swedish hugs

Some people (mostly adults) think it is really cool and impressive that a teenager like me likes to read and also reads english books but seriously it is not cool or impressive, I just have a passion for it. I may read seven days a week but there’s teenagers who exercises or draws or studies seven days a week and they deserve the same response that I get. 

To the people who wanna meet Ghost after the show...

May there be no idiots with cameras out

May you not have to wait long for the boys

May you have the fortitude to say what you wanna say to your fave

And lastly, may you get to hug these Swedish nerds it is soooooo good trust me it will give you the will to live holy shit


I think maybe in the next episode it’s going to end with Tyrell coming in and saving Elliot from the basement. Like Elliot will just be sitting in there in the dark with just Mr Robot for company and all of a sudden he hears a commotion on the other side of the door (people yelling/running/maybe a few gun shots) then the door unlocks and it is painfully loud in the silence of the room (which had been quite with the exception of Elliot’s wheezing and Mr Robot talking) and Tyrell just walks in looking calm (maybe panting a little and his hair maybe messed a bit but otherwise he is totally collected) and he looks over the room quickly and as soon as he sees Elliot his face just lights up and he almost runs across the room and kneels down beside Elliot and he just hesitates for a moment as he looks Elliot over and he sees how hurt Elliot and his hands hover over him as if he is afraid to touch him (and he totally swears in Swedish) and Elliot just hugs him and mutters “you’re alive”/”you’re here” and Tyrell is shocked for a few moments before he slowly (and gently) wraps his arms around Elliot holding him and muttering how yes he is there and how he’ll never leave him and how sorry he is for how long he’s been gone