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Names in Finnish & Swedish

Names in Finnish:

Names in Swedish:

So you can check how badly your country’s name was changed…

“A Cure For Wellness” starters (requested)

Only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure

There’s quite a story that goes with the place

That song you were singing… Where’d you learn it from?

 The water here has medicinal properties

Can you translate this? It’s all in Swedish… 

Is there something in the water? 

No one ever leaves

She’s dreaming, she just doesn’t know it

 Everyone has an illness, we just don’t know it

 There is no cure!!

She’s a special case…traumatized in her childhood.

You made me believe I could leave here…

That building. What’s it used for?

It’s time for your treatment 

Why would anyone ever want to leave?

I didn’t grow up with a father

I- I had a problem with my tooth…

They’re patients, not prisoners

There’s a sickness in all of us, like the bitter taste of bile rising up the back of our throats…

Some patients experience visions, but rest assured it’s just the toxins leaving the system

You’re one of them!

The Alphabet Tag!

I was tagged by the wonderful @agirlwithafountainpen Thank you very much! xx

A - age: 18
B - biggest fear: darkness is my biggest fear but I am also extremely afraid of heights, holes and headaches (for a reason though, not just random lol) and to be forgotten
C - current time: 17:46 (5:46 pm)
D - drink you had last: apple cider
E - every day starts with: roasted bread with something Swedish (i think i don’t know if other countries have this) called “keso”. it is a cheese of sorts, it’s from the Spanish word for cheese “queso” and it sounds about the same in Swedish but you have to you that really Swedish ‘O’
F - favorite song: This changes everyday but today it is ‘Spring Day’ by BTS and Jealous (i really can’t spell that word, i have to google translate it every time lol) a cover by Josh Daniel 
G - ghosts, are they real? yesss i believe they are real but not in the sense of white sheets lol
H - hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
I - in love with: my stuffed English Bulldog called “Bullen” (The Bun in English ahaha little Filippa was so weird but let’s face it I still am.) I am also in love with my stuffed hippo called Ellen that I’ve had since I was four<33
J - jealous of: no oneeee
K - killed someone: Does video games count? 
L - last time you cried: today
M - middle name: Karin, after my mom’s grandmother 
N - number of siblings: Younger sister
O - one wish: to be happy. 
P - person you last called/texted: My parents
Q - questions you’re always asked: “Are your legs broken?”
R - reasons to smile? BTS new songs, rain, flowers and plants, cute animals, my best friends, i am graduating in 119 days!!, BTS’ laugher, the sun was out today, i got my new jacket (and it’s beautiful!!), I am going to London in april, BTS being dorks , this blog and all the people I’ve gotten to know from it, languages, BTS, “there’s no langauge barrier between BTS and army. we’re ‘above the walls of language barrier’” etc etc
S - song you last sang: Jealous cover by Josh Daniels 
T - time you woke up: 9:15 am
U - underwear color: blaaack 
V - vacation destination: London in april
W - worst habit: Procrastination ugh
X - x-rays you’ve had: head, hand, legs, feet
Y - your favorite food: Sushi, bulgogi, a nice steak and hash browns!!!!<333
Z - zodiac sign: leo 

and I’ll tag the lovely @jeonstarlight @namj00nstudy @k-studying @studenthann @joonstudies @seokjinie-studies @apollo-studies you do not need to do this if you’ve done it already

@electricrain replied to your post: sometimes I forget not everyone grew up listening…

Recommend me something

swedish prog:
blå tåget
röda bönor
hoola bandoola band

swedish punk:
ebba grön
imperiet (imperiet and ebba grön has the same leadsinger)
asta kask (very trash punk)

if you want any of their texts translated just ask because all of these except asta kask is the reason I live


I was tagged by @kalky

Name: Havoc
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 5′8
Average hours of sleep: 3-5
Lucky number: 64
Last thing I googled: Something about gamebreaking Metroid Fusion
Number of blankets I sleep with: 0 right now
Favorite fictional characters: Death (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s versions), Edmond Dantes, Odysseus, Kenshin Himura, Lelouch Lamperouge
Favorite Novel: The Count of Monte Cristo and The Odyssey.
What are you wearing right now?: A T-shirt…
When did I start this blog?:  August or September 2016
Amount of followers: I got 99 followers, and the rest of that joke is dead…
What do I post mostly?: Mostly whatever catches my eye.
Do I run any more blogs?: Not at the moment. May change that.
Most active follower?: @reading-wanderer. They rock
What made me get a tumblr?: Facebook got too nosy and @rainbowsburningstars invited me.
Do I get a lot of asks?: Not a lot, but I actually enjoy them.
Why did I get this URL?: I always use Prime

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“What do you mean, I’m absolute perfection!”

“That little skitstövel.. He’s like ma brother in a way, so ‘ guess ‘s alright”

(Skitstövel translates to Shitboot, but is an insult close to jackass and/or d*ckhead)


When Susu (Ginger Rogers) is asked by the 2 train conductors to prove she’s of ‘Swedish stock’ by saying something 'Swedish,’ she replies; “I want to be alone.” quoting the famous line spoken by Greta Garbo (who was originally from Sweden) in Grande Hotel (1932), which she parodied in her appearance in Ninotchka (1939), of which Billy Wilder was one of the screenwriters. (x)

The Major and the Minor (1942)

“I think it’s funny that weddings apparently make the Swedes horny. :)” - Submitted by Anonymous

“THREE Swedish babies in LESS THAN A YEAR?!?!?!?! Sweden must be the home of Santa Claus!!!!!!!” - Submitted by Anonymous


“Within 5 months we’ve had a wedding, a baby and TWO pregnancy announcements! THE SWEDISH ROYAL FAMILY NEEDS TO CALM DOWN CAUSE THEY ARE KILLING ME!” - Submitted by red-headed-shakespeare

“My current reaction to this swedish royal baby boom is something like Oprah Winfrey: you get a baby, you get a baby, you get a baby, EVERYBODY GETS A BABY!” - Submitted by Anonymous

“Sofia is pregnant ! I am so excited ! 2 Royal baby’s in one year ! There is something in the Swedish waters !” - Submitted by Anonymous

“I’m do happy that the Swedish Royal family are reproduction so fast! They make adorable children.” - Submitted by Anonymous


This is very self explanatory. I did post about those Swedish ARMYs, and I was a bit mean, but please do understand that those were directed to the sasaengs and not the whole Swedish ARMYs. But let’s not hate on ALL of the Swedish ARMYs. I was able to talk to one and she was very nice and she explained to me what happened since she was present in the situation. I only know  two Swedish ARMYs but we’re not very close. I  hope that this all would settle soon. Those ppl who harassed bangtan were probably sasaengs so let’s not look at all of the Swedish ARMYs for something sasaengs did.