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when talking about lgbtq fave monarchs in european countries consider:

[Queen Christina of Sweden. Lived 1626 – 1689.  Artist: Sébastien Bourdon. Potrait created 1653.]

the rest of the historical lgtq monarchs of europe, get on Queen Christinas level!


Don’t make me get all rant-y on a Wednesday!

People must know that CR doesn’t write or produce for Holby City, right?  That while she might have input from time to time, she’s not responsible for the direction of an entire series? 

And surely they must also know that, while she may have misgivings about her story lines from time to time, that she’s not at liberty to share these misgivings in a public space where anyone (including her employer/network) could view them?  Actors who want to work for a living are not that stupid.

And surely folks must appreciate that just because she has so kindly picked up the mantle of fan interaction (in a way that few others do), doesn’t mean she should be held accountable for all of wlw representation in mainstream media, past present and future - right?!

Is it just me?  Folks are mad because she’s trying to be encouraging when she should hate the thing as much as you do?!  I don’t get it.  Leave her alone.  Wouldn’t say it to her face?  Don’t use twitter. 

Could have been writing some sweet smutty fluff this afternoon, but instead I’m in a full on tizzy! 

Tips for pronunciation in swedish!

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Hello ! I know many of you have problems with pronunciation in swedish, like how to say “j” or “skj” it’s not really difficult but you need to learn it to get a perfect swedish!

Pronounce each syllable as if it formed part of an English word, and you will be understood sufficiently well. Remember the points below, and your pronunciation will be even closer to the Swedish. And: nearly everyone, everywhere in Sweden speaks English.

A vowel is usually long when it’s the final syllable or followed by only one consonant; followed by two it’s generally short. Unfamiliar combinations are: 

  • å when short as in hot (långt) , when long as in raw (igår).
  • ä when before r as in man (nära) ; otherwise as in get (träffas).
  • ej (nej) as in mate.
  • ö as in fur but without the r sound (första)

Consonants are pronounced as in English except:

  • g when before i, j, y, d, v, or ö as in yet (Göteborg); otherwise hard g as in get (vardagar) ; occasionally as in shut. 
  • j, dj, lj as in yet (jag).
  • k before i,e,y,ä or ö like sh in sheep (kycklingsoppa), otherwise hard (fisk).
  • qu as kv (queer).
  • sch, skj, stj as in shut (stjäla); otherwise hard.
  • tj like sh in sheep (tjuv).
  • z as in so (zäta).

                                      ♡ Hope this helps ♡

Surprises - Alexander Skarsgard  x Reader

Title: Surprises

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: Can I please make a request?YN and Alex met on set of True Blood,where she played his sister,and have been together ever since.I just want him happy and ridiculously in love :)

but can you imagine dad stellan playing matchmaker to his son Alexander amd YN who’s his co star? I know Alex is super sure of himself guy, but I’d love to him stuttering and being super adorkable when he meets her because it’s love at first sight for him

Alex and his gf YN(who’s also an actress) are giving an interview and she surprises him by speaking in perfect swedish ,and he can’t stop the cute/adorable awe look he give her

“Welcome, welcome Alexander! It’s so great to have you here!” Conan said with a smile and the man nodded his head with a smile of his own.

“It’s actually amazing to be here as well with you Conan, my wife is a great fan of yours! She always watches the show when she’s not working or is very busy.” Alexander said with a smirk.

“And you don’t?” he asked seriously and fake offended.

“Well I’m- I’m pretty busy…?”

“Are you asking me?” Conan didn’t miss the chance to tease him and Alexander along with the audience laughed.

“No, no.” Alexander laughed, shaking his head “But- but I am the one that has to find everything she’s craving for all the time and it’s not easy to usually obtain it!” Alexander chuckled.

“Baby Skarsgard is really keeping you fit then?” Conan laughed and he nodded his head with the smile.

“Absolutely, it cares about daddy’s fitness I am sure!” he shrugged with a smile “But, sharing a fun fact, most of the time when my wife is watching the show the baby actually kicks!”

“He’s a fan too? Why, I am very flattered! So you- you’re the unfaithful one? I’ll remember it!” he narrowed his eyes at the actor before actually laughing “Also, thank you to your wife! I’m a great fan of her movies and shows as well!”

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i spend a lot of time daydreaming about my other lives

about the me who lives out in the middle of the new england countryside, where i’m quite lonely, but i have a couple goats and cows and chickens that i look after, and i like to make jam and i have an enormous huge crush on my beautiful neighbor who trades me her honey, and i invite her over for tea a little too often to not be super obvious

the me who was born and raised in new york city, who’s sharper and angrier, yet still so kind, with a fire in her eyes and shards in her words, who lives in a awful gross 2 bedroom apartment with 4 other people and loves the people in her life fiercely and is obscene about her art and smokes too much and doesn’t sleep enough, ever, 

the me who went on a backpacking trip through europe after graduation with a desperate need to escape but it was a lot harsher than she thought but she fell in love halfway through france and lives in a tiny city with the love of her life and doesn’t talk to anyone she used to know; she still calls her mother sometimes, but no one knows where she is and she has never felt so free (she is still working on her french)

the me who is on the road to her first oscar, who manages to dodge out of all the gossip rags, who gets to do beautiful work in a city that she hates but she endures and she is not sure if this is what she wanted but it’s what she has so maybe she’ll run with it for now 

the me who lives in a tiny studio somewhere in stockholm, a me who paints and draws her nights away and spends her mornings kneading bread and folding dough for hours and hours and she never wears makeup and the city is both so busy and so quiet and she works as an english tour guide on the weekends at the palace (her swedish is almost perfect, though)

and the me here, with a loud head and a messy kitchen and a giant heart who spends too much time thinking about all the things she is not instead of focusing on the wonder of what she is

noah fence but why do y'all seem to think scandinavians can’t be racist or that somehow racial slurs aren’t bad in scandinavia? like. i know the super repetitive rhetoric surrounding democratic socialism and ur mans bernie have u convinced that scandinavian countries are these perfect socialist utopias where no one is unhappy ever but uh that’s Fake as Shit. sure in many cases they have more progressive politics than the US, but scandinavian societies (plural, because they’re not even remotely all the same) are still plagued by things like racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and all that bullshit. the manifestations of racism we see in the US aren’t somehow un-racist coming from a scandinavian

curious question, would people like/ support me making skam gifs like this???