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I've been a little sad lately, can I request some DenNor and/or SuFin fluff? (If you need an AU, Viking AU )

*cracks knuckles* of course you can sweetheart~

Time period: Viking  


Norway was annoyed.

No, he was past the point of being annoyed, he was highly irritated. It was cold, he was tired and hungry and the only sound to accompany him on this perilous trek was the frivolous chatter of a hyperactive Dane. 

Was he impervious to the chill? The wetness of the snow that softly fell and masked the lonely landscape? Norway couldn’t believe he was, but the way Denmark practically bounced through the snow and ice led him to believe otherwise.

It was all Denmark’s fault anyway, if he hadn’t decided to suddenly rush away from the camp insisting that he had found something magical and dragged the smaller Norwegian with him, then they wouldn’t have lost their way. Everything looked the same- the naked trees, the dusted rocks, the blank sheets of white… It was beginning to frighten Norway. It had been just over a month since he met the Dane, and already he was driving Norway insane.

A gust of wind suddenly picked up and made Norway stop, wrapping his arms around himself and shuddering uncontrollably. All they were wearing were thin white gowns, crudely fashioned boots and an assortment of furs to protect them against the cold, and without fire or food in their stomachs they would surely perish.

“Norge?” Denmark’s voice asked near his left ear, the Dane having stopped and frowned at him. “Are you all right?”

“No, I am not,” Norway responded with his small voice through clenched teeth. “This is all your fault.” 

“Hey! We should find it sometime!” Denmark responded cheerfully, reaching out to pat Norway’s shoulder. 

Norway flinched from the touch, struggling to breathe as the cold wormed it’s way into his heart. “I- I’m cold.” 

Denmark stared at the shivering Norwegian, shuddering a little himself, before smiling and taking Norway’s hand. “Come on! We need to warm up!”

He pulled the little boy with him, his blue eyes searching for what could be made as a temporary shelter. Settling on a rock with a small overhanging ledge, he led Norway over and dug away some of the snow from under it, before crawling in the small gap and then pulling Norway in too. As soon as they were relatively comfortable, Denmark opened his furs up quickly and pulled Norway against his chest in a hug, before swiftly wrapping the furs around them again.

Norway was reluctant to be so close to the Dane at first, but the relief that washed over him from the heat that seemed to radiate from the Dane was wonderful. He pressed himself as close to the small boy as possible, burrowing into his chest to draw as much warmth from him as he could. Denmark simply buried his face in Norway’s hair, also glad of the shared warmth.

“Thank you,” Norway mumbled after a while, shifting a little to look up with a frown at the Dane. Denmark grinned widely- having known the Norwegian for a short while he could tell that he was not very emotional and let his pride get in the way of a lot of things. It had confused the Dane at first, but he had grown used to it- even so early in their lifetime happy to see the Norwegian lift his stoic mask and say something as simple as “thank you”.

“You’re welcome!” Denmark responded cheerfully, his grin getting even bigger when Norway slowly sat up and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. 

And that’s how they remained throughout the remainder of the day and then through the chilling night, until they were found the next morning.



“What’re ya doin’?”

Finland let out a yelp and dropped everything he had been holding. A small knife, a few scraps of food, some extra fur and a few pieces of flint.

“N-nothing! I-I was just- er- getting th-things together for the- uhm- you know-” He stammered, scrambling to pick everything up and hoping desperately the Swede didn’t notice.

Unfortunately, said Swede did notice and quirked an eyebrow. “Ya goin’ somewhere?” 

“No! I… uh…” Finland blinked a few times and then let out a long moan, rubbing his eyes with his palms. “Ugh… I… I wanted to try going hunting… Like you, Nor and Den do… But Nor says I’m too young and Den promises he’ll show me next time- but he always promises and then never does it and-” he trailed off in defeat. A heavy silence overtook the small makeshift hut as Finland waited to be scolded by the stern looking Swede… However as the time dragged on, Finland dared to look up and meet Sweden’s eyes, frowning when he saw an amused glint in them.

“C’mon,” Sweden finally said, turning around and collecting a knife and a few furs too, before going outside. Finland, highly confused, followed him.

“Where are we going?” Finland asked dubiously as the Swede led him past the hut and then out of the camp. 

“Ya wanted to hunt, didn’ ya?” Sweden replied without looking back. “Nor ‘n’ Den are sleepin’…” 

“Wait, you- you really mean it?” Finland asked, an excited tone to his voice. “You’ll teach me to hunt?” 

“Mm,” came the confirmation. Finland felt his whole being light up and also felt himself warming considerably to the Swede. He’d always been closest to Norway and had never really had much interaction with Sweden, so had always passed him off as introverted and intimidating. 

However, his opinion was beginning to change already. Sweden actually seemed pretty nice- and quite kind too- and for that Finland was grateful. “Th-thank you!” Finland said, still in mild disbelief as he followed the Swede further into the nearby forest.

“There doesn’t seem to be any rabbits at all!” Finland complained, his feet hurting and his face frozen.

“Patience,” Sweden replied, his eyes scanning the surrounding area as best he could. His eyesight was beginning to deteriorate but he thought nothing of it. If he went blind, what could the others do about it?

Finland groaned and wrapped his furs tighter around himself. Who knew hunting could be this boring? In fact, he was beginning to regret doing this at all…

“We’ll find somethin’ soon,” Sweden reassured, letting an amused smile come to his lips. He was enjoying his time with the Fin- a lot more than he was letting on. There was a certain… spark to Finland that Norway and Denmark just didn’t have, and after spending a few hours with him he was beginning to see that.

Sweden was about to walk forward when a startled; “NO!” Pierced the air. Before he felt himself being abruptly yanked back just as the steep slope- masked by a thin layer of snow that he had failed to notice due to his unreliable eyes- began to crumble under his feet.

The momentum from being pulled back made him stumble and then fall, and much to his mortification he ended up falling straight onto the poor Fin, their noses touching and their eyes widened in shock. They stayed like that for perhaps half a minute, before Finland choked out;

“You’re crushing me…!” Sweden let out a hurried apology before quickly getting to his feet, helping the Fin up too.

“… Thank you,” Sweden mumbled, looking over the ledge and frowning. Was his eyesight really that bad?

“Y-you’re welcome…!” Finland replied, turning around so the Swede wouldn’t see his blush. “N-now let’s go find something to hunt before I freeze!”

However, unbeknownst to the Fin as he began walking, Sweden pulled the furs up to his eyes to try and conceal the redness that had taken over his cheeks too.

Sweden let out a soft sigh. This was going to be a long day…


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you know what i love? i love it when i see erikkarlsson65 interacting with his fans on tumblr. i love it when i see him commenting on their posts about him or answering stupid questions or anything. you know what? erik karlsson, you are the dancing queen, young and SWEDE, seven years past SEVENTEEEEEEN