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In Swedish we don’t say “Never mind” we say “Skit I det” which roughly translates to “Shit in it”.

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Cozy vocabulary in Swedish

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Translated from @malteseboy‘s original post and added a few words!

En kyss – kiss
En film – movie
En tröja – sweater
En kudde – pillow
Ett kaffe – coffee
En strumpa – sock
En bok – book
Ett mys – comfort
Ett täcke – blanket
En tupplur – nap
En eld – fire
En eldstad – fireplace
En katt – cat
En värme – warmth
En stjärna – star
Ett te – tea
En kram – hug
Ett ljus – candle
Ett regn – rain
En snö – snow
Ett hem – home
Ett kafé – coffee shop
En bastu – sauna
En stuga - cottage

– soft
Delikat – delicate
Söt – sweet
Mysig – cozy
Varm  – warm 

Att kyssa 
– to kiss
Att krama – to hug
Att ta hand om – to take care (of smb.)
Att lägga sig – to lie down
Att läsa – to read
Att sova – to sleep
Att vila – to rest
Att mysa – to be engaged in an activity that is comfortable or pleasurable

The Lady with the Veil, by Alexander Roslin

I have received quite a few messages in the past regarding the painting I keep as my icon. It has prompted me to write a little info on this beautiful masterpiece. The painting in question is named La Dame au voile’ (‘The Lady with the Veil’) and was created in 1768. It is a piece that just screams ‘mysterious,’ which I just love so much.

The artist was a Swedish portrait painter named Alexander Roslin (1718-1793) who would eventually earn his fame in France. The model to this piece, which is considered Roslin’s most well-known by far, is in fact his wife; Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734-1772). Giroust was an artist herself, a pastel painter to be exact. She was held in high regard for her work, having been a member (along with her husband) of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture (the French Art Academy). Her husband once said she was a more skilled pastel painter than himself.

The painting became an instant success. The atmosphere is fashionable and tempting, yet retains secrecy and mystery. Symbolism is included, such as the fan she uses to stroke her cheek and her Bolognese dress. Fans were often used as ways of sending discreet messages with the way they were held, opened, or closed. Paired with a mischievous smile, it is difficult not to be entranced by this sphinx-like woman.

I changed my study space (removed to shelfs) and I’m SO happy with it !!

I challenged myself by deciding to take a Swedish B2 Language Examination in November. I’m nowhere near that level on all fronts, but I’m sure I’ll make it if I work reeeeally hard :)))  

Oh and yes.

That’s a tangerine tree :DDDDD

Hello everyone. My name’s Alina and this is my attempt at doing something somewhat similar to an introduction post 💫

A little bit about me 💡
— just turned 16!
—bi&kinda questioning that too
—I generally have a lot of questions
—my native language is Polish (which is a blessing and a curse at the same time, because although it is a truly beautiful language, Poland, the country itself is far from anything even moderately positive)
—I plan on going to med school one day but whether I will become a med student or not is still highly questionable
—"L'éclaircissement" means “enlightenment” in French!

Why make a studyblr? 💡
I’m a mess when it comes to keeping my shit together and the biggest procrastinator you’ll probably ever come across. Having said that, I simply want to find some motivation and work on my time management skills (because I literally have none) and maybe (and it’s a giant “maybe”) become a better organized and more productive human being. Aside from these selfish reasons, I also love the amazing community here! You, beautiful creatures, are supportive and kind and understanding and I aspire to be just like you. I believe with all my heart that every single one of you will make world’s greatest doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers. I hope all of you succeed.

Academic stuff 💡
This year, in an unusual burst of motivation I managed to win the title of a double laureate in one of my country’s most important competitions, which basically meant that I could choose any high school I wanted and get into it without the usual requirements. I’m taking into consideration studying in an university somewhere outside of Poland, thus I’ve chosen a school with IB programme (it’s a big deal, we have like 3 schools with IB in Warsaw). I’m starting pre-IB this September!

My IB subjects 💡
—Chemistry HL
—Biology HL
—Psychology HL
—Math SL
—English SL
—Polish SL
Wish me luck ‘cause I’ll be dead in two months with this amount of work, but hey, it’s all worth it in the end or so I hope at least!

My languages 💡
I’m a self-proclaimed language lover though I lack consistency in my learning so there’s that…
—I’m fluent in Polish which is obvious since it’s my native lang
—I’m fluent in English (i can proudly call myself bilingual, I’ve worked for that so hard). I’ve been learning it since I was 5 and I can’t even remember the moment I have finally become fluent. It just kind of happened. I’ve passed all the Cambridge exams all the way to the CPE so feel free to message me for any tips!
—I can’t speak French for the life of me but I wish I could so bad! I’ve been learning it forever (about 4-5 years) and I still can’t become fluent no matter how hardi try (though let’s be honest I could try way harder). The worst thing about the whole French situation is probably the fact that I’ve been in a bilingual French school (!!!) for three years straight. And they hadn’t taught me anything. Which is crazy. I am not able to take French classes in my new school so I will possibly sign up for a course in the Warsaw’s French Institute. I’m really excited about it!
—I fell in love with Swedish a couple months ago and I just can’t get enough of this language! I’m learning it slowly and I’m actually enjoying the process.
—My second love: Korean. This language. This language has it all, from a different writing system to a completely foreign perspective of people who speak it. It’s difficult. Extremely. But I love it nonetheless.
—In the future:
• Italian (adore the sound of it and the culture)
• Japanese (I have an impression of it being very elegant and extraordinary)
• Spanish (it’s popular amongst learners and it is widely-spoken so I figured it’d be a good idea to know some of it)
• Arabic (it fascinates me but it’ll take me years if not centuries to finally give it a try lol)
• Finnish (it’s weird. Just weird. I want to learn it. That’s all.)

My interests 💡
—linguistics and pretty much everything language-related
—psychology (forensic in particular! also personality studies) and sociology
—medicine!! psychiatry is cool but plastic surgery is even cooler!
—marine biology & chemistry :))
—I’m a writer but everything I wrote is still in a very early stage so I don’t really talk about it that much. If not for medicine I would love to pursue a career in this field!
—AFTG left me crying on the floor for a whole week. I loved it. (talk to me about it, you won’t regret it, i promise)
—recently fashion and aesthetically pleasing things (?)
—journaling, poetry, flowers (I wish I was that soft. I am most definitely not.)
—Dark Academia. Listen. It is everything you’ve ever needed. No need to look any further. There it is. “Dead Poets Society” is my favorite movie (also “The Dreamers” but it doesn’t fit the aesthetic). I know “The Secret History” by heart. I adore the whole concept, I live for it. I want to be IT. If you have anything that may fall into that genre, PLEASE tell me about it!
—sports that don’t feel like sports (yoga, swimming, surfing, dancing)!!
—as much as I don’t want to admit it I’m a guilty stationery addict
—I’m into people. Who isn’t?
—music of course! Music to feel like a femme fatale to? Yes. Music to vibe and chill to? I got you. Something classic? Here you go! Music with twisted and beautiful lyrics? Yup. Music to stare at the ceiling to? Naturally. Check out my Spotify!
—William Shakespeare. Enough said.
—Literature in general. It makes me feel and that’s a challenge many fail to succeed in.
—mythologies. I find them utterly fascinating. They inspire me to write.
—Sherlock Holmes. The TV and the original one.
—portrait photography! my friends hate it ‘cause they’re my only models :))
—social issues regarding human and women’s rights, lgbt community, and animals’ rights!
—The Summer of Love, the 60s, flower children! (and music, god bless the 60s music)
—as an INTP I have a lot of temporary obsessions so be ready for some very random things on this blog :)

Things that will appear here 💡
Countless reblogs of stuff related to my interests and subjects, Korean, Swedish, French. My own notes and updates on learning, tips and advice on various topics, my bullet journal and journal-journal, maybe something about my writing. Whatever you want me to upload!

My inspirations 💡
@take-up-and-read, @kay-law, @bionctes, @organizedstudy, @cielstudies, @960705, @procrastilate, @studyrose, @emmastudies, @19tc, @lovelybluepanda, @rivkahstudies, @studyblr, @blackteaandlanguages, @jiyeonstudies, @equaticns!

@all my main blog: @alinanafali!
Blogs to follow~ Langblrs needed!

Hi! It’s me again… And again I am looking for blogs to follow TT
Langblrs needed!!!!

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But also
♥Japanese fashion blogs

Msg me, reblog, like it for me to know who to follow ♥
thnks ♥

ID #22115

Name: Julia
Age: 18
Country: Netherlands

My name is Julia and in a month I’ll be studying English language and culture at the University of Amsterdam. I’d love to get to know people from around the world, so I guess havings some pen palls is the best way to do that. I’m fluent in Dutch and English and I speak a bit of French, German and Swedish.
I love reading (part of the reason I’m going to study English) and watching TV shows. My favourite TV show is Supernatural, but I also like a variety of other shows. My taste in music is pretty diverse. There’s no other way to explain in than: I like every song, except the ones I don’t like. (Seriously, it ranges from metal to pop to Irish folk songs.)
I’m looking for someone to talk to about pretty much everything from weird memes to political topics.

Preferences: Age 17 or up, doesn’t matter where you’re from. I’d prefer someone from the LGBTQ+ community (I’m bisexual), but it’s also fine if you’re not. I can do snail mail or online.

Gamla Stan - Stockholm, Sweden 

The Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. It is where Stockholm was founded in 1252, on the island of Stadsholmen. Many of the cobblestone streets and alleys in Gamla Stan are car free, creating an idyll environment to walk around and explore the city’s shops, restaurants and city squares. 

The most important landmark in Gamla Stan is the Royal Palace, that has over 600 rooms. Other landmarks of interest include Stockholm Cathedral, and the Alfred Nobel museum.