I changed my study space (removed to shelfs) and I’m SO happy with it !!

I challenged myself by deciding to take a Swedish B2 Language Examination in November. I’m nowhere near that level on all fronts, but I’m sure I’ll make it if I work reeeeally hard :)))  

Oh and yes.

That’s a tangerine tree :DDDDD

Refugee vocabulary in Swedish

Flykting - Refugee

Flyktingkvoten - Refugee quota

Att fly - To flee

Flykt - Flight (the act of fleeing)

Rutt - Route

Farlig - Dangerous

Hemland - Home country

Främmande land - Foreign country

Gräns - Border

Vägg - Wall

Flyktingläger - Refugee camp

Förläggningen - Reception centre

Flyktingstatus - Refugee Status

Asylsökande - Asylum seeker

Asyl - Asylum

Sökande - Applicant

Ansökan - Application

Att intervjua - To interview

Registrering - Registration

Bearbeta - Process

Beslut - Decision

Att acceptera - To accept

För att skydda - To protect

Att integrera - To integrate

Att avslå - To reject

Att återvända - To return

Att deportera - To deport

Förföljelse - Persecution

Ras - Race

Religion - Religion

Nationalitet - Nationality

Social grupp - Social group

Politisk åskådning - Political opinion

Föräldralös - Orphan

Rädsla - Fear

Att frukta - To fear, to be afraid of

Nödsituation - Emergency

Olycka - Accident

Olaglig - Illegal

Människohandel - Human trafficking

Människosmuggling - Human smuggling

Våld - Violence

Tortyr - Torture

Fängelse - Imprisonment

Krig - War

Bombning - Bombing

Terrorism - Terrorism

Rasism - Racism

Demonstration - Demonstration

Lidande - Suffering

Hunger - Hunger

Brist på sömn - Lack of sleep

Sjukdom - Illness, sickness

Smärta - Pain

Trauma - Trauma

Att drunkna - To drown

Att dö - To die

Kris - Crisis

Kaos - Chaos

Solidaritet - Solidarity

Humanitär hjälp - Humanitarian aid

Att välkomna - To welcome

Mänsklig rättighet - Human right

Frihet - Freedom

Hopp - Hope


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espero que se entienda mi inglés, hablo mejor italiano. vi ses!

Tribulation Tribute Blog

I’m slowly starting to see my boys get out there in the Tumblr world and @haunterrr and I are so excited to see posts on Tumblr that’s not actually from us about our boys. That being said I’d like to once again welcome everyone to our blog


 We are a Tribulation blog. We post anything and everything from past projects, gifs, interviews, photos, etc. We have been working extremely hard to PR our boys and will continue to do so in infinitum. 

The Tribulation is coming, please helps us welcome The Children of the Night..

Things you can be named in Norway

Saw a similar thing done by a Swedish blog, and thought we needed one too! 

(These are actual names, some are common, some are not)

Stein = Rock

Steinar = Rocks

Bjørn = Bear

Bjørnar = Bears

Ørn = Eagle

Ulf = Wolf

Bjørnulf = Bearwolf

Ørnulf = Eaglewolf

Bjørk = Birch

Sol = Sun

Storm = Storm

Juni = June

August = August

Iver = Eagerness

Torn = Thorn

Øystein = Island-Rock

Feel free to add more XD


High beltline and low roof led to a cool mixture of exotic coupé style and Swedish practicality: Has Volvo ever built a better-looking car than this Pelle Petterson designed dream machine? Volvo P1800 Coupé (1961–1972).