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SWEDEN (2017) Trailer 
by BulgarianCupcakes


Directed by Matteo Quitadamo


Swedish elkhound attacked by wild wolves

Klara the Swedish elkhound was attacked by two wolves during this season’s elkhunt in Sweden. She’s lucky to be alive, and was probably saved by the spike west she was wearing exactly to prevent attacks from wolves.

Wolves are extremely territorial and will kill any intruders and competitors, be it foxes, coyotes, cougars, young bears, other wolves or domestic dogs. Releasing a dog in a wolf territory is extremely risky and very unresponsible. Far too many hounds are killed by wolves in Norway and Sweden, but the hunters never seem to learn. 


Pictures by Naturvårdsverket, Sweden

This is Susi, my favourite Scandinavian wolf. She’s genetically very important for the Scandinavian wolf population, and is actually labeled as Sweden’s most important wolf. Yet she’s been threathened time and time again. Two of her mates has been shot, one on their way back to their territory in Junsele in Sweden after a relocation. 

They have tried to relocate her several times, but she has wandered back to her old territory every single time, where she is a huge problem because of the vulnarable caribou in the area. Altoghether she has cost the Swedish state several million SEK.

She’s now with her third mate, and the latest news on the couple is that they have not been seen for a while. Today the Swedish county board is out looking for them and I really hope they haven’t been shot illegally!