Look! This is our first book we’ve made with our riso, but even better, our first comic book we’ve made together. Flood City is the beginning of three short stories set in the same super nice and summery “post apocalyptic” city. A kids story, a kinda sexy almost yaoi story, and an adults story.  By Patrick, Elliot, and Olle

10€ gets you this book + 3 original sketches + some sticker. Ships totally WORLDWIDE from Stockholm. we work with paypal but order through us by mailing to contact {at} peowstudio.com 

If we sell all the books we can get another color for our printer!! and make more awesome stuff here in sweden! 

quick quick preview! a little crop of the cover of TIME CAPSULE #1, this arching sci-fi comics anthology I’ve been working on, with the guys from Decedence Comics (Sci-Fi Comics Wizards from the UK), Violaine Briat (French Le Gobelins Graduate), Marcel O'leary (UK All around Cool Guy), Matt Sheean (American Space Comics Master), and more. Issue one will be done in a day or two, pre-order or whatever. 60 page a4 riso deal so yeah. 


AW YEA! Some pics from the latest issue of Utopi. It’s a swedish sci-fi/fantasy magazine and the one place where we do comics in full color (and comics in swedish!!) haha. There was a four page spread interview thing with Patrick too. So.. the comics there are from our co-op comic Borderworld, thats based on this board game we made. It’s kinda cool!

Trollkungen (Le Roi des trolls) de Kolbeinn Karlsson (Galago, 2009). Un énigmatique roman graphique suédois presque sans paroles sur un couple d'hommes des bois très poilus vivant dans la forêt. Il existe une édition américaine (The Troll King, Top Shelf, 2010) chroniquée (en anglais) sur The Gay Comics List.

Trollkungen by Kolbeinn Karlsson (Galago, 2009). A mysterious, almost wordless Swedish graphic novel about a couple of very hairy gay woodsmen who live in the forest. There is an American edition (The Troll King, Top Shelf, 2010) reviewed (in English) on The Gay Comics List.