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Viking ship at Haithabu (German) / Hedeby (Danish). The town was an important Viking Age (8-11th century) trading settlement near the southern end of the Jutland Peninsula, now in the Schleswig-Flensburg district of Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. It is the most important archaeological site in the state. The settlement developed as a trading post at the head of a narrow, navigable inlet known as the Schlei, which connects to the Ostsee (Baltic Sea). The location was favorable as there’s a short portage of less than 15 km to the Treene River, which flows into the Eider with its North Sea estuary, making it a convenient place where goods and ships could be ported overland for an almost uninterrupted seaway between the Baltic and the North Sea to avoid a dangerous and time-consuming circumnavigation of Jutland. Providing Hedeby with a role similar to later Lübeck, it was the 2nd- largest Nordic town during the Viking Age, after Uppåkra in present-day Sweden.

Saxon Gold Odin Head Pendant, 10th Century AD

The pendant is similar to some found at the town of Birka, Sweden. During the Viking Age, Birka on the island of Björkö (meaning “Birch Island”) in present-day Sweden, was an important trading center which handled goods from Scandinavia as well as Central and Eastern Europe and the Orient. The archaeological sites of Birka and Hovgården, on the neighboring island of Adelsö, make up an archaeological complex which illustrates the elaborate trading networks of Viking Scandinavia and their influence on the subsequent history of Europe, and is generally regarded as Sweden’s oldest town. A number of pendants and amulets were found on the island, most of them associated with the pagan beliefs of the inhabitants. Pendants depicting a male head have been interpreted as being either a warrior, or, more likely, that of Odin, head of the Norse pantheon of gods.

The Crown Prince Couple visits Sweden on 29 and 30th May 2017 at the head of a large, official Danish business delegation ‘Liveable Scandinavia’.
Business promotion will take place in Stockholm and more than 60 Danish companies will participate.  

The campaign focuses on three sectors:

Intelligent Healthcare
Sustainable Cities
Modern Lifestyle

The couple will attend the official opening of a business campaign, visit the business levels and be present at business seminars. During  the commercial campaign visit the Crown Prince will meet with, among others, Stockholm Water and Waste Management and Spotify. HRH Crown Princess visits among other Nya Karolinska Hospital, Illums Bolighus and Aleris Nursing.

HRH Crown Princess Victoria and HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden will be present during parts of the program.


Danish Royal Court

More details on Mary and Frederik’s business delegation to Sweden later this month!

we have a lot of weird traditions in sweden but i think my favourite one is that every year on christmas eve at 3 pm everyone watches “donald duck and his friends wish you a merry christmas” which is a collection of random clips from disney movies that they have shown every year since 1960 and everyone is really bored and at least two family members always fall asleep and your parents are like “i’ve literally seen this 53 times” but if you don’t watch it everyone will seriously judge you and you’re basically the grinch


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How would the 1ps react to their s\o going into labour. And holding their child for the first time

Aww real cute! Whoa, these got kind of long. Got a little carried away XD

APH Denmark: He would be a total mess when his S/O went into labour. Not like a panicky mess, but a distracted one. He would seem like he didn’t really understand the seriousness of the situation, and it probably wouldn’t hit him that he was about to be a father until his S/O freaked out at him to get their things in the car and drive them to the hospital. When his child was finally born, though, his immaturity and irresponsibility would be out the window. He would look at them with this weird fatherly expression that no one has ever seen before, and would oddly be able to hold the baby perfectly and calmly.

APH Finland: When his S/O told him to get them to the hospital, he would find himself scrambling. Everything would be ready to go, but he would be fumbling his keys and freaking out internally. He would trip over everything possible, and his S/O might even have to stop him to remind him how to breathe. The labour would be a nerve wracking one,  but when he saw his baby’s face for the first time he would be totally overjoyed. He would pick them up as careful as ever, and might even start tearing up. When his child’s eyes looked back up at him, it gave him more emotions than the little kids on Christmas morning when he brought them their presents. 

APH Sweden: Sweden would have been 100% prepared for his S/O to go into labour. Like totally prepared. Car seats would be buckled into the car, the whole nursery would be as if the baby was already there, and the hospital bag would have been ready to go at least a month ahead of time. When his S/O let him know that they were going into labour, he would be cool and calm, and his stone face wouldn’t even break. He would be there with them the whole time comforting them, and getting what they needed in a totally calm fashion. But no matter what he did, nothing could prepare him for the moment that he held his child for the first time. He would be a shaking mess, and would be terrified of breaking them, like they were made of glass.

APH Iceland: Iceland would hear his S/O shout at him from down the hallway that they were in labour, and it would take him a minute to react. He probably wouldn’t be paying much attention, and would have answered with a, “Mm, thats nice,” before he actually realized what was happening. He would then proceed to freak right out, because it was totally random and he was not at all prepared. He would be the type to forget where the hospital bag was, and what he was even supposed to be doing. His S/O might have to give him a little smack for him to snap out of it. The whole labour experience would definitely be a shock to him, but holding his baby would be the hardest part. He would have no idea where to put his hands, or how to support it. He would be blushing badly, but it would really be a cute scene.

APH Norway: Norway would be the coolest of out all the Nordics in this situation. He would most likely have read up on the whole birth process, and would know that labour does take quite a while sometimes. He wouldn’t be in a rush, and he would make sure to keep calm so that his S/O was able to keep calm as well. He would do whatever they needed him to while they waited for their baby. When he held his baby, he would be totally silent. He would find himself just staring at them quietly for hours on end without even moving. But his S/O would find the scene to be really adorable, because they could definitely see the love in his eyes. He would really love and protect that baby forever, and they would wish that the father and child moment would never end.

- Chella

Hetalia characters as things i’ve said

Italy: you overestimate my innocence


japan: I'm a fucking otaku it is nOT THE SAME THING AS A GEEK

America: why does food have to be so good

England: Ha! you are what you eat right *pours entire salt container onto food*

France: *looks at sausage* … I really want to make a dick joke… but i’ll restrain myself…

Canada: Why am I always the third wheel even when we’re arguing?

Russia: Why do I always end up talking to myself in a Russian accent when no one is here?

China: I’m much disappoint this moment.



Denmark: it took me 3 hours to do my hair, please don’t touch

Norway: talk to me when i’ve had my coffee, fuck face

Iceland: i’m just going to keep smiling and nodding so you think i understand, but in reality, i just don’t give a shit. 


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- #waitingfordeath ?!
-he kinda misses the 2hr radio show
-“let me know how you’re feeling in long word”
-his haircut
-he was wearing his earrings again
-his trip to Sweden
-Letters and presents from sitc
-“kannst du nicht?” (german)
-algebra :D
-fnaf video soon
-the video will be up tomorrow
-Reading Festival
-his photo in Sweden earlier :D
-the photo today
-the replies to the photo
-the ‘Drag Me Down’ video
-he loved the ‘Night Changes’ video
-5 million subscribers
-youtube vs tv
-caspar’s 5 million subscriber videos
-Justin’s new music
-phil’s video with tyler
-the new merch
-they make everything on their own
-the flower crowns (Chosen by Dan)
-he wants to get piano lessons again
-rant about memes
-phil is still up north
-the tour planning
-US tourdates soon
-Troyes new music
-“v1 got a plaque”
“Really? That makes me really happy”
-he prefers salted popcorn
-1D going on a break
-videos with tyler and caspar
-“Radiohead is my favorite band”
-Dan,Phil and a few friends will be going on holiday next week
-the 7 second challenge app update
-he loves sarcasm from his audience
-he stayed 15 minutes longer

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Omg imagine the Nordic 5 + Sealand on Christmas morning with cups of hot chocolate and opening presents. Sweden and Finland are sitting on the floor with Finland sitting on Swedens lap while Sealand excitedly opens presents. Denmark has an arm around Norway and Iceland is smiling at his ridiculous family that he loves so much. Omg I think I'm dying of fluff.