swedish bus

bus - mischief

Bus means mischief, but its connotations are not entirely negative. The kind of mischievous but harmless play that children often engage in, like stealing apples from the grumpy neighbour, that is bus. Calling your child a busfrö (seed of mischief) is just a term of endearment. The picture above is from a children’s book by Astrid Lindgren, about Emil i Lönneberga, the iconic Swedish busfrö.

bus - mischief
buss - bus
(as in vehicle)
att busa - to make mischief
busunge - mischievous child
busfrö - mischievous child
(literally seed of mischief)
buse - mischievous boy
busa - mischievous girl
busliv - rowdyism, petty crime 
(literally mischief life)
bus eller godis - trick or treat (literally mischief or candy)

  • swede at bus station: ....
  • other swede at bus station: .....
  • non swedish tourist at bus station: hello there :-D
  • swedes at bus station: ....
  • swedes at bus station: *back away*