swedish delight

During my transit in America, I decided to pray (of course openly) and there was PoC who came to me and greeted me with Salaam as I greeted him with Waleikum Assalaam and we both smiled at each other, he then left. Then there was an African American family who transited from London to the States who I (and two Swedish friends) had the delight to converse with after they saw me doing the morning prayer in the airport, all of us were waiting for the plane to our respective homes, so it was like a sleepover at the airport, haha. This family was so nice and it was a real delight to be able to talk them! Just for a slight moment, I made quite some friends during our stay in the Airport. We had so much fun, that I just needed to take a photo together before we all parted our ways…


This is both silly and delightful.