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Kaaja Collection by Carlos Jiménez Design for By Enströms

This Furniture collection, called Kaaja, is a design developed by Carlos Jiménez Design. Ithaca a character of straight geometrical and minimalistic shapes to allow a high number of combinations and personalization, without losing its combination of Scandinavian style and Mediterranean influence. It is the new furniture line of the Swedish By Enströms company.


The Pinkerton Detective Agency

In the mid to late 19th century, there were few police forces, few public security forces, and the US Military was quite small.  Such times allowed for private security, law enforcement, and military forces to thrive.  The largest and most powerful private security firm in the world at the time was the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton.  During the later half of the 1800’s, if you needed a stagecoach full of valuables guarded, needed to protect a train from robbers, needed the services of mercenaries, needed a private detective, or even needed a bounty hunter to hunt down a notorious outlaw, “The Pinkerton Guards” were your go to guys.

Most of the Agency’s services focused on providing security guards to protect wagons, trains, and stagecoaches transporting valuables, especially bank and payroll funds.  However the Pinkerton Agency could provide a large number of special agents for a variety of services.  During the American Civil War, the US Government hired Pinkerton Agents as bodyguards for Abraham Lincoln, other politicians, and Union Generals.  Unfortunately for Lincoln the man assigned as his bodyguard the night of his assassination was not a Pinkerton Guard, but an incompetent local police officer.  Pinkerton Agents could also serve as detectives, trackers, and bounty hunters.  In 1895 a Pinkerton Detective named Frank Geyer became famous for tracking down and apprehending the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes, who operated a hotel in Chicago where he tortured, mutilated, and murdered somewhere between 27 to 200 people.  Perhaps the most famous case of the Pinkerton Detective Agency was their nationwide hunt for the “Hole in the Wall Gang”, a pursuit that was so dogged Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was forced to flee to South America.

At its height the Pinkerton Detective Agency had tens of thousands of employees and sported more armed men than the US Army.  In fact, in some cases the Pinkerton Agency could provided uniformed soldiers for private military contracts.  Despite the Agency’s wide variety of services, the Pinkerton’s became most notorious for their use by wealthy industrialists as strike breakers.  In the 1870’s Pinkerton Agents successfully infiltrated and broke up the “Molly Maguires” in the Pennsylvania coal mines.  Pinkerton Agents also took part in breaking mining strikes in Colorado and West Virginia, including the infamous Ludlow Massacre.  In 1892 300 Pinkerton Agents were hired by Henry Frick to protect Andrew Carnegie’s steel factories from striking workers in Homestead near Pittsburgh.  It is unknown who fired the first shot, but the agents opened fire on the strikers, killing 16 and wounding 23 others.

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Pinkerton Detective Agency began to decline as local, state, and federal government agencies began to take over their duties.  The Agency saw a revival during World War I and Prohibition.  Today the Pinkerton Detective Agency is now called “Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management” and operates as a security company under ownership of the Swedish company Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc.


von Braun Indigo 3000 R Signature Series, 2017. A limited edition of 10 cars from the Swedish sports car company. The car is a development of the original Indigo 3000 which dates from 1998 and was designed by Hans Philip Zackau who also worked on the Volvo 850. The Indigo 3000 was made by Jösse Cars which was taken over by von Braun Sports Cars, who acquired the remains of sports car manufacturer Jösse Car/Indigo Cars after they went bankrupt.


Crown Princess Victoria on her third day in Japan started her morning visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, which is the biggest wholesale market for seafood in the world. 

Afterwards she went to the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo. She met with the winners of a video contest that the Embassy organized. The contest was aimed at young people and teachers with the focus on the UN’s global sustainability. The humanoid robot Pepper was also there. Pepper is designed to mimic the human body through a computer system the artificial intelligence and can think, reason, and understand information.

Following the embassy she made a stop at the Hama Rikyu Gardens, a traditional Japanese garden and public park.

In the afternoon the Crown Princess attended a seminar about Doing Sustainable Business the Swedish Way. Swedish companies talked about how they work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), followed by a panel discussion between Swedish and Japanese companies. Her day ended with a reception at the Swedish Residence for the seminar participants and representatives of the Swedish business community in Japan.

penguindoctor  asked:

Could you let us know what you're putting into your custom build? Did you get a case in the shape of Scooby doo's head? Maybe a mobo in that shape?

Wait, are you psychic?!

…buuuuuut in all seriousness, sure, here’s the lowdown on the parts – plus helpful* explanations for all the non-techies out there!

*helpful explanations may not be entirely factual

1. Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz

  • What a computer uses to do its regular, boring stuff, like managing 100 billion instructions per second
  • Just barely not powerful enough to trigger an AI uprising

2 . ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler

  • Makes computer substantially less likely to burst into flames, which most experts agree is a good thing
  • Source of many “I have a lot of fans” and “wow, this is so cool” jokes

3. Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H Motherboard

  • The thing you stick most of the other parts onto
  • Has ports to plug basically anything in, excluding hairdryers

4. Acer GN246HL 24.0" 144Hz Monitor

  • You really ought to know what a monitor is… I mean, come on, now
  • Can display images super quickly, which is useful for both games and videos of cheetahs

5. EVGA 430W 80+ Certified Power Supply

  • I don’t know what it’s certified for, but it has been, 80 or more times
  • Ranked #2 on the list of Parts to Not Stick Your Fingers Into

6. G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB Memory

  • Unnecessarily-cool name, despite being just two sticks of fancy metal
  • Colored red, which makes it run faster

7. Crucial MX300 275GB Solid State Drive

  • Makes computers restart faster than (insert some sort of scathing political joke here)
  • Small-enough storage size to make nerds laugh at me… until they realize I currently have 6 terabytes sitting on my desk

8. MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GAMING Video Card

  • Has “gaming” in its title in all caps, in case you thought people buy  $300+ graphics cards for browsing Pinterest
  • Also colored red, which makes it run faster

9. Deepcool Tesseract Mid Tower Case

  • Is super vain because it looks all cool and expensive, but doesn’t tell its friends that it actually cost $32 after rebate
  • Glows blue, which is probably the only thing you’ll remember about this build 5 minutes from now

10. MIONIX NAOS 7000 Ergonomic Optical Mouse

  • Actually fits hands as big as mine, by some ludicrous miracle
  • Made by a Swedish company, so that’s probably why its title looks like the Latin name for a newly-discovered insect

…dang, I should have been a Computer Science teacher. I’m the best at explaining stuff.

anonymous asked:

Where can I buy the glass room divider with black frame around panes that is pictured. I can't seem to find it and I really want to purchase it.

Its from a Swedish company called Vallonia


I just did a post about Mario Byggis sets not to long ago, but more recently I was actually able to find one for my personal collection!

Byggis was a Swedish company that made lego like blocks. This is the smallest set in the series but I’m happy to finally have one after looking for a few years now.



Joel Kinnaman Releases Watch - See Models Here
Carl Edmond is described as a stylish combination of Swiss design and Swedish minimalism.

On Wednesday evening, the new Swedish watch label Carl Edmond was presented. Founder Ali Nouri, in collaboration with Swedish Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman, has developed a watch together with “some of the industry’s most respected designers”, the Swiss Eric Giroud and Adrian Glessig, writes the company in a press release. Kinnaman is the company ambassador and likes the company’s message.

- What appealed to me was the classic design and boldness of the brand. Carl Edmond’s message is “Be bold.” Be you.“ And that’s exactly how I live my life and I’m honored to represent the brand,” said Joel Kinnaman, who has been a part of the brand since its inception.

The watches in the bracelet come from Swedish Tärnsjö, a company that has been around for 140 years and still stands for environmentally-friendly traditions and processes.

Founder Ali Nouri with Joel Kinnaman.
The Carl Edmond Granite.
The Carl Edmond Ryolit.

The watches will be available in stores from 22 September.

Teemo Posters!

These are 3 different teemo posters that i had ordered roughly a year ago, right when Little devil teemo came out, and was my first piece of non-riot teemo related thing that i spent money on! I LOVE how they turned out, but since they, as far as i know, are a swedish local company that deal in prints, i can’t really tag them here. Either way, wonderful art by themselves, look even better when printed in HD on posters!

sorry me again

But I just read this ‘During its heyday, the Danish East Indian Company and the Swedish East India Company imported more tea than the British East India Company- and smuggled 90% of it into Britain, where it sold at a huge profit.’ Honestly Britain get over tea. Buying illegal tea from Scandinavians is very British XD I’m proud of my heritage

When companies support LGBT

You know the world is changing when the big companies start supporting LGBT issues. 

7 Eleven is the main sponsor of this week’s Oslo Pride in Norway.

Marabou, a Norwegian/Swedish company owned by Kraft, has launched a limited edition rainbow version of their Plopp chocolate bar in Sweden.

Ramlösa is sponsoring  Stockholm Pride. They have a special edition of their mineral water called Kärlek (Love). The text on the back reads:

“How does love taste? Love comes in many forms and tastes differently to all of us. How does love taste to you? Ramlösa is proud sponsor of love in all its colors!”

This is not the first time Scandinavia based companies have supported LGBT issues. Absolute Vodka from Sweden started doing so in the late 1980s. In 2008, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Rainbow Flag, Absolut released a special rainbow colored bottle. Absolute is one of the supporters of this year’s Copenhagen Pride. Here’s an ad from 1989:

This is in no way a Scandinavian phenomenon only. American companies like Apple, Google, Oreo, Starbucks and Levi’s have announced their support for gay, lesbian and transgender rights. Ben & Jerry’s is currently celebrating same-sex marriage in this way:

I am sure this advertising reflects genuine LGBT support in company leaderships, but what happens now also reflects the current shift in public opinion. The economic benefits gained from being seen as a tolerant and progressive supporter of love and diversity, far outweigh the negative effects of attacks from homophobic and transphobic circles.


I know, I know.  It’s locked to the table.  I couldn’t resist grabbing a quick photo of one of my favorites-  The Carl Gustav m/45, or “Swedish K.” 

Chambered in 9mm, the m/45 SMG was favored by special forces in Vietnam.  So much so, that when Sweden stopped importing them to the U.S. in 1966, Smith & Wesson began production of a near-copy in the S&W M76, the only machine gun ever produced by the company.

hoodiegal  asked:

Do you believe in an independent Norrland? I'm under the impression it does not have the neccessary economic or infrastructural conditions neccessary to operate independently, but I might be completely wrong regarding that. Between lumber and the Kiruna mine maybe there are economic possibilites?

I do, 100%

we are in regards to natural resources one of the richest parts of sweden, not only the lumber but also most of swedens mines and most of swedens hydroelectricity. the reason why Norrland instead is disproportionally poor is because of the colonialist policies that the swedish government and south-swedish companies are pushing onto us

this colonialism is also noticable in how low Norrland is on the priorities for stuff like infrastructure (except, of course, if it makes exploiting Norrland easier for stockholm)

as is typically the case in the global far north we aren’t poor with bad infrastructure because of destiny, we are poor with bad infrastructure because our wealth is drained down by “our” governments and “our” governments view us who live here as second grade citizens (if even that)

so those aren’t reasons why we shouldn’t seek independence, those are reasons why we must

This interesting photo of a giant robot holding a telephone was shot in Mexico City and documents an advertising effort from the Swedish communications company Allmänna Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, known in Mexico as simply Teléfonos Ericsson. The robot was one of many temporarily suspended above the streets of Mexico City’s historic center around 1930.