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Hey Jack, what is the thing that you remember when you first met Robin 😁?

Online it was his willingness to work really hard and do things right! He was so open to feedback and that was the key to our synergy.

In person the first thing I remember was “man he looks REALLY swedish!”


Don’t make me get all rant-y on a Wednesday!

People must know that CR doesn’t write or produce for Holby City, right?  That while she might have input from time to time, she’s not responsible for the direction of an entire series? 

And surely they must also know that, while she may have misgivings about her story lines from time to time, that she’s not at liberty to share these misgivings in a public space where anyone (including her employer/network) could view them?  Actors who want to work for a living are not that stupid.

And surely folks must appreciate that just because she has so kindly picked up the mantle of fan interaction (in a way that few others do), doesn’t mean she should be held accountable for all of wlw representation in mainstream media, past present and future - right?!

Is it just me?  Folks are mad because she’s trying to be encouraging when she should hate the thing as much as you do?!  I don’t get it.  Leave her alone.  Wouldn’t say it to her face?  Don’t use twitter. 

Could have been writing some sweet smutty fluff this afternoon, but instead I’m in a full on tizzy! 


The press captured an adorable moment while members of the Swedish royal family received the winning National Hockey Team. Fed up with the photo shoot, Prince Oscar ran off but his big sister- the consummate professional Princess Estelle- chased him down and reunited with their mum for a big hug, 22/5/17


designers worn by princess madeleine: ida sjösted

august 26th, 2014: polar music prize banquet

september 9th, 2014: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation

december 20th, 2015: annual swedish academy meeting

june 15th, 2017: polar music prize awards & banquet 

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