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feminist/college/ice hockey/shy!shawn (who even knows anymore tbh)

  • walking into the lecture hall on that first day and seeing a cute boy in the corner, sporting a hoodie with the logo for your college ice hockey team.
  • his hood slightly up, his brown curly hair peeking out from underneath
  • tapping his pen on his notepad because he always writes everything by hand
  • you sitting down not far away from him and watching as his warm, brown eyes flick to you and a patch of red appears on his cheek. 
  • biting his lip as he looks back down at his notepad, grateful when the teacher walks in to provide a distraction from the gorgeous being sitting just along the row from him.
  • he never speaks up or offers an opinion, always being too shy to find the courage to share his thoughts on the topic (of which he has many)
  • watching in awe as you stand up for what you believe in
  • you being so god damn irresistible to him that he cant help but sneak glances at you when he thinks you aren’t looking
  • he tries not to get caught looking at you but somehow your eyes always find his, inciting the usual reaction of blushed cheeks and a bit lip.
  • awkwardly pushing his hand through his fluffy hair when you walk through the door 
  • listening so intently to your opinions and thoughts when you speak up in class
  • trying to work up the courage to speak to you for so many weeks
  • until he trips over your bag when trying to get to his seat
  • his face literally turning as red as a tomato because oh god did he really just trip in front of the pretty girl?
  • asking him “are you okay?”. your gorgeously soft, accented voice causing him to trip over his words 
  • “n-never better" 
  • truly noticing for the first time how tall and muscular he is
  • not long after that, he stops being your little secret when the professor says something that shawn really doesn’t agree with, causing him to sit forward in his seat, his jaw locked, a patch of red forming as he rants passionately about the true definition and importance of feminism
  • melting in your seat, watching his shovel hands gesturing wildly as the usually shy boy finally speaks up
  • him instantly becoming 1000x hotter to you while the rest of the class look on in shock because he speaks?? since when??
  • attending the next ice hockey game and spotting the boy from your social studies class, clad in padding protecting various parts of his body and a jersey with the name MENDES across the back
  • finally stumbling off the ice after winning the game, his curly hair sweaty and a grin on his face as he blushes wildly at the cheers and applause.
  • him wiping the sweat from his face with his jersey
  • trying not to imagine what he looks like under his hockey uniform or you’ll never be able to look him in the eye again
  • smiling widely at him when you get to class the next day
  • “good game mendes”, referring to the name on the back of his jersey
  • THE BLUSH im tellin ya, his cheeks would be on fire.
  • stuttering, avoiding eye contact as he thanks you, earning a dazzling smile from you in response
  • biting his lip, noticing the cute dimple in your chin and the way your eyes sparkle up close
  • “you’re shawn, right?” queue the blush once more because you know his name
  • when you tell him your name he’d smile shyly
  • “beautiful name for a beautiful girl”
  • him realising how cringey that was and beginning to awkwardly ramble until you quieten him with a laugh and a soft ‘thanks’
  • shawn finally building up the confidence and, fiddling with the ring on his right hand, he asks you out for tea or coffee
  • happily accepting the offer from the tall, shy, hockey playing dream of a boy
  • he’d smile and blush when you accept, nervously handing over his number
  • that one patch on his cheek, near the corner of his jaw, burning red
  • your smile literally dazzling him
  • his hands dwarfing the coffee cup in front of him, sitting across from you in the cosy coffee shop as you sip from a mug of tea
  • fiddling with his ring whenever he gets anxious
  • running his fingers through his fluffy hair when he smiles at you
  • the shy boy coming out of his shell just for you
  • walking you back to your dorm after your date
  • you reaching up and kissing the corner of his mouth, mostly his cheek and revelling in the blush that spreads across his nose and cheeks
  • sitting next to him in class the next day, your hand finding his and giving it a soft squeeze
  • smiling once more as you see him blush out of the corner of your eye
  • your relationship begins to progress until you’re having secret make-out sessions in the back corner of the library, surrounded by old books that no one ever uses anymore
  • his team mates teasing him about the hickey left on his neck until you’re convinced he is going to explode if he blushes any more
  • him letting you wear his jersey, mostly to let people know that you’re his since he’s too shy to make it known verbally
  • but also because he knows you really like it
  • you two being /that/ goal couple
  • him asking you to read his paper for class to make sure it was good enough to turn in and you marvelling at just how passionate about social studies he really is
  • wondering how does so much passion come out of such a shy boy
  • him showing you exactly how much passion he really has

congrats on winning best smut my love, im so so proud of you 

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the funniest thing was how throughout the show Dan was just a sweaty curly haired mess and Phil was like totally fine

there’s dan who looks like he’s literally being interrogated from the sheer amount of sweat dripping down his face

and then there’s phil. who looks great. not even a single strand of hair is sticking to his forehead

Halloween | pt. 1

[my favorite holiday!! 🎃]

“Thank you!” The little kids exclaim as they walk down the steps of the house. They run away from their babysitters and giggle as they head to the next house. I close the door, locking it and setting the large bowl of candy down on the table by the door. Afterwards I walk back to the living room and sit down on the brown leather recliner and continue watching the Halloween movie marathon on tv.

The phone rings and I get up from the couch to answer it. I pick up the phone from its place on the wall and turn my attention back to the television.

“Hello?” I answer. Through the other line I hear heavy breathing. “Hello?” I sigh. “Look, asshole, don’t you have something better to do?” I hang up the phone and head back to the couch and sit in the darkness watching the movie.

Just as Michael pops out behind the couch, the phone rings again. I groan and get up and head to the phone again.

“Hello?” I answer the phone with annoyance.
“Are you in the house alone?” A male voice says.
“Yeah, and I’m waiting for you. So why don’t you come on over, big boy.” I hang up the phone and sit back down on the couch.

As the plot progresses and Laurie fights Michael, I hear a floorboard creak behind me. I turn around and see nothing, then bringing my attention back to the television. While Michael pops up behind Laurie once more, a hand is pressed down onto my shoulder, causing me to scream and jump out of my chair.

My scream is overpowered by the sound of laughter. I turn on the floor lamp and see my boyfriend, Shawn. His hands are on his knees as he’s bent over laughing at my reaction to him scaring me.

“That wasn’t funny, Shawn!” I say from the floor. He composes himself before helping me up from the floor. Once I’m up on my feet I whack his arm. “You’re such an ass!”

“You’re the one watching scary movies in the dark,” Shawn replies as he grabs onto my waist. “It’s Halloween, babe. You’re entitled to at least one good scare.”

“You suck, you know that?” I tell him as I let out a light chuckle.

“Alright, I know how to make it up to you.” He says. “We’ll do it just like they do in scary movies.”

Shawn leans in and slowly kisses my lips. I kiss him back but stop once there’s a knock at the door. I pull back from the kiss and he continues to kiss at my lips.

“Shawn,” I giggle, “there’s people at the door.”

“Sh, they’ll go away,” he whispers against my lips as he continued to kiss me.

“It’s Halloween, they won’t go away.” I reply to him.

“Fine, then we’ll go away.” Before I can respond to him, he grabs me and tosses me over his shoulder. I gasp as he managed to do it so quickly and he starts to walk up the stairs of my empty house.“Your parents still out?”

“Won’t be back until midnight,” I reply.

“Good.” Shawn lightly kicks the door to my room open, walks in, and sets me down on my bed. He lies down on top of me and kisses at my neck while his hand creeps under my shirt. “No bra, huh?”

I moan and bite down on my lip as he sucks against my neck while kneading my breast in his big hand. His lips trail up to my jawline, where he delicately kisses at the skin, before kissing at my lips. His tongue runs against my bottom lip and I give him access and open my mouth, greeting his tongue with mine.

“Shawn,” I softly pant his name. He smirks against my lips and deepens our kiss. I wrap my legs around him and he begins to unbutton my pants. He removes his hand from my breast and brings it under my the front of my pants. I gasp at the feeling of his cold hand at my warm clit.

“Oh, cold,” I pant. Shawn kisses at my lips and slowly moves his thumb in a circular motion. I gasp into the kiss and he seizes the moment to slip his tongue back into my mouth. With his other hand he tugs at my pants. I remove my legs from around his waist and with both hands, he pulls my pants down my legs. His fingers trails up against my inner thighs and he grabs the hem of my thong and slides it back off.

“Midnight?” Shawn asks me as he places my thighs over his shoulders.

Already anticipating the feeling of his tongue inside me, I shiver and nod. “Midnight,” my voice is shaky.

Shawn licks at my inner right thigh before bringing his mouth down to my labia. He begins to suck on my clit while sliding a finger inside my vagina and lightly scratching at my walls. I bring a hand to his hair and the other to his shoulder, lightly clawing at the fabric of his pullover sweater. I close my eyes and open my mouth and moan out loud. His grips rests firmly on my thighs as he continues to suck at my clit.

I glance down and see a hint of lust in his amber eyes. He winks at me before bringing his focus back to eating me out. I buck my hips up and moan louder as Shawn swirls his tongue around my clit in the lightest way.

“Shawn,” I moan. “Oh, Shawn.”

He places a hand at my stomach and lowers me back down on the bed. I pant harder and my moan gets raspy. I hear the sound of a zipper coming down and I look at Shawn. He pulled back and took his sweater off in one swift motion, leaving him shirtless. I take my shirt off, tossing it to the floor as Shawn pulls his pants and briefs down.

His hand is over his semi hard member and he looks down at me. “Touch yourself.”

“Huh?” I ask him, surprised that he’s attempting something new.

“Touch yourself, come on.” He replies. I lie back on the bed and bring my hand in between my thighs. I gasp as I slip my middle finger inside me. I begin to scratch at my walls, making my body squirm at the feeling.

“Shawn,” I moan his name. I close my eyes and bite down on my lip as I imagine Shawn touching me the way he does.

“Look at me.” Shawn says. I open my eyes and see him rubbing his thumb over his head. “God, I want you.”

Shawn crawls on top of me and I place my hands in his ear while I spread my legs. I arch my back as he slowly enters me. His hand is at my lower back while his other is holding onto the headboard of the bed.

“Deeper,” I pant in his ear.

He thrusts his whole length in me, making me go speechless. Shawn grunts and swears under his breath. “You’re so tight.”

The bed spring lets out a squeak as Shawn pulls out all the way and then slams back into me. He brings a hand down to his hard member and begins to rub his erection against my clit. I moan like wild as he kisses at my neck and begins to suck.

“Shit, Shawn,” I pant. I arch my back and buck my hips up. He stops teasing me and slowly slides back into me. He begins to form a hard and fast rhythm to his thrusts.

“Baby,” Shawn grunts behind his teeth. His hands are gripping onto my upper arms for support. I wrap my legs around his waist and place my hands against his face. I bring his head down to my level and kiss at his lips. My body lightly twitches with every rough thrust he gives me.

He places a thumb against my neck and lightly applies pressure. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you,” I say.

“Tell me you want me,” he says.

“I want you.” I reply. “Shawn, I want you.”

He pulls out and turns me onto my back. I arch my back up as he slides himself into me once more. His hands are at my waist, holding me up as my legs slightly tremble under his rough and deep thrusts. My head rests against the pillow and I moan out loud while gripping onto the bed sheets underneath me.

The bed squeaks and the headboard bangs against the wall. Shawn takes my by surprise and takes my hair in his hand. His hand twists from behind and he pulls my hair. I’m now on my hands and knees as he thrusts harder into me. The sound of our skin coming in contact echoes through my mind and it hits me that he forgot to put a condom on.

“Shit, Shawn, the condom!” I say.
“Don’t worry, I’ll pull out.” He replies.

I moan as he scratches at my shoulder. I bite down on my bottom lip and there’s another knock at the door. The sound of children giggling from the outside makes me lose my concentration.

“Say my name,” Shawn demands, slapping my ass.

“Shawn,” I pant.


“Shawn.” I moan.


“Shawn!” I scream. My moans get louder as he goes in a bit deeper and harder. “God, Shawn. Oh-fuck. Don’t stop.”

“Fuck, you feel so good, baby.” He bends down and kisses at my shoulder. Shawn places a hand at my upper back and pushes me back down onto the bed. His grip goes back to my waist as he pounds into me at a more slower pace.

The slow speed teases me as he rubs his head against my clit as he slides in slowly. My moans turn into soft whimpers as the feeling of him going rough and deep is gone. “Shawn,” I whimper.

“How do you want it?” He asks me.

“Shawn,” I let out a lengthy moan. “I want you.”

“Yeah?” He asks me.

“Yeah,” I pant. “I need you.”

He moans as he slides himself back inside me all the way. Shawn’s deep into me only to pull out all the way. A hand is at my waist and he turns me onto my back yet again. He grabs my knees and holds them to my chest as he slowly slides back inside me. He bites down on his lip and I place my hands in his messy, sweaty and slightly curly hair. Shawn buries his head in the crook of my neck, kissing at my skin before moaning in my ear. He lets go of one of my legs before bringing his hand back between my thighs. His thumb rubs against my clit once more and I arch my back into him. He holds my body close to him and I wrap my legs around his waist.

“Shit,” Shawn grunts. “Fuck you’re tight.”

“Don’t stop Shawn,” I pant in his ear.

His thrusts get rougher and he goes a bit faster. My breath hitches as he bites at my breast, beginning to leave a hickey.

“Shawn, don’t stop,” I beg. “Don’t stop, I want you. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

I place a leg over his shoulder and Shawn pulls out. I look at him and bite my bottom lip once I see him lick down my stomach and back to sucking on my clit. I toss my head back against the pillow and bring my hands to his hair again. His warm tongue dances against my clit, making me squirm and squeal in delight. With two fingers, he scratches at my walls and twirls his fingers inside me.

“Sh-Shawn.” I stutter my moan.

My breathing is hitched as my chest begins to heave up and down, signaling that my orgasm was near. “Babe,” I pant, “I-I’m close. I’m close, oh, don’t stop.”

Shawn sucks at my clit and moves his lips against my sensitive spot all while twirling his fingers inside me. I bring my hands to my hair, turning my head to the side as I arch my back.

“Shawn, oh, Shawn. D-daddy,” I whimper. “Shawn I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna, I’m gonna cum.”

He pulls back and sits up on his knees. With one hand he rubs his thumb against my clit and jerks himself off with the other hand. I place my hands on his hand and lead him deeper into me.

“Oh, fuck!” Shawn grunts. I close my eyes as I feel his warm load shoot onto my stomach. I orgasm, moaning loudly as it takes over my body. Shawn falls onto his back beside me and his chest heaves up and down. Once I catch my breath, he trails a finger onto my stomach, gathering some of his load and bringing it to my mouth. “Suck.”

I maintain eye contact with him as I suck his bittersweet load off his finger. “Good girl,” he says before leaning over and kissing me.

“Instead of me being entitled to one good scare,” I begin, “I think I was entitled to once good fuck.”

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Req: Hey! I noticed requests were open sooo, maybe like a teen!dan X reader (boyfriend and girlfriend) smut? Idk thanks haha! 

IV. finally i got on with writing a request, sorry to keep you waiting so long. DAN HOWELL SMUT. But enjoy xo.

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Is it too late now to say sorry?

You and Harry didn’t get to spend much time together. Even with him on break from the band, he always seemed to have a million and one things to do, and not enough time to do them. Often times, he didn’t do half of the things he was supposed to, because he got held up doing somethings else. Always trying to please someone and hold up his end of the agreement. Unfortunately, Harry wasn’t the best multitasker. But the one thing Harry always managed to do was make time for you. Weather it was sitting down for a home cooked meal at the end of a long day, or an early morning romp before he had to leave the warm confines of your shared bed, and face the world and its people. He always managed to make time for his princess – you.

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luke laying his head in your lap while the collection of pot holes in the road give under the massive tires of the tour bus, his face still glistening with a thin layer of sweat from the show that ended not hours before, his eyes a bit puffy and swollen with fatigue, making the gentle blue hue all the more dazzling. he gently toyed with your hands that draped over his collarbones, his fingers brushing over the ridges caused by your flexed joints, the cool metal of his rings bringing a flutter of goosebumps across your already chilled skin before he was soothing the coolness by covering his lips over each individual digit, the amount of affection from the simple movements enveloping your heart in adoration until he’s guiding your grip to his sweaty mess of curly hairs, coaxing you to run your fingers through it as his eyes flit closed and he hums tiredly did you know you’re the most beautiful girl in the world? as you just shush him with flushed pink cheeks, tugging the knots from the darkened, damp blonde while massaging his scalp until his heartbeat is slowing under your touch and he’s murmuring i love you, princess 

"You're into soccer?" soccer player!calum | calum hood fluff

A/N: this might not be the best, but i tried! I’m not too great at au’s, but i hope you enjoy it still! also, thank you guys so much for 200 followers! thats insane. i love you all very much :-)

Request: Can i have a nerdy!you falling for soccer player Calum?

[ “You’re into soccer?” ]

Everyone knew Calum Hood’s name. He was the captain of the varsity soccer team, the tall, hot, muscular, atheletic guy that all the girls chased. You knew you didn’t have a chance with him, but for some reason you couldn’t get him out of your mind.

He was the only reason you attended school soccer games. You would much rather be home alone, reading a book. But you wanted to see him as much as you could, even if it was only from the sidelines.

“(y/n)?” you heard one day at one of the games. A girl from your chemistry class had called your name.

“Hey.” You responded, pushing up your glasses.

“You’re into soccer?” She asked.

“Um…I…a little?” You said, not even convincing yourself if was true.

She laughed and shook her head. “Okay then. See you around.“

What were you supposed to say? “Yeah I don’t like the game, just the player. The one guy I have 0 chance with!!!!” You shook all the negativity from your mind and continued focusing on Calum.

After the game was over, you hurriedly got up and starting walking out. You wanted to avoid socializing as much as humanly possible. Not that many people talk to you anyways, you just wanted to go home.

As you walked down to the field from your seat at the top of the bleachers. You couldn’t help but look for Calum. You could just imagine how incredibly hot he looked in his soccer jersey, sweaty, with his curly hair messed up.

“Looking for something?” You froze.

“Uh….no?” You asked.

He let out a laugh that made your heart melt. “You’re (y/n) right?” He asked smiling, running a hand through his hair.


“I’m Calum.”

“I know.” You said. “I mean…that was weird. I’m sorry. I just know you from, you’re in my math class. And history class. That’s how I know you.” You rambled.

“Yeah. I know. It’s cool.” He laughed again.

“I just…I gotta go.” You said, mentally slapping yourself a thousand times for being so goddamn awkward.

“Wait!” He called. You turned around and felt your cheeks heat up. The effect this guy had on you was crazy.

“I was wondering if you wanted to grab some dinner with me after I get cleaned up here?” He asked.

You were basically speechless. “Wait…what?”

“Dinner. Me and You. Tonight.”

“Oh right. Of course. I’d love too.” You gave your best smile. You heart was pounding a mile a minute and it took all of your strength not to start excitedly dancing and screaming on the spot.

“Good. It’s a date.” He leaned down and kissed your cheek. “See you in a few (y/n).”

Ashton Irwin Imagine- Daddy Kink (SMUT WARNING)

Ashton Irwin Imagine- Daddy Kink (SMUT)

You were in bed with your boyfriend while reading your book peacefully while he was asleep and you can silently moans coming from his side of the bed. You look over and stop reading to see if would do it again and sure enough you heard your name moaning louder than before. You set your book down and laugh silently trying not to wake him up.

You get out of bed going to the bathroom laughing hysterically at yourself while facing the mirror before going back into the bedroom. You see him awake on his phone until you walk into the room and he sets his phone down while you get back into bed.

“So I had a really good dream about you about 20 minutes ago.” Ashton laughed. “I can tell.” You smirk trying not to laugh. He looks at you concerned before questioning what you meant. “Well,” You paused “You moaned my named a couple of times here and there and so I figured it was something adventurous.” You smile at him. He covers his face a bit embarrassed but then looks at you “Would you ever be into the whole daddy thing?” He asked slightly shy. You turn to him with big eyes and a huge smile on your face “oh baby you have no idea.” You say.

He smirks rolling on top of you kissing your neck right behind your ear as you slowly start to moan. “Baby” You moan and he stops, “No princess. You call me daddy tonight.” As he slowly takes off your shirt leaving you completely naked already and him in his boxers. You reach down to his boxers as you two kiss feeling his length up and down leaving him moan. “Oh princess that feels amazing.” Kissing you down your body sucking on your right nipple before slowly making his way down your body with kisses before getting to your clit. You massage his brown curly hair as his warm tongue flicks up and down feeling you up with complete nerves going through your whole body. “Oh daddy.” You moan pulling on his hair tighter. He comes back up kissing you straight on the lips before you slip his boxers off his waist throwing them off the bed. He grabs a condom out of the drawer and opens up the package.

“Would you like to do the honors?” He smirks before grabbing the condom and slowly slipping it onto his length. He moans kissing you up your body before slowly entering you fingering your clit and you scream his name, “ASHTON!” You yell. “come on princess.” He thrusts into you harder and harder each time. You could feel the climax coming, “Ashton I’m almost there.” You raise your voice. He puts his long fingers right above his length still slowly thrusting into you fingering your clit leaving you cumming and you scream as pulls out.

He quickly then starts entering his fingers in and out of you for a couple of seconds before planting next to you panting. “I think we should do that more often.” He comments before wrapping his arm around the back of your waist and on top of your stomach cuddling you. “Yeah we should” You feel his sweaty curly brown hair before slowly falling asleep enjoying each other’s company. 

Ashton held his head in his hands, too afraid to move from where he laid in bed. He could feel his stomach churning and he knew once he shifted in any direction, he’d be running for the bathroom. He groaned as he turned his head in the direction of your side of the bed, quickly taking in that you weren’t there.

He sighed, digging the heels of his hands into his eyes as his hangover headache began. He squinted his eyes to see the curtains pulled tightly shut, blocking out any sun that could’ve been let in. He’d never been more thankful that you liked to sleep in pitch black darkness. Why did Calum let him get so drunk last night? He remembered the first four, but it was all a blur after that.

“Y/N!” Ashton called out, testing his voice to see how loud he could handle it. He listened for your footsteps in any direction, but didn’t hear them. Then he decided that he’d done this to himself, he didn’t want to bother you with taking care of him. He gingerly shifted in bed, sitting up cautiously as his stomach lurched and he was on his way to the bathroom.

You heard the door slam shut from where you were in the kitchen, a cup of coffee mixed with one crushed extra strength aspirin and the slightest bit of sugar in your hand for Ashton whenever he woke up. You moved down the hallway, heading for your bedroom.

You knocked cautiously on the bathroom door before you opened it, seeing his head resting on the toilet seat. “How’s my boy?” you asked, running a hand through his sweaty, curly hair. His face was flushed and his eyes closed as he focused on taking calm breaths.

“Hungover,” Ashton mumbled after a second. “How are you, baby?” Still with the pet names even when he was recovering. You took a seat on the floor beside him after you’d set the coffee on the edge of the bathtub.

“Worried about you,” you replied, leaning forward to run a hand across his back, trying to soothe his tense muscles after their convulsions. You could feel him unwind slightly under your touch. “You were pretty funny last night,” you mentioned, causing Ashton to turn his head toward you, his hazel eyes focused on your face.

“Was I now? What did I do?” he asked curiously and you shook your head.

“Let’s just say that hairbrush karaoke happened,” you teased, leaning up to press a kiss to his forehead. “Wanna just hang out in bed today?” Ashton nodded, moving to stand up again and trudge his way back into bed.

You followed, handing him his coffee before he had a chance to lie back down. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better,” Ashton smiled at the gesture as he took the mug, swallowing a good mouthful of the caffeinated drink.

“You’re an actual angel, thank you,” Ashton mumbled, setting the mug down and rolling back into the bed he had abandoned moments ago. You joined him, tugging him into your arms. His shoulders were too broad for you to properly hold onto him, but he relaxed almost immediately as he burrowed his head into your neck. He left a soft kiss on your collarbone. “Love you.” It wasn’t a moment later that he was asleep in your arms.

taylor swift: *leaves the gym with curly sweaty hair and visible dark roots*
me: look at this queen of imperfection the most beautiful and inspirational inventor of health and fitness