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Author: @knockknocksoosthere as a part of Exordia Academy with @kpopfanfictrash & @bread-jinie

Creative Content Contributor: @everybodykpops FOR THIS MOODBOARD THAT HAS ME CRYING

A/N: HUGE SHOUTOUT TO @baebae-goodnight for all her help and beta-ing soooo many times on this one. ILY.

Rating: M (cursing, mentions of death, explicit sex - first time)

Pairing: Minseok x Reader

Word Count: 11K

Super Power: Essokinesis 

Summary:  Reality has never been kind to Minseok. Always, he’s been overlooked. Always picked last, always bullied by those larger than him. Until one day, he snaps. He imagines himself towering over his tormentors, striking fear into their puny hearts and dangling them from his palm. When he realizes they, too experience this distorted reality – things begin to change. No longer is Minseok nobody. The first time he steps foot on campus, people know who he is. He sees them whisper, sees them shy away and while he finds comfort in their fear – it’s lonely. When he meets you though, he finds you don’t look away. Perhaps there’s a reason.  

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Stubborn H

“Harry, no more.”

Your husband’s hums in delight were stopped, knowing it exactly would since you were observing him from the doorway of his office, hearing the mouse click every few minutes on the website of Gucci, putting mini wool blankets to mini baby sweatshirts and diaper bags on his cart, deep in thought.

“What? What do you mean?”

Harry immediately asked, switching over to the tab he already made awhile ago just in case, as his contigency plan when you catch him again.

“This, I think.”

You asked in a tone of feigned shock, standing beside him and moving the mouse, clicking over to the tab that unveiled different varieties of the baby wear Gucci supplied on their website.

“I was just looking at them, I swear.”

Harry was nervous by now, already remembering the times you scolded him for looking things up at luxury brands for his baby boy, just wanting to go for simpler things.

“You put them in your cart.”

He frowned, pulling you down to his lap since he didn’t want you standing for long amounts of time.

“But — but maybe-…”

“We’re on six months, love. We’re not even on the third trimester yet.”

“But we’re a month closer to the third!”

Harry put as contest to what you said, making you sigh amusedly since he was so excited about this since he had every reason to be, even to the point he’s already buying clothes when his mum clearly told him not to yet.

“Still. Why were you on that Gucci website again?”

He whined defeatedy, putting his hands on top of your bump and resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Cause I want the best for our baby boy?”

“And I said what?”

Harry whined, reciting the words he already memorized from what you said, frowning.

“That I should wait and not go to luxury brands for these because he’ll grow them out and would be a waste, and that it’s too early for these and that I should listen to my mum since she told you that.”

“Then what did my husband do again?”

Harry looked at you seriously, both with a straight and humorous stare, daring you as a joke to contest him.

“Nothing. Your husband did nothing.”

“That’s why he’s not going to buy those.”

You smiled, Harry turning you around so you’re still sitting in his lap yet facing him this time, leaning you against the desk for support, kissing you as his hands went on your back.

He smiled through the kiss, biting your bottom lip slightly after you heard the click of his computer mouse, making you immediately look at him and groan his name.

“Whoops. Sorry ‘bout that, love.”

Harry laughed, making you stand up with him immediately pulling you back to his figure but not roughly, his tone still happy filled with laughter.

“’M sorry. I can’t help it.”

BTS reacting to their S/O giving back their favorite Sweatshirt.

Summary: How BTS would react to their someone giving back their favorite Sweatshirt of theirs because it doesn’t smell of them anymore.

Kim Namjoon:
You pressed his oversized sweatshirt into his hands the minute you walked into the apartment, leaving him puzzled for a minute. 
What is this?” he asked before realizing that it’s the sweatshirt that has gone missing a few months ago. 

It doesn’t smell like you anymore.” you answered without looking at him, already looking for another shirt to wear. He raised his eyebrow at your answer and shake his head in disbelief. 
But I never knew you had this in the first place…?”

Kim Seokjin:
You stayed over at your boyfriend’s house for the night and when you asked him to get something from your bag, he noticed a familiar looking sweatshirt peaking out from underneath your other clothes and pulled it out, his eyes widening in disbelief. “When did you even take this?” He asked as he came back into the bathroom and looked at you through the mirror in confusion. 

A while ago. It didn’t smell like you anymore so I decided to give it back.”
He silently chuckled at your answer before turning around and leaving you to yourself while mumbling, 
I wonder if she has that hair brush too that I’ve been missing.” 

Min Yoongi:
He sighed annoyed when you pulled out his favorite sweatshirt from your bag and gave it back to him, smiling innocently. He grabbed it from your hands and shook his head at your behavior, trying to hide the smile that’s tugging on his lips as he gently beat you with the sweatshirt. After he calmed himself, he chuckled and pointed at his wardrobe.

Go pick another one. I’ll wear this one so it smells like me again.”

Jung Hoseok:
He was sitting on the couch, scrolling through Netflix when the door to his apartment suddenly flung open and a familiar figure ran past, giggling under their breath. Hoseok got up from his seat and investigated it further, leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom and watched you eagerly go through his wardrobe. 

Did the sweatshirt I gave you stop smelling like me?” He asked, smirking at you knowingly. You slowly turned around to him and nod slightly, throwing the sweatshirt over to him. 

Park Jimin:
When he opened the door and saw you hugging his long lost sweater tightly, pouting as you try to not make eye contact with your boyfriend, he instantly giggled at the scene in front of him and sighed in frustration, already giving up before even trying to argue with you about the point. He took it from you and his gaze met yours.

Do you want to choose another one?” He asked and you nod in excitment, dissapearing into his wardrobe.

Kim Taehyung: 
He pretended to be surprised when you handed him the sweatshirt you told him went missing a couple months ago and just took it back from you, his eyebrows raised in shock. When he noticed you biting down on your lower lip to remain a straight face, he gently hit you with it and sighed.  

“It’s not like you basically already own my clothes anyways.”

Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was standing shirtless in front of his wardrobe, looking for his favorite black shirt.
Who’s wearing my clothes again?”, he yelled for the members to hear. They all promised him they had nothing to do with the dissapperance of his shirt.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He opened it half naked to let you in. Confused, you asked him why he was acting the way he did. In frustration he let out a groan and told you about the mysterious loss of his shirt. With a grin, you opened your backbag and pulled out a black shirt that looked exactly like his.

“It doesn’t smell like you anymore so I figured I’d give it back.”, You answered, flashing him a smile before walked towards his wardrobe to pick another one to take home.

~Love, Youngmi~


CARRY ALLS: The standout pre-fall bags put some pep in the crosstown schlep - model: Charlene Almarvez - photography: Stas May - fashion: Julia Gall - hair: Tesuya Yamagata - makeup: Sophie Haig - casting: David Chen - Interview Magazine May 2017

  • Loewe bag. Levis jacket. American Apparel socks. Vans sneakers
  • Balenciaga bag & sneaker. Champions sweatshirt. Re/Done jeans
  • Valentino bag. Ralph Lauren Collection jacket. AG Jeans jeans
  • Celine bag & pants. Adidas sneakers
  • Gucci bag & shoes. Citizen of Humanity jeans. Ozone socks
  • Louis Vuitton bag & boots. Alpha Industries jacket. Sonix phone case
  • Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci bag. Fear of God jacket. Nike sneakers
  • Dior bag & sneakers. Public School sweatshirt. Girlfriend jeans
Vacation With You : Tom Holland

prompt : you and tom take your first vacation together to disney world

words : 1585

pairing : tom holland x reader

request :  Could you possibly do a Disney World and or Universal Orlando imagine with Tom Holland??? I love your imagines btw 💕 - @gray-rose13

warning : a bit of swaring and fluff and disney fluff

a/n : i love disney i died writing this i’ve never been happier writing a preference ever this surpasses all of them i love you for requesting this i don’t want to wait two more years to go back to disney )))): also it’s 4:30am someone kill me

“I can’t believe you’ve never been to Disney World.” You remark.

You and your long-time boyfriend, Tom, are going on your first vacation together. Well, real vacation. Press tours don’t count. Anyways, he said since he drags you everywhere for his job, you’d get to pick where you go. And of course, you, being an American raised in a Disney-loving family, automatically picked Disney World. And now you’re teasing Tom for not going. Ever. When this is your sixth time going.

“I’ve been to Disneyland Paris?” Tom tries to argue.

You roll your eyes. “Disneyland Paris has nothing on Disney World.” You say.

“Polynesian Resort. Last stop.” The bus driver says. You grin, hopping out of your chair and pulling Tom up with you. The two of you quickly gather your luggage, making it inside the hotel, checking in, and entering your hotel room.

“This hotel is gorgeous.” Tom says. The whole hotel is Polynesian themed, hence the name. You and your family love going here, and it only makes sense to keep up with the tradition.

“I love it so much!” You exclaim, flopping onto the bed. “Jacob would appreciate it.” Yoy say, causing Tom to laugh. “I’m going to use the bathroom and then we can spend the rest of the day in the park.” You stand up, giving Tom a quick kiss on the lips before entering the bathroom.

Fifteen seconds later, you hear Tom exclaim, “Holy shit y/n! There’s a balcony!”

You roll your eyes, turning on the sink and washing your hands. “This is a family park, Tom, keep the cursing to a minimum, will you?”

“I’m British.” He grumbles as you exit the bathroom.

“Oh get over it.” You tease. “Let’s go!” You say, grabbing your backpack.

“That was so cool. It’s like the tube, but, in the air.” Tom exclaims after exiting the monorail.

“You’re being overly British today.” You laugh, rolling your eyes.

“Whatever, you love me.” Tom says, kissing the top of your head. “What park is this?” He asks as you wait in line for bag checks and admission.

“Magic Kingdom. This one is definitely my favorite. Oh! Tomorrow we can go to Epcot. Epcot is the one where half is the future and the other half is around the world themed. You can go to England!” You exclaim, scanning your magic band.

“Yes, on a vacation to America that’s what I want to do, go to fake England.” Tom says sarcastically.

“Oh hush up. You know, this is the happiest place on Earth.” You smile, taking his hand and walking into the main gates.

“Hey, y/n, do you think we need a map?” Tom asks, looking at the display.

You stop, giving him a sassy glare. “Do you know how many times I have walked through this park? I think not.”

“I’m sorry, I love you.” He says, repeatedly kissing the top of your head, then your forehead, then your nose, and you stop him before he reaches your lips.

“There are children around!” You lower your voice into a whisper, causing Tom to pout. You roll your eyes, grasping his hand tightly and pulling him into the park.

“That is probably my favorite ride.” Tom announces after stepping off Space Mountain.

“Mine too! And Big Thunder Mountain. Oh my gosh your hair!” You say, cracking up.

Tom’s hands fly up to smooth his hair down. “You’re mean to me.” He pouts.

“Nu-uh. C’mon now, we’re gonna be late for the Electric Parade!” You grin, pulling him in the direction of Main Street USA.

The two of you find a seat, settling down and watching the parade. You start to get chilly, and Tom notices, so he grabs you his sweatshirt out of the bag you brought.

“You think, miss 6-timer, that you would know to bring a sweatshirt.” He whispers, slipping it over your head.

“I’m sorry, the forecast said it would be warmer. But you didn’t want to listen to me, Mr. English-I’m-always-cold.” You tease back.

He just smirks, wrapping an arm around you.

Once the parade is all over, the two of you make your way over to Cinderella’s castle, grabbing ice cream to eat before the fireworks start.

“This fireworks display is amazing.” You say, happily taking a bite out of your Mickey-shaped ice cream.

“Mm, I don’t think I’ll be watching it.” Tom shrugs, and you look at him with wide eyes, shocked.

“Excuse me?” You choke.

“I have something more beautiful to stare at.” He flirts, and you roll your eyes.

“Out of all of the boys, I chose the cheese-ball.” You roll your eyes.

“See Tom, it’s got the red telephone booths and everything!” You exclaim, grasping Tom’s arm and pointing over to them.

“I just think that this is a totally unrealistic portrayal of England.” Tom says, swatting you off his arm.

“They have Doctor Who merch inside?” You suggest.

“Really? Let’s get some!” Tom says, leading you inside the shop.

“I think we’re a bit too old to go in the pool.” You cross your arms.

“What about that man?” Tom pouts.

“Those are his kids Tom. Do you see any kids? No. Let’s go into the hot tub.” You argue.

“There are kids in there.” He points.

“Then let’s go to the beach.” You roll your eyes.

“isn’t that where that kid got killed by a shark?” Tom raises an eyebrow.

“You sure as hell don’t act like you’re 21. Go in the pool, Tom.” You give up, Tom cheering. And then five seconds later, you’re getting pushed into the pool.

“They have a water slide?!”

“I wonder if anyone’s gonna recognize you here.” You laugh, walking into Hollywood Studios hand-in-hand with Tom.

“The last thing I want on my mind during this vacation is movies.” Tom groans.

“And you want the first thing on it to be me? Well, you’re in luck! They have tons of Star Wars and Pixar stuff here! We should go on Star Tours first!” You exclaim.

“Hey, y/n, I think those people over there are pointing at me.” Tom whispers.

“See Tom, this is why I told you to wear a hat or sunglasses.” You smirk. “If they come up to you, get a picture. If they don’t ignore it.”

“Do they have any Marvel stuff here?”

“I can’t believe I was harassed by a Storm Trooper. Again.” You groan, laughing. You notice two girls walk up to the both of you, smiling shyly.

“H-hi Tom! And y/n, I know you too, you’re great!” The first one jokes.

“I love Wanda. Hey, Tom, why haven’t you ever let me meet Elizabeth Olsen?” You tease him, causing the two girls to laugh.

“We were wondering if we could get a picture?” The second one asks.

“Of course.” Tom says, and you take one of their phones, snapping a few pictures.

“Can we get some with y/n in it too?” The first one asks.

“Really?” You ask, surprised.

“Of course!” The second one nods.

You quickly find someone to take the picture, squeezing in next to the second girl.

“It was lovely meeting you two.” Tom smiles at the two girls.

“Thank you! Good luck! Bye!” They chorus, running back to their family.

“I love how you make people so happy.” You grin, holding his hand and swinging it.

“You make me happy though.”

“Again, cheese-ball.”

“I don’t wanna leave, Tom.” You pout, sitting on top of your luggage in your hotel room.

“We have a minute to check out. The bus doesn’t come until 5 hours from now, we can do shopping at Downtown Disney. Just please, get off the luggage and get down to the lobby so we can check out. Please?” Tom begs. “I’ll buy you the giant 50$ Stitch plush you’ve been begging me for all vacation?” He tries, causing you to shoot right up.

“Okay, let’s go!” You grin, walking down the hallway.

An hour later, your luggage was safe, you checked out, and you made it to Downtown Disney. Or whatever the new name is. Downtown Disney is better.

After a couple hours of shopping (and buying the giant 50$ Stitch plush), you and Tom found the Christmas Ornaments Store.

“Every time I went to Disney, my parents let me pick out an ornament.” You tell Tom, reminiscing.

“What if we buy ornaments for our tree?” Tom asks.

“Our tree?” You question.

“Our tree.” Tom reassures.

“I like that word. Our.” You smile, tugging Tom into the shop.

“Bye bye Disney.” You pout, sitting down in your seat on the airplane.

“Maybe we could go to another Disney. Maybe Tokyo or Paris or California-” Tom starts.

“Florida Disney will always be the best. I will not go to any other.” You cross your arms.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to see when the next time I have a week break in my schedule is.” Tom shrugs.

“You really want to go to Disney with me? For a second time?” You ask.

“Of course. I love you and Disney makes you happy.” He smiles.

“Disney with you makes me happier.” You say, kissing him tenderly.

Three Points to My Heart

You’re the basketball manager, Daniel is the star player and team captain. You were basically meant to be.
(For anon who requested team manager!leader and captain!Daniel)


“Good luck, boys!” You cheered, placing your hand in the center of the circle. The boys of the basketball team followed suit, “Mnet Academy, fighting!” You all cheered, bringing your hands up to the sky in a signature cheer.

“(y/n), are the water bottles all filled?” The coach of the Mnet Academy varisty basketball team, Coach Seokhoon, asked you, whistle dangling against your chest.

“Of course,” Sanggyun, the team’s small forward, teased, patting you on the back, “(y/n)’s our manager, they’re always on top of it.”

“Team captains, please come to the center,” the referee yelled, blowing his whistle twice.

“Daniel,” you stepped forward slightly, “good luck!”

Kang Daniel, varsity basketball team captain and your crush of three years, smiled back at you in the way that always made your heart flutter. “Thanks, (y/n).”

Ever since you’d first gotten to Mnet Academy and Daniel had showed you around campus, you’d been smitten with his good lucks and kind, charming personality. When the position of basketball team manager had opened, you’d jumped for the opportunity to get to know the guy better.

The two of you were definitely close, given all the time you’d spent together at league meetings and dinners, away games, and even all the time on the bus to and from practice. You’d thought that maybe, all the time you’d spent around Daniel would turn your romantic feelings into friendship ones, but no such luck—you had fallen for him harder than ever.

A loud whistle from the ref startled you out of your thoughts, and you hurried to wish the other boys good luck as well.

The game got off to a quick start. Dongho, your center, won the tip-off, and Seongwoo scored the first points of the game. Back on defense, Seunghyuk moved quickly to steal the ball, passing it off to Daniel, who scored his signature three-point all-net shot. This game was going to be an easy win, you could already tell.

By the end of the first quarter, your boys were up by 15 points, and had barely won a sweat.

“Guys, remember, let’s not get cocky,” Daniel said seriously to the circle of boys. You quickly handed him a water bottle, shoving a towel at the sweaty Seongwoo, who smiled at you in wordless thanks. “They’re starting to get frustrated, and it’s making them sloppy. We can win this as long as we keep our heads cool.”

The boys nodded and jogged back onto the court, high-fiving each other in encouragement. As the second quarter of the game began, Seongwoo quickly won possession of the ball, only to be fouled, tripped by a member of the opposite team. You frowned at such blatant bad sportsmanship, glancing over at the other team’s bench. They appeared unconcerned.

After the first foul on Seongwoo, multiple followed. Seunghyuk was shoved trying to pass the ball. Dongho got kicked, and Sanggyun was elbowed as he went up for a shot.

“(y/n),” Coach Seokhoon said quietly, quirking a finger to gesture for you to come over to where he stood, focused intently on the game, “I want you to follow number 14 on the other team. He’s getting frustrated, and has started fouling already, as you can tell. I’m worried that he’ll do something serious to one of our boys.”

You nodded, fixing your gaze on number 14, who seemed to sense your stare. He looked up and sent you a wink and a wave that made your skin crawl. Then, suddenly, Daniel was next to number 14, glaring down at him and blocking his body from your view. The game started up again, as fast-paced as ever. You kept your eyes on number 14, who was definitely using a lot more knee and elbow than was needed in basketball.

“Coach,” you said quietly, eyes narrowing. Coach Seokhoon was completely focused on the game, not hearing you, “Coach! Number 14 is acting weird, something’s up.” You watched as Number 14 waved one of his teammate over, motioning to his temple. You narrowed your eyes, watching as the play resumed.

Quickly, three of the other team surrounded Daniel, and you hit Seokhoon, waving frantically. As quickly as they had surrounded him, the three guys were gone, leaving Daniel looking dazed, clutching his temple.

“Coach, they hit one of his pressure points,” you said urgently, putting two-and-two together, “they know Daniel’s our star player, they’re deliberately trying to take him out!”

Coach Seokhoon gestured for the ref to pause the game, and the two of you rushed onto the court.

“Daniel, are you okay?” You asked worriedly, reaching up to brush the hair away from his temple, frowning at the rapidly reddening spot there.

“M fine,” Daniel said, obviously in pain, “Coach, I can still play, please don’t take me out.”

“Daniel, no,” Seokhoon said sternly, “this game isn’t important, but your health is. If they hit you in the head, you might have a concussion, and that’s really serious.”

You carefully helped Daniel drape his arm around your shoulder, supporting him as the two of you walked to the bench. He looked dazed and slightly out of it as you pressed a cold ice pack to his head, holding it in place gently.

“(y/n), can you take him to the hospital?” Coach Seokhoon asked worriedly, “this game really isn’t a big deal, and there’s a hospital about three blocks away.”

“Yeah, of course,” you nodded, looking down at Daniel, “why don’t you go get changed so that your muscles don’t get cramped, and we can head out?”

Daniel nodded, moving towards the locker room slowly as Coach Seokhoon went to explain to the referee what had happened. You gathered all the rest of his things together, putting them into his duffel bag before going to the locker room exit, waiting there awkwardly.

“Ready?” Daniel asked, coming out of the locker room, hair damp from the quick shower he had taken. The game was still going on in the gym behind you, and Daniel glanced wistfully back before following you out of the gym doors. “Thanks for walking me, I know this probably isn’t how you envisioned your Friday night.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” you assured him, smiling, “I’d be a bad manager if I didn’t.” You rubbed your arms slightly, surprised at how chilly the air had gotten.

“Oh, there’s a spare sweatshirt in my duffel bag if you want it,” Daniel offered, cheeks a bit pink, “I don’t want you to be cold or anything.” He quickly rifled around in his bag, producing a fairly large sweatshirt and handing it to you. You carefully tugged it over your head, feeling a bit like a marshmallow given how large the sweatshirt was. Daniel grinned down at you. “It looks good on you.”

“It’s kinda big,” you remarked, lifting up the sleeves, which dripped off your arms, to prove your point.

“Still, it’s cute,” he replied, cheeks reddening even more. You felt your own cheeks heat up at that comment, thankful for the distraction of the nearing hospital.

You followed him inside the clinic area, a doctor hurrying to take you to a private room. You tuned out as a doctor conducted a quick concussion exam on Daniel, ultimately determining that yes, Daniel did have a concussion, but it wasn’t severe.

“You just won’t be able to play for a while,” the doctor explained, “you’ll need rest and relaxation, no basketball or other sports.”

“Really?” Daniel groaned, burying his head in his hands. You patted him on the back sympathetically, knowing how much he loved playing basketball.

“I understand that it seems like a drag now,” the doctor said, “but your brain needs to recover. Believe me, you’ll thank me in the long run.”

After explaining in detail what Daniel was and was not allowed to do, the doctor dismissed you, informing the two of you where the closest bus stop was. Daniel took the bus one way, while you took it the other. Just as you were about to cross the street to get to your own stop, Daniel caught your arm.

“Hey, (y/n),” he said a bit shyly, cheeks reddening again under the yellow streetlight. “I just wanted to say thank you, again. I’ve always known how kind you were, but I think seeing how caring you were made me fall for you even more.” You felt your cheeks heat to a million degrees as you stared at the basketball captain open-mouthed. Daniel clapped a hand over his mouth, eyes widening, “shit, did I say that out loud?”

“Y-yeah,” you stammered, unable to believe your ears, “yeah, you said that out loud.”

“Fuck,” Daniel hissed, running a hand through his hair, “man, I really didn’t plan on confessing like this,” he groaned, kicking the signpost. You squeaked, running over to stop him, placing a hand on his arm.

“No physical activity, Daniel!” You exclaimed with a frown, “you heard what the doctor said.”

Daniel just smiled down at you, “see? You’re always such a kind, positive person. It’s why I like you so much, and I’m not going to deny it. I’m sorry if it burdens you or if you don’t want to be our manager anymore, but I promise I won’t act on it if it makes you uncomfortable.”

You shook your head, “no, it’s not that.” You waved your hands around, panicking slightly and cursing yourself for being so awkward, “Daniel, I like you too, I really do, it’s just, I don’t understand why you like me? You’re the most popular guy at school, anyone would die to just go on one date with you. Me? I’m not special, I’m just the basketball manager.”

“And yet somehow, I like you,” Daniel said with a smile, looking down at you, “you’re more than just a basketball manager, you’re (y/n), and I think you’re perfect the way you are. Trust me, (y/n), I really like you, and I would be so, so grateful if you gave me a chance.”

You sighed, looking up at him, lips turning up into a smile, “I think we can work something out.”

Daniel beamed, shifting to pull you into a tight hug, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead before hugging you again. “I’ll see you tomorrow, (y/n),” he said softly, looking down at you. You rolled your eyes before going up on your tip-toes, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I’m giving you the chance, Daniel,” you teased once you’d pulled away, Daniel blushing intensely. “You’d better take it, don’t waste my time.”

Daniel leaned down for a second kiss, this one a lot deeper. “I won’t, babe, I promise.”