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Just got home from school tbh so dis reply late asf bUT YES!!! ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE YOU TO DORKY JOCK BOYFRIENDS

  • The entire tourney team is gross and sweaty post-practice and Jay thinks it’s the perfect time to drape himself over Chad but “Jay you fucking STINK and I STINK and EVERYONE STINKS so if you don’t get off me I WILL SHIT ON YOUR LIFE”
  • Chad teaching Jay to waltz so they can dance together like Chad’s parents
  • And that means Chad grabs Jay and launches into impromptu dancing in the hallways and Mal always whips out her phone and films them and Jay wants to DIE of embarrassment but not really bc Chad is xoxoxoxo
  • Chad is hella strict about cleaning and Jay is pretty slob asf so when Chad pops into Jay and Carlos’s dorm he always straightens up a little & Carlos is used to it so he’ll scoot out his chair and lift his legs so Chad can vacuum under him but Jay is SPIRITUALLY AGAINST THE CLEANING THIS IS JAY, SON OF JAFAR, PHYSICALLY OBSTRUCTING CHAD FROM CLEANING
  • And Chad will try to remove Jay from the room but NO so they end up fighting and rolling around on the floor and Carlos is just taptaptaptaptap on his laptop in the background like smh boys
  • Lmao neither of them can do homework that great bc procrastinating and goofing off in class so Jay gets Evie to tutor them sometimes but Chad is like (sWEATz nervOUSly) and apologizes over everything including breathing weirdly
  • Chad taking Jay home for break and Jay having to adapt to awkwardly edging his way around mice skittering all over the place and waking up to songbirds at the windows
  • Jay & Chad running up to each other after a big win and slamming into each other & holding each other really tight and yelling GOOD JOB BABE I LOVE YOU I LOVE THIS WOW in each other’s ears
  • Post-practice shower buddies???? I think yes except Jay’s tryna get hot & heavy and Chad is like “We’re already hot bc it was like 47291048 degrees outside SHAMPOO ME U ABSOLUTE RADISH”
  • But they make out & stuff after they get clean probably in one of their rooms without the rest of the team there
  • Individually working with each other on the field on off-days in preparation for a tourney game ft. encouraging phrases like “YOU CAN DO IT BABE!!!! lmao but your techniQUE FUCKIN SUCKS LOSER DO IT AGAIN jk I love you”
  • Chad & Carlos running their mouths about all of Jay’s bad habits i.e. FUCKING TOSS YOUR SHIT IN THE TRASHCAN JAY & Jay coming in to a Son of Jafar Roast Session
  • That FUCKING RING was Chad’s and when they start dating Jay gives it back to him and Chad is like “okay when tf” but Jay is like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and kisses him and puts it on the other dude’s finger and Chad really doesn’t care anymore

this time of year again


new favourite holiday song.