swedish four button tiara


The Swedish Four Button Tiara

The Four Button tiara consists of 4 identical diamond buttons mounted on a simple metal frame. A sister tiara of the Six Button tiara, both are allegedly made from diamond buttons of the French ceremonial uniform of Carl XIV Johan of Sweden that were added to frames to create two different tiaras.

The buttons on the Four Button and Six Button tiaras are not identical, but look extremely similar at a quick glance. On closer examination, the Four Button tiara is less elaborate and the buttons resemble more of a natural flower shape than the diamond clusters of the Six Button tiara.

At the 2012 Nobel Prize ceremony, Crown Princess Victoria wore this tiara with a diamond rivière piece around the base.

This tiara is more commonly worn by the younger women in the family; Queen Silvia has never worn it in public.

As stated above, the buttons on this tiara supposedly came from the French ceremonial uniform of Carl XIV Johan (Jean Baptiste Bernadotte), but it is possible that they are older and were worn by Queen Louisa Ulrika of Sweden. The buttons are said to be centuries old.


  • Bernadotte Family Foundation

Notable appearances:

  • King Carl XIV Johan (1818 coronation)
  • King Oscar II (coronation)
  • Crown Princess Victoria (2004 Danish royal wedding)
  • Crown Princess Victoria (2000 Gala reception for Queen Margrethe’s 60th birthday)
  • Crown Princess Victoria (Gala performance in celebration of Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday)
  • Crown Princess Victoria (2012 Nobel Prize ceremony)
  • Princess Madeleine (2009 Nobel Prize ceremony)

Also worn by:

  • Queen Louisa Ulrika (as brooches or hair decorations)
  • King Carl XIV Johan (on the royal crown)
  • King Oscar II (on the royal crown)
  • Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson
  • Princess Desiree, Baroness Silfverschiold
  • Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler
  • Princess Lilian
  • Crown Princess Victoria
  • Princess Madeleine

(Thank you to the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor and Mad Hattery for some of this information.)