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As a terror from the past reemerges in rural Sweden, a mysterious stranger steps up to hunt it down…


The @PlayOverwatch Twitter recently posted a new comic short in which we get a little characterization for Torbjörn and some interaction between him and Bastion.

It’s so nice to see them (semi) getting along! <3


I just found out about this and it got to me. Wow. Is this real? Yes, I’ve actually checked. It is horrifying. I don’t even know what to say.

I drew this instead of studying! Their name is Staffan, and they’ve traveled to the north of Scandinavia after 3000 years of building what they claim to be is the tallest mountain in the south of Sweden. Now they’re convinced that they invented Christmas

This is one of the trolls from a story/world me and two friends of mine are slowly writing/working on! We’re hoping to be writing a children’s book about these : ) 

Here are a few things to imagine for the micro nations: 

  •  Wy having a crush on Finland because every time she hangs out with Sealand his totally cute dad is very nice to her.
  • Sweden playing with toys for Ladonia and Sealand, he likes to make tiny furniture for their doll house.
  • Seborga cooking along side his older brothers. Italy praising him, Lovino scolding them for the giant mess they are making. 
  • America taking Molossia shopping to get clothes that make him look like a total sweetheart or a snazzy looking prick. There is no in between.
I hate Torbjörn.

Torbjörn, as a character, is awful. And Blizzard keeps trying to make him matter or be more likeable, but it’s not working because they introduced him as a bad character.

First, we find out he has a family. They’re trying to do the same thing Avengers: Age of Ultron did with Hawkeye, but there’s a big difference here. Hawkeye was a naturally likeable character, and we still rooted for him even though he didn’t have any awesome powers. Then when he found out he had a family, that further allowed him to empathize with us as viewers.

In Torbjörn’s case, however, he isn’t a naturally likeable character. He spouts a pretty gross innuendo at D.va (asking to take a look <i> under the hood of her mech </i> ).
He’s rude to Symmetra, subtly teasing her for her autism (trying to get a rise out of her by saying she has something on her dress).
He’s extremely anti-omnic. In King’s Row, he says “If you ask me, these Brits have the right idea! Omnic rights? Bah!” In Numbani, he just starts saying “no” over and over again, implying his disgust with Numbani’s tolerance of omnics. The list goes on.

The point is, suddenly revealing that a character has a family doesn’t automatically make them better if they weren’t a naturally likeable character to begin with.

Second, in the King’s Row Uprising comic, we find out that Torbjörn gave Tracer her famous catchphrase: “The cavalry’s here!”

This makes me mad for two reasons: firstly, taking the game’s most iconic phrase and having its origin come from a character who does not deserve its origin. Secondly, the way he delivers it to Tracer in the comic is extremely condescending.

Not cool, Blizzard. Not cool.

Third, and finally, in the Bastion/Torbjörn comic, it’s revealed that Torbjörn has sort of been taking care of Bastion.

Okay, WHAT? It’s been established as part of Torbjörn’s lore is that fact that he is vehemently anti-omnic! Why would he suddenly have pity for and want to take care of a random Bastion unit? It goes against his character as Blizzard has described him!

I’m so done with this guy and I’m done with Blizzard trying to make him matter. I really want him to be removed from the game. And before you cry something like “No, you can’t say that! He’s a character from Sweden! He brings some diversity to the game!”, lemme ask you this, Sweden: Do you want your nation to be represented by a creepy, old, ableist omnic-hater? I wouldn’t! Hell, I’m an autistic person from America and I’m angry! Don’t you want a more dynamic and sympathetic character to represent Sweden?

I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say Torbjörn should be removed from the game, from the lore, all of it.

TL;DR: Torbjörn is awful as a character and should be taken out.

New series! Duolingo sure offers a lot of useful sentences for everyday life … Robin believes she’ll use this one in the future!

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“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more” - Hans Christian Andersen

Moving to a quiet seaside town was Berwald’s final attempt at inspiration, in an effort to be gain control over his life once more. But it’s always the quietest towns that hide the most secrets, and the mysterious man whose origins changed his life entirely.

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Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (8)
  • Finland: I am evolving into an adorably evil monster right now.
  • Norway: I'm mean, irritable, and absolutely brilliant.
  • Denmark: As long as I don't call a human an ape, I'm fine.
  • Iceland: Saying liquorice tastes horrible is the greatest insult of all.
  • Sweden: Non-IKEA furnitures are a disgrace. Must get the IKEA. IKEAAAAAAAAAAA!