Grey are a pair of recently-wed Bostonians, and Cynthia is properly back-bay no-action quiet and dowdy, and Philip resigns himself to the quietness (no action) regularity of their home. But then along comes a blonde, Peggy Nash, who adds some action and outside-regularity to Philip’s life. Cynthia is somewhat upset at this turn of events, and decides to go to Paris - the Wickedest City in the World - and get a quiet divorce [The Swedish title translates as “Her Trip to Paris.”]. Cynthia soon finds out that Paris is a really gay city, especially after Henri de Briac, shows up and offers to be her guide to the delights of Paris (primarily him). Cynthia quickly sheds some of her dowdy ways and dowdy clothes, and is having herself what was once quaintly described as a gay old time. Philip then shows up in Paris, deciding he wants Cynthia back as his wife, and Peggy shows up right behind him and, soon, it is up to Henri to make the pairing-arrangements for the foursome.” -IMDb

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