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Countries that Taylor Should Visit for the Reputation World Tour

This is a list of countries that Taylor should visit for the Reputation World Tour, taking in how big the Swiftie fandom there is.


A big portion of the European Swiftie fanbase is located in France, primarily in its heart, Paris. It would be amazing for Taylor to perform there because French Swifties and many other European Swifties can get to see her sing live.

Luckily, there is a venue that is perfect for this tour located just a little to the north of Paris, it’s Stade de France, a huge football stadium that can house up to 75,000 fans for one concert.


Yes, Taylor has performed in Germany in her previous tours, but she hasn’t had a huge performance there yet. There are a lot of German Swifties who would love to see Taylor perform in one of the many big stadiums in their country.

Because of Germany being a country that loves football and sports in general, there are plenty of stadiums and arenas scattered around the country, and Taylor can perform in whichever she likes for the Reputation World Tour, from the humongous Olympiastadion in Berlin, to the beautiful Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf.

The Netherlands

This country has a ton of fans, like really, a huge amount of Swifties, and they all would like Taylor to perform in there country or somewhere nearby, so that they’re able to see and meet Taylor.

Taylor can perform in the Netherlands in its Amsterdam Arena, located in Amsterdam, and Taylor can also perform in its neighboring country, Belgium, in the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.


The Netherlands’ neighbor, Belgium, houses a ton of Swifties as well, and - even though this is out of context - it’s a very beautiful country to visit in general.

As previously mentioned, Belgium has a great venue for concerts (it’s actually the second most visited event hall in the world), the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, which is an hour’s drive from the capital, Brussels.


Situated in Northern Europe, Sweden is a wonderful place for concerts and music. In fact, it’s the birthplace and Mecca of the new music we hear today.

Taylor can perform here for up to 55,000 Swifties in Friends Arena in the captain Stockholm, or she can opt for a smaller venue and perform in the oddly-shaped-yet-brilliant Ericsson Globe, also situated in Stockholm.


A lot of Swifties live in Portugal, so a visit by Taylor would be quite a pleasure, and if it doesn’t seem that there is a lot of interest in Taylor visiting Portugal, I would personally be very happy if Taylor performed there because a friend of mine lives there.

Taylor can perform in Estádio da Luz in the capital, Lisbon, which can pack up to 45,000 fans in a single concert.


Out of the 79,814,871 people living in Turkey, one million of them are Swifties - at the tiniest estimation -. Turkish Swifties are countless, so Taylor has to perform for at least two or three nights in Turkey in order to sing for as many fans as possible.

Considering how huge the Turkish Swiftie fanbase is, Taylor needs to perform in the Türk Telekom Arena, which can give at least 45,000 fans the unique experience of being at a Taylor Swift concert.

It is really recommended that Taylor visits Turkey for the Reputation World Tour, because not only will it be a chance for Turkish Swifties to see Taylor live, but it will also be a fantastic opportunity for Middle Eastern Swifties who live in nearby countries, like Lebanon, Jordan & Greece, to hitch a flight to Istanbul, and see Taylor put on an electrifying show.

South Africa

There are a lot of South African Swifties who would be elated with Taylor performing in their country. And South Africa, especially Cape Town, is a truly mesmerizing place to visit.

Cape Town Stadium (pictured) would be the perfect venue for a big concert. It is beautifully designed, is fully-equipped and has an average capacity of 30,000 spectators in one night.


India is filled with Swifties, and they are all amazing. So they deserve to see Taylor playing live for the first time in their homeland.

Taylor can perform in an open venue in Mumbai, where Ed Sheeran had a show there recently, and it’s called JioGarden, and it’s really pretty and great for a live concert.


Brazilian Swifties want to see Taylor, and they’ve made a project for that. It would be fantastic if Taylor made their wishes come true and performed in a few cities in Brazil.

Taylor can perform the songs from Reputation and more in front of over 60,000 fans in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which is one of the largest stadiums on Earth.


There are so many more places that aren’t listed on this post, and I really hope Taylor would visit these countries soon on The Reputation Tour.

Also, please spread the word by liking, reposting this post and tagging Taylor, we need all Swifties to have a chance to see her.



The Popestar Tour 2017 memento

Yesterday, the North American Popestar Tour 2017 of GHOST finished. This illustration is a memento of all the “Ghost Aventures” that my friend and I have lived throughout these two months after following all the live Rituals every day in the middle of the night through instagram 👻💛💙


A celebrated home, by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

This Stockholm apartment, designed by Swedish trio Claesson Koivisto Rune was published countless times in 2014, and, despite the passage of two years, continues to be a great project.

My autograph from @nielsnielsen 😍😍 I’m screaming!! 😆 I drew it on July for his birthday and a week ago he come with In Flames to Madrid but I couldn’t attend the concert so I sent it to a friend who did meet him. Thanks so so much for giving my drawing to Niels, getting an autograph for me and sending it to Granada!! 😘💕 And over all, thank Niels very much for sign it! You’re an amazing musician, I love your music. How I wish I could have met you as well 😌✨🎶