People claim they are against child labour, sweatshops, labour abuse, etc.
you do realize animals die and are harmed every day for your Michael Kors bag. Your uggs is wool sheered so close to a lambs skin that it cuts and burns them. The goose feather pillows you have are plucked from a goose alive while it bleeds from the needles poked into its skin to collect the feathers. Your hairspray is tested on a bunnies eyes where their eyelids are ripped off so they can’t blink, simply because their eyes are similar to humans.

The list goes on and on. I’m not saying you have to become vegan and abandon your life style. But please educate your self and understand what injustices happen to animals as much as what happens to those of less fortune. You can use a pleather purse, synthetic wool boots, memory foamed pillows, and cruelty free hair products. It’s little changes that make a big impact. Of course this is difficult and doesn’t happen over night or even in a few months. Never forget your efforts matter to them.

29 Nov 2012

A thing to change: 

A few days ago, a fire killed at least 122 people who were working in a factory in Bangladesh that was making clothing for Walmart. There were no emergency exits and no evacuation plan. 

Call on the largest buyers from Bangladesh – H&M, Walmart and Gap – to commit to a real fire safety program that will save the lives of the companies’ sweatshop workers.


If you knew they shut down the factory
In an economic ruse
If you could kiss the cheek of the child
In the sweatshop that made your shoes
If every time we went to war
To fight our evil foes
They told you we were really fighting
For the good of CEOs
If you could feel the hunger of the many
And see the riches of the few
If they told it like it is
What if you knew
—  David Rovics, ‘What if you knew’

SYABM >comic< #21 “Spinterruption”

SJW: But SYABM, everything in society is about men already!

SYABM: Really? Then why do men make up most suicide victims?

SJW: I don’t know.

SYABM: How many government programs are there to help men, because they’re men?

SJW: Um…

SYABM: And how many are there to help women?

SJW: That’s only because of feminism!

SYABM: Okay. What about the Wage Gap? Wouldn’t the same executives that ship factories halfway around the world to take advantage of sweatshop labour to make your smartphone wouldn’t just hire more women if they could get away with it?

SJW: But they can’t get away with it!

SYABM: Why not!

SJW: There are…laws…

SYABM: Which, if I’m not mistaken, were largely or entirely implemented by male politicians.

SJW: But they only have those because of feminism!

SYABM: Wow. For a movement mainly made up of oppressed women, feminism sure has a lot of power over the Patriarchy.

SYABM: Say, doesn’t “Toxic Masculinity” tell men not to express their hurt and pain?

SYABM: And hasn’t feminism spent most of it’s existence talking about women’s problems?

SYABM: Why are y’all so defensive about having even one conversation about men’s problems?

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After the accident in Bangladesh, I’m pretty sure it will take a tool in their sales. Consumers should really think twice before buying low price items, because chances are it was made out of unethical labour. I don’t think I’ll ever shop at Joe Fresh again, which is quite painful for me because I love the clothes and their style and where they stand in the fashion industry. They managed to stand out amongst high-brands. But BEING SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE IS THE FUTURE. It’s all about going green!