this time of year again


new favourite holiday song.

Trinity Christmas List


Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Drinking Game

Beer Bread


Daily Grace 

My Mom Twerks

Mom Christmas

Merry Christmas (2012)

Tuesday Morning

Merry Christmas (2011)

Happy Haul-idayz!

Grace and her mom will haze you!

You Deserve a Drink

Jingle All the Way (Homebuddies!)

Holiday in Handcuffs (Homebuddies!)

Santa’s Snack

Ugly Christmas Sweater TOOT-orial (mametown)

Christmas Face (rhett and link)

Christmas Sweatz (rhett and link)

oh and

Camp Takota Trailer



(huddles in a corner and ignores family as I watch the trailer on repeat)

Merry Christmas everyone!  Feel free to comment and add ones I missed :)

I think I ship Hartbig so much because even professionally, they’re always together in other creators’ projects togetherFor instance, Christmas SweatzOr the couple of episodes of MyMusic that Hannah was on or the video with FlulaWhat else? Oh, how about Food Foxes or their videos with hotmessmovewhere there were references to each other? Not enough? What about Formula D or how they both hosted Mental Floss episodes (except that Hannah got too drunk when filming Pizza John and couldn’t make her episode). They even guest hosted vlogbrothers after Alice was born!

Like fuck, they just GO together. Like the last two pieces of a puzzle. And I’ll be damned if it hasn’t been the most amazing thing to bear witness to. The way they work together and bounce so well off one another is great. My new goal in life is to find the kind of (obviously platonic) relationship they have with one another.