• Ruki: morning
  • Ruki: huh...I’m super sleepy, like super super sleepy 😧
  • Ruki: you guys are up early, aren’t ya? do your best again today
  • Reita: huh...I'm super sleepy. like SUPER sleepy.
  • Reita: it means SUPER sleepy...
  • Aoi: aaah, this is too much, I’m super sleepy. like extremely sleepless.
  • Aoi: I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and say mūmin so never mind...
  • Note: First, Reita wrote スー眠 (sūmin), saying it meant スーパー眠い (sūpā nemui) = super sleepy. Aoi then wrote 無ー眠 (mūmin) which could mean something along the lines of 'sleepless' or 'no sleep'. Then he said he wanted to piggyback on what Reita tweeted by saying 'mūmin' (even though what Reita said was 'sūmin') but Mūmin (in Katakana, not Kanji) actually also refers to "The Moomins" (a Swedish/Finnish comic strip). Kinda confusing, but long story short, everybody seems to be in dire need of sleep.

So what if Emil read Lalli Swedish comic books to help him learn the language? With all the sounds and big gestures!! You know Emil has to be good at this. Until Lalli decides he also makes for a good pillow and drapes across him. 

A quick sketch of Queen Kristina of Sweden, in honour of International Women’s Day.

Queen Kristina, born in 1626, was the queen of Sweden from 1632 to 1654 - ruling in her own right from 1644 forward - and saw Sweden through the end of the 30 Years War and the war against Denmark-Norway (one of many) which ended in Sweden’s favour. She never married, she never had children, and abdicated the throne in favour of her cousin and spent the rest of her life in Italy. She converted to Catholicism, and is buried in St Peter’s Church in Rome.

When she was born, she was at first assumed to be a boy - and though the confusion was quickly cleared up, she was declared heir to the throne, and raised much as a boy would have been. As a consequence, she did not act as a woman of her time was expected to act. One popular Swedish nickname for her is “Kung Byxlös” - i.e: King Trouserless.

Also, she might possibly, accidentally, have caused the death of Renè Descartes, who caught the flu and died just a few months after coming to Sweden. >.>

(… okay, so I might have “comics about Swedish history” on my to-do list. There is so much cool stuff, you guys.)

I have been following a web comic called “Parallax” for about two years (it’s progressing slowly due to there only being one person working on it), and recently I asked the creator of it, Fightbeast, if I could make an oc and he replied with a yes.  I am very grateful and happy to present Tove Åskfäldt, the Swedish Tiger. Maybe she would be the Raiment keeper of Stockholm? XD

You can find the comic here:


Joking aside, I won first prize again at this big Swedish comic contest!!! :o THIS IS SO CRAY CRAY and I actually started crying and aaaahhh I still can’t believe this!!!

The last photo is of @chopythes and @thefredricus facepalming due to me winning again, and me being way too happy about winning :D

The comic is a excerpt from my comic book “stackars pappa” that will be out in Sweden in March :D

I just got back from the Stockholm International Comics Festival (signing here with fellow D&Q author Seth, photo via)

The librarians and organizers who put the show together were wonderful, and everyone visiting from Canada had a great time.  Lucky us that this year had a focus on Canadian talent.  I was pretty blown away by the beauty of they city, as well as the gifted and thriving comics scene in Sweden.  I hope I see more Swedish comics coming this way, because they’re really good.  And to anyone who would like to know, in my opinion, the festival is a gem, absolutely recommended.

And just so you know, Swedes like their coffee strong!  You can see I’m halfway through a cup here.  I’m still reeling.

STRIP #12   |  trip, slumber,  delve

thought that i heard your laugh come tripping[?] down the stairs

i heard you calling my name
i found you smiling
asking me where i had been


Look! This is our first book we’ve made with our riso, but even better, our first comic book we’ve made together. Flood City is the beginning of three short stories set in the same super nice and summery “post apocalyptic” city. A kids story, a kinda sexy almost yaoi story, and an adults story.  By Patrick, Elliot, and Olle

10€ gets you this book + 3 original sketches + some sticker. Ships totally WORLDWIDE from Stockholm. we work with paypal but order through us by mailing to contact {at} peowstudio.com 

If we sell all the books we can get another color for our printer!! and make more awesome stuff here in sweden!