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Donald Trump made up a terror attack in Sweden. Sweden replies, “What are you talking about?”

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver was baffled by the latest news cycle surrounding President Donald Trump. “Trump dominates the news cycle the way a fart dominates the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle,” Oliver said. “There is simply no escape from him.”

The latest example came when Trump triggered minor international confusion over the weekend when, at a Saturday rally, he seemed to suggest there had been some sort of attack in Sweden: “We’ve got to keep our country safe. … You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden? Who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

This confused everyone, including Sweden. There was no major attack in Sweden on Friday, as Trump implied. The confusion eventually led Trump to clarify that he was talking about crime and immigrants generally in Sweden, based on a report from Fox News. And this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened; Trump’s team has gotten into trouble repeatedly over making up fake terror attacks, like the nonexistent “Bowling Green massacre.”

“Here’s where we’re at right now,” Oliver said. “Trump can dominate the news merely by referencing something that didn’t happen in Sweden.”

The story, however, serves as a warning to other countries. Oliver explained, “Just a quick message to all other countries on Earth: In the future, you’re going to find yourself wanting to ask, ‘What is your president talking about?’ a great deal. And the answer is almost always going to be, ‘We have no fucking idea.’”


During a rally Saturday, Trump attacked European refugee policies by quoting a terrorist attack that would have happened in Sweden. “You look at what happened last night in Sweden, who would believe this?”

Literally nobody. ‘Cause nothing happened in Sweden last night.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/19/world/europe/last-night-in-sweden-trumps-remark-baffles-a-nation.html

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Now I’m not saying I’ll make it but I feel this post goes somewhere maybe someone from sweden will see it & make it happen what do you say

Dear SK’s music industry,

as far as I know, South Korea’s education system is one of the most productive and efficient systems in the world. South Korea nearly the highest educated nation worldwide. That being said, I’m extremely sure you are aware that this is a continent

This is Europe.

Not a state, not a country…this is a continent.

When you constantly skip it while scheduling your world tours, may I ask, what’s going on in your mind? I know you know what and where is Europe. I know you know there are plenty of people ready to attend your concerts…..You cannot seriously tell me it’s because you don’t like it. We got everything you want! Just choose one country!






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  • Me, an actual person from Sweden: We don't know what trump is talking about
  • some of y'all: you are mistaken miss! Let ME, a concerned citizen from the us or whatever and certified Sweden expert™ tell you the actual state of the country. also Sweden is the country with the chocolate and the banks, right?
Nordic 6
  • Estonia: pls Mr. Sweden let me in the Nordic group please
  • Finland: Sweden, we could give him a-
  • Sweden: no
  • Finalnd: -chance
  • Estonia: What about I give...
  • Iceland: no
  • Estonia: ..you guys a-
  • Norway: no
  • Estonia: ...set of lego
  • Denmark: deal
  • Norway: hell no

Last night in Sweden: During a rally, Trump attacked European refugee policies by quoting a terrorist attack that happened in Sweden - according to him, at least. “You look at what happened last night in Sweden, who would believe this?” Literally nobody. Cause nothing happened the other night in Sweden.

Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Bill Skarsgard x reader 

Requested: “Bill where he’s back home Sweden and you two have broken up because he thought he was being unfair to you but his family doesn’t know yet and when he tells them they’re really sad coz you were really close with them but you kind of make up things and get back”

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“How’s your girlfriend? How come she didn’t come with you to visit us. Des she not like us after all? I blame Alexander for why shes not here,” Valter thought out loud to everyone in the room.

“What did I do?” Alexander yelled from the kitchen. 

Bill looked down sad. She would have come so visit his family if they weren’t separated. He remembered the first time she met them. She was really nervous but everyone welcomed her with opened arms. Ever since, both her and his family would be excited to see each other. She enjoyed seeing all of them and they enjoyed her company. It was also the first time he took a girl home to meet his family. All the others, they just tagged along with him and his family or just didn’t meet them. 

But with her, everything seemed different. She made him feel different. He used to want to keep his relationship private. If you saw them on the streets holding hands that was fine, but don’t expect him to talk about it during interviews. But with her, he wanted to talk about her. He wanted everyone to know and he wanted to show her off, but he couldn’t anymore.

They had just broken up before his flight to Sweden. She was yelling at him on how she never got to see him and Bill just replied with that’s how life works. He said some not very nice things and they just decided to end it. He had to admit that when they broke up he acted like he didn’t care, but deep down he was broken.

“How is she doing though? I haven’t see her in a while,” Alexander asked his brother. All Bill could do was shrug. He didn’t want to know the pain he made you feel. It broke him that he hurt you so badly.

Bill grabbed a beer from the fridge. Alexander looked at him seriously confused. 

“Are you guys alright?” Alexander asked Bill, seriously. Bill sniffed, he could feel the tears coming. Thats all Alexander needed to see know what happened. He hugged his brother. 

“Oh god Bill, I’m so sorry.” Alexander told him. 

“It’s all my fault,” Bill cried. Valter stopped paused his game and looked to wear he heard Bill crying. He looked to Alexander. Alexander gave him that look and he knew. Everyone of his family now knew what had happened. Bill wished they didn’t know. Bill wished they didn’t ask him how you were doing because  you would be here to answer that question yourself. Bill continued crying. 

“Oh god, Alex, it’s all my fault. I should’ve tried harder.” Alexander held his brother, like they were kids again. 

“It’s all right Bill, everything’s going to be alright.” Alexander now had tears in his eyes. He really liked you. They all had liked you. You kept his brother happy and that was all he could ask for. He saw how you made him go weak in the knees and he enjoyed seeing his brother go speechless. Bill cried harder. He wished he fought harder. 

Alexander carried Bill bridal style to his bedroom. Stellan had just walked into the room and snickered . He saw Bills face and Alexanders and his smiled turned to a frown. He looked at Alexander, Alexander just shook his head and walked away.

Alexander walked into Bills bedroom and layed him down and walked away. Bill just layed there. He decided he was going to take a bath. He went into the bathroom, beer in his left hand. He turned the water on, tears coming back. The day you guys fought, you were in the bathroom taking a bath. He remembered he walked in the hotel room, called for you but you didn’t answer. He explored and found you in the bathroom sitting in the tub, knees to your chest and you arms around your legs. Thats where it all started.

Bill got into the bath tub and just layed there tears threatening to spill down his face. He sat there for a few minutes just thinking about you. Thinking if you were okay or if you were a mess like him. 

Alexander walked back into the room and into the bathroom where he was.

“I’ve had my share of heartbreak, Bill. Trust me, things will get better. You might not see it now but know that things will get better. Slowly but it will. I know your in pain right now, so why don’t you go to the bar with me tomorrow. Get your mind off this and just have some brother time.”

Bill thought. He was in pain, yes he’s been heartbroken before. He knows the pain won’t last forever but right now it will hurt badly. He couldn’t keep dreaming of happiness he had to make it.
He looked towards Alexander and nodded. 

“I would really like that Alexander, thank you.” Alexander nodded and walked away. Bill just sat there thinking. Was trying to get over you already a bad? or should he wait a little longer?

Bill and Alexander were now at the bar. For the first time in the past couple days, he felt happy again like he was never hurt. 

But when he looked up from his pool game and just looked at the bar his face softened and he was sad again. You and him had met on the set of Atomic Blonde 2. You were going to play a girl he was attracted to. Thats how you guys met in the movie, he was at a bar and he saved you from a guy that was hitting on you by pretending to be your boyfriend. 

He looked to the left of the bar to see a guy and girl making out in the corner. He remembered when he had to do that with you in Atomic Blonde 2, make out with you at the bar which would lead to you two having a love scene which also lead to Charlize’s character almost killing him for not answering his phone while making love to you. Atomic Blonde 3 was when you guys were boyfriend and girlfriend and it wasn’t until after one of the scenes you guys had to shoot for it, that he finally had the balls to ask you out. 

Everything reminded you of him. Everything. It reminded him of the scenes you had to shoot for the movies you both were in. All the memories you made when you guys were off work. He wished you guys hadn’t separated. But instead of have a sad attitude he put a fake smile on his face and continued to play pool with his brother. 

Alexander could see his brother and his mood falter. Unbeknownst to him, his brother Alexander had reached out to you yesterday just after Bill feel asleep, explaining the conditions he was in and how sad he was. Right now you were on your way to Sweden, hopefully, that’s what you told him. 

As it reached almost 12 at midnight, Alexander gave up hope that you would show. Why would you? His brother hurt your feelings and basically acted as though he didn’t love you. 

Bill was growing tired he had played Pool with his brother all day, Alexander beating him everytime.
“Can we go home now?” Bill asked his brother.
“Let’s just play one more. This time I’ll go easy on you.” Before Bill could reply he heard a voice from behind him.

“You really need your brother to go easy on you for you to win?” He turned around and he saw you. You stood there with a tight black dress and teary eyes with a small smile across your face.  

“No, if anything I was going easy on him,” Bill said to you softly. 

You smirked and walked closer to him, to where you guys where chest to chest.
“I doubt that,” you replied and took his cup of beer away from him and started drinking it. Heartbroken but here you both were flirting with each other as if nothing had happened.  

“You know thats one of the things I love about you, you don’t go down with out a fight.”
Bill smiled, “You didn’t use past tense." 

You just shrugged, still holding his drink. 

"Funny how feelings work.” Bill smiled at you.
“Are you guys going to kiss or not?” Alexander interrupted the both of you. You smiled and looked down. Bill smirked, he grabbed your chin and tilted your head up. 

“I never stopped loving you either.” With that Bill kissed you. He tangled his hands in your hair. You set Bills beer down on the pool table and put your hands on him arms. Alexander was just smiling and fangirling.
You guys pulled away and smiled at each other. 

“I’m so sorry,” Bill told you.
“I’m sorry too.” Bill shook his head.
“I promise to make more time for you. Will you take me back?” You smiled and nodded. Bill leaned in again kissing you. When you guys pulled away for breath you heard Alexander speak up. 

“And where are my flowers for bringing by far the cutest, hottest couple of all time back together?” Alexander asked. You guys turned to look at him and just laughed. 

He loved it like this. He loved having you in his arms. He loved how his family embarrassed him in front of you. He loved kissing you. He seeing you smile and he loved being the one to make you smile. But most of all, he loved mending you heart back together.

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What's the best thing about Sweden? Would you ever see yourself living in another country?

Security, I think? As in, it’d take a LOT for you to end up on the street. Free healthcare, free education (or even paid monthly, to the parents, per kid, during elementary and via grants later on, as long as you provide proof of study), 5 weeks legally mandated paid vacation every year (3 of which you have to be allowed to take during summer) and very little general prejudice or hostility. Also access to broadband internet is a civil right. And while the weather is kinda shit during fall and spring, we still get to see both snow sometimes, as well as beach-heat sometimes.

I’d absolutely wanna try out living somewhere else, probably england since it’s close and natively english speaking, but I could definitely see myself moving back here again. Sweden’s a pretty nice place :P

Allies/Axis and the Nordics reacting to accidentally touching the s/o's chest

















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there have been a few fake antifa/antira facebook groups, emails and even meetings in germany recently (by nazis). its dangerous and some people have been hospitalized. just 10 minutes from me, someone got lured into a fake meet by AFD supporters and the group locked the door and assaulted and robbed him. i read your how to find your local antifa post, but do you have tips how we can realize if an internet group or real life meet really is run by antifa?

This is a really important point (and also a tactic that antifa have used from time to time)!  In our post about joining an antifa group/starting your own, we warned people to approach any group you’re not familiar with caution for just this reason.  Here are some tips:

1) Research the group you’re thinking about joining up with.  If they have a social media presence or website, how long has it been up - a few weeks or a much longer period of time?  Have they been involved in any antifa actions that you’re aware of?  Are they linked with other antifa groups you know of?  More importantly, do those antifa groups vouch for this one?  Is this group part of or affiliated with an antifa network like The Torch Antifascist Network (U.S.), or the Anti Fascist Network (UK) or La Horde (France) or Antifascistisk Aktion Sweden or Anti-Fascistische Actie (the Netherlands).

2) Be careful what information you provide at first.  Most antifa groups will probably want to know how to get in touch with you, what your name is, where you live, why you’re interested in getting involved, etc.  But you can see how revealing too much - your full name, your neighbourhood or home address, where you go to school or work, contact info that can be traced back to your home - can be used against you if the group turns out to be a trap.

3) Meet in a public place. When you’re first meeting with members of the antifa group you’re looking to join, meet them in a public place.  This protects both of you, as things are a lot less likely to kick off if you’re in public and there are a lot of people milling about.  That said, you also want to meet where everyone will feel safe to discuss matters openly.  We’ve found that many cafés or pubs serve this purpose quite well.

4) Bring someone.  If you’re looking to get involved in antifa, you probably know someone else that is as well.  Bring them, or even someone not that interested but who you trust and who has your back.  There really is safety in numbers!

5) Tell someone where you’re going.  Make sure someone knows where you’ve gone to meet up, when the meeting is, and when you expect to be back.  Better yet, do all of that and tell them that you’ll call them 15 minutes after the meeting begins to let them know you’re ok.  If they don’t hear from you then, it means you’re in trouble and need help.  BUT DON’T FORGET TO CALL THEM @ THE 15 MINUTE MARK!

6) Trust your instincts.  Boneheads aren’t very good actors.  If anything doesn’t feel right to you; if something seems suspicious, walk away.  It will be a lot better to explain yourself after the fact if your instincts were wrong than to find yourself in a very bad situation.  

Look, we don’t want to make anyone overly-paranoid - tbh, these kinds of things do not happen very often (we can’t think of a single instance of this happening IRL with any antifa that we know personally, although as the original poster mentions it’s been known to happen), but in antifascism, as with all political activism, it’s best to take sensible precautions.