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Nordics after the separation

This one continues the headcanon series about the Nordics’ relationship. This time it is about how they  all met again after being separated for a long time.

Denmark and Norway were not allowed to meet during the time when Nor was in union with Sve. Their re-union happened when Dan traveled to Norway’s land with his prince, who was to be Norway’s king. Dan was nervous, even scared before the meeting because he wasn’t sure if Nor still loved him, despite of all the secret letters they exchanged during the separation. However, Nor had grow tired of hiding his feelings and didn’t want to waste time with awkward meetings and potentially weirdly shy Dane. So when Dan stepped out from the ship, he ran to him and threw them both into the sea by accident. Dan didn’t mind. Their relationship was quickly restored to what it was before, even made better as now they were truly equal and didn’t need to feel fear about their bosses’ plans.

Iceland met Nor at the same time with Dan, and the Norwegian was shocked to see how much he had developed and grown. Their meeting had an awkward feeling, partly because just before Nor had jumped into sea with Dan, but also because they were not sure how to act around each other. Is wanted to show he is an adult already, whereas Nor had to deal with the feelings of not being needed for protecting the Icelander anymore. They both still got over it and developed a brotherly relationship after Iceland realized that Norway still wanted them to be family (he had thought that he will be pushed on side when Nor and Dan are together again).

During the second world war, Iceland fled from Denmark into his own land and became finally independent. After that he was nervous about meeting his former guardians again, but they greeted him warmly (and scared some politicians just in case).

His relationships with Sve and Fin stayed distant until the Nordic council was founded. He wasn’t scared of Swede, simply just unfamiliar with him, but after they became a family again he started to get closer to them.

Finland and Sweden were separated from 1809 until 1950. Unlike Dan and Nor who were able to communicate secretly via letters, Fin and Sve could only send some rare messages to each other, and after Fin got independence they also made phone calls whenever they could. They met again finally after Fin had recovered from war and traveled to Stockholm. He didn’t tell the Swede beforehand about coming over, so Sve thought first he was just part of his hopeful imagination. They shared their first kiss on that day. It was awkward.

Though they had not been lovers before their separation, they confessed to each other only shortly before Fin got independence and had realized his true feelings. Their love story started quietly and with unsureness (mainly because it is hard to keep up the romance when you can only send letters like every second month and call sometimes), but grew to be strong and only developed when they finally met in person after such a long time.

Sweden met Denmark shortly after Norway had got independence. Their relationship stayed normal, and the Dane expressed his gratitude for Swede trying to help Norway during past years, though Sve had expected him been still angry about losing the Norwegian.

Finland met Nor during his wars few times and there were not really changed in their relationship, though they started to trust each other more after seeing they were going through same things. Dan and Fin didn’t meet until after the wars, but the Dane surprised him by calling him and encouraging him to fight. They had few phone calls during the hard years, and that helped them to form a new, almost brotherly relationship.

erik karlsson appreciation post

you know what i love? i love it when i see erikkarlsson65 interacting with his fans on tumblr. i love it when i see him commenting on their posts about him or answering stupid questions or anything. you know what? erik karlsson, you are the dancing queen, young and SWEDE, seven years past SEVENTEEEEEEN

Was asked to write freely about racism from a Saami perspective for a paper, and I chose to discuss Sweden’s historical amnesia on one hand, which makes the country oblivious to the active role it has played and still plays in upholding white hegemony on a global scale, and decolonisation on the other hand and I felt pretty good about the text, considering how short it had to be, and as part of my disccusion on decolonisation, I clearly stated that Swedes need to stop treating all Saami as educators whose only mission in life is to teach Swedes about our culture and constantly explain what decolonisation is because Swedes are too lazy to find out anything about our shared history on their own, and that for as long as we’re forced to deal with these things, decolonisation will not happen.

Just got some comments from the editor;

“You’ve written a very good article, but you’re using some rather complicated words in it. I assume you want as many readers as possible to learn something from your text? Do you think you can explain decolonisation a bit more, and do you know any less harsh words than language loss and neocolonialism that you could use in your text?”

  • can
  • you
  • fucking
  • read
  • are
  • you
  • that
  • dense
  • do 
  • i
  • need
  • to 
  • spell
  • out
  • everything 
  • to
  • you
  • you asked me to write something and i’m a bitter activist 
  • you told me i could write freely
  • you did not ask for cute and forgiving
  • you asked for me

if you can’t print what i’ve written without me having to cutesify it and make it less critical because you’re too afraid of talking about decolonisation and anti-Saami racism in a Swedish paper, thereby proving the point I’m making about Swedes choosing to remain ignorant about the country’s colonial past and present because it doesn’t fit in with their self image of Sweden as a tolerant society, don’t ask me to write about racism for your paper in the first place.