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ClassicCatherine’s favorite crowns/tiaras (in no particular order);

The Swedish Aquamarine Bandeau, The Danish Midnight Tiara,

The Dutch Diamond Bandeau, The Swedish Cameo Tiara,

The Swedish Amethyst Tiara, The Spanish Floral Tiara,

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, Monaco’s Ocean Tiara


Day 9- Favourite Victoria moment(s)

Victoria with foreign royals

Swedish Royal Family Challenge: Day 5- Favourite tiara

The Cameo tiara is an unusual one, set in gold and featuring pearls, which makes it stand out amongst the diamonds and sparkles. The individual cameos were created in the 19th century and were never intended to be paired together on one piece, hence their varying sizes and shapes. The piece was given to Empress Josephine 1809 by her husband, Napoleon. She passed the tiara to her granddaughter Josephine of Leuchtenberg. When Josephine married King Oscar I, the tiara travelled with her to Sweden and has been in the family ever since. Princess Sibylla, the king’s mother, was given the tiara as a wedding present by her husband’s uncle so that the tiara could once again be held by the Queen of Sweden. The cameos show the stories of myths including Cupid and that romantic quality has made it the go to tiara for Swedish weddings. It has been worn by Princess Birgitta, Princess Desiree, Queen Silvia, and Crown Princess Victoria for their big days. 


Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite wedding of all time

There is no one that I love absolutely above the rest.  I watch the videos of these weddings frequently, sorry anything before HD really drives me nutters


The Cameo Tiara of Sweden.

Description:  The Cameo Tiara is historically known as the Swedish bridal tiara and is rather unusual due to its very special colours and design. It consists of gold and pearls heightened with 7 cameos that depict mythological figures. The center cameo is the crowning of love, depicting Cupid and Psyche. Each cameo is framed in pearls and sits on a base of seed pearls and gold. 

Cameos were very popular back then and all 7 cameos used were made prior to the tiara’s creation and all vary in size and colour. 

History:  Made by Nitot in Paris, this tiara was originally owned by Empress Joséphine of France who received it as a gift from Napoleon. The tiara passed into the Swedish Royal Family via her granddaughter, Queen Josefina (born Princess Josephine of Leuchtenberg). When Josephine of Leuchtenberg married King Oscar I of Sweden in 1823, she relocated to Stockholm and took the tiara with her.  Since then, it’s become a fixture of Swedish royal weddings.


  • Empress Joséphine of France
  • Queen Josefina of Sweden/Princess Josephine of Leuchtenberg
  • Princess Eugénie
  • Prince Eugén
  • Princess Sibylla
  • King Carl Gustaf/Queen Silvia

Notable occasions:

  • Princess Birgitta (wedding tiara, 1961)
  • Princess Désirée (wedding tiara, 1964)
  • Queen Silvia (wedding tiara, 1976)
  • Crown Princess Victoria (wedding tiara, 2010)

Also worn by:

  • Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden (Princess Margaret of Connaught)
  • Princess Sibylla of Sweden (Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha)
  • Princess Ingrid of Sweden (lent by her sister-in-law Sibylla for a costume ball)

    (Thanks to various royal blogs for the info: The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, Mad Hattery!, and Tiara Mania, among others.  I have tried to do my best research; hopefully there are no errors.)