sweden is gay

October 21st, 2018

The boys went to pick their Halloween pumpkins today! Which is typically an American thing, but they don’t care. It’s fun, let them be.

Tino and Berwald searched high and low for the most sincere pumpkin, and found it in the very back of the patch. Tino tried to carry it back to the car, and Berwald almost died of cuteness overload. It was just too heavy. 😫

Lukas stood next to the car on the paved road, unwilling to get his boots covered in mud. Mathias would go out, find a pumpkin, bring it to Lukas, and Lukas would decide if he liked it or not. This year, he liked pumpkin number eighteen. What a little brat….

Emil stayed home because eww.


all independent countries where nationwide same-sex marriage is legalised. #LoveWins
update 30.6.2017: Germany added.
update 13.7.2017: Malta added.
update 7.12.2017: Australia and Austria added.
update 9.9.2018: Costa Rica added.


Queer Profile: Queen Kristina of Sweden

Born December 8, 1626 in Stockholm, Sweden, Queen Kristina inherited the throne at the age of six when her father died in battle. Being the only heir, her father instructed that she be educated as a prince. One of the first things she achieved during her reign, was putting an end to the Thirty Years’ War. Nicknamed Minerva of the North, after the Roman equivalent of the Greek god of wisdom, Kristina valued education and philosophy. She showed these values in her determination to improve the education of peasants. Thanks to her rule, Sweden first began to publish newspapers and the first school system was started. Advancements in science and the enjoyment of literature and the arts were fully supported by Queen Kristina. She carried one of the greatest collections of books, paintings, and sculptures. While Queen of Sweden, Kristina chose her own ladies-in-waiting and it is believed she had an affair with one of them, Countess Ebba Sparre, whom she nicknamed “Belle” (pictured bottom left). Their intimacy is proved through the many letters passed between them. Ebba Sparre was reportedly given the title of the queen’s “Bed Fellow.” Their relationship ended soon after Countess Sparre was married and left Kristina’s court, but their letters continued. Kristina also was believed to have had affairs with women by the names of Gabrielle de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Rachel Teixeira, and Angelina Giorgino, but she later reflected in her memoirs that Ebba was the only real love of her life. Despite the urging of her court for her to produce an heir to the throne, Queen Kristina refused to marry throughout her 10 year reign of Sweden. Instead she appointed her cousin Charles X Gustav to be her heir. She immediately abdicated the throne and moved to Rome, Italy following her baptism into Catholicism. In Rome, she founded the Arcadia Academy (Accademia dell’Arcadia) and urged that the first public house of opera, Tordinona, be opened.

the swedish author Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1942) in her twenties. not only one of the most famous lesbians in swedish history, but also apperntly, really early with that gay gender studies proffesors hair cut sported by half of the famous lesbian and bisexual academics of sweden. 

goals tbh.

also, this is the type of hair cut Selma had when she wrote to her girlfriend sofie elkan, that she managed to “seduce ALL the women at the party with, because they just found me so HOT” (this were before they were togheter, and selma sends very long letters filled this type of… somewhat… human disaster flirting).