sweatshirts in bags

BTS reacting to their S/O giving back their favorite Sweatshirt.

Summary: How BTS would react to their someone giving back their favorite Sweatshirt of theirs because it doesn’t smell like them anymore.

Kim Namjoon:
You’d press his oversized sweatshirt into his hands the minute you walked into the apartment, leaving him puzzled for a minute. 
What is this?” he’d ask before realizing that it’s the sweatshirt that has gone missing a few months ago. 

It doesn’t smell like you anymore.” you’d answer without looking at him, already looking for another shirt to wear. He’d raise his eyebrow at your answer and shake his head in disbelief. 
But I never knew you had this in the first place…?”

Kim Seokjin:
You’d be staying over at your boyfriend’s house for the night and when you ask him to get something from your bag, he’d notice a familiar looking sweatshirt peaking out from underneath your other clothes and pull it out, his eyes widening in disbelief. “When did you even take this?” He’d ask as he comes back into the bathroom and look at you through the mirror in confusion. 

A while ago. It didn’t smell like you anymore so I decided to give it back.”
He’d silently chuckle at your answer before turning around and leaving you to yourself while mumbling, 
I wonder if she has that hair brush too that I’ve been missing.” 

Min Yoongi:
He’d sigh annoyed when you pull out his favorite sweatshirt from your bag and give it back to him, smiling innocently. He’d grab it from your hands and shake his head at your behavior, trying to hide the smile that’s tugging on his lips as he gently beats you with the sweatshirt. After he calmed himself, he’d chuckle and point at his wardrobe.

Go pick another one. I’ll wear this one so it smells like me again.”

Jung Hoseok:
He’d be sitting on the couch, scrolling through Netflix when the door to his apartment suddenly flung open and a familiar figure ran past, giggling under their breath. Hoseok would get up from his seat and investigate it further, leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom and watch you eagerly go through his wardrobe. 

Did the sweatshirt I gave you stop smelling like me?” He’d ask, smirking at you knowingly. You’d slowly turn around to him and nod slightly, throwing the sweatshirt over to him. 

Park Jimin:
When he opens the door and sees you hugging his long lost sweater tightly, pouting as you try to not make eye contact with your boyfriend, he’d instantly giggle at the scene in front of him and sigh in frustration, already giving up before even trying to argue with you about the point. He’d take it from you and his gaze would meet yours. 

Do you want to choose another one?” He’d ask and you’d nod in excitment, dissapearing into his wardrobe.

Kim Taehyung: 
He’d pretend to be surprised when you hand him the sweatshirt you told him went missing a couple months ago and just take it back from you, his eyebrows raised in shock. When he notices you biting down on your lower lip to remain a straight face, he’d gently hit you with it and sigh.  

“It’s not like you basically already own my clothes anyways.”

Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was standing shirtless in front of his wardrobe, looking for his favorite black shirt.
Who’s wearing my clothes again?”, he yelled for the members to hear. They all promised him they had nothing to do with the dissapperance of his shirt.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He opened it half naked to let you in. Confused, you asked him why he was acting the way he did. In frustration he let out a groan and told you about the mysterious loss of his shirt. With a grin, you opened your backbag and pulled out a black shirt that looked exactly like his.

“It doesn’t smell like you anymore so I figured I’d give it back.”, You answered, flashing him a smile before walked towards his wardrobe to pick another one to take home.

~Love, Youngmi~

Undeniable Heat Chapter 33: Admissions

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Your P.O.V.

Thoughts kept running through your mind, making sleep difficult. Soon the bed covers were a tangled mess, wrapped around your legs and you threw them off with a grunt. Seeing the clock on the nightstand reading 1:30, your heart plummeted when you found Jensen had not returned. Your phone’s screen was empty, lacking the texts you had wished to see. Hot tears slid down your cheeks as you collapsed against your pillow, your heartache threatening to tear you apart.

A part of you wanted to rush back to his house, and fight for him. You weren’t one to back down easily, at least until Brad had come and broken your soul, leaving behind an anxious and self deprecating shell of the former person you had been. The other part, the one that seemed to be winning, wanted nothing more than to pack your bags and run away. Maybe not back to Vancouver, not at first. It wasn’t that you didn’t love your job, and you were aching to get back to it. But the threat of Brad still loomed over that beautiful town, and you knew Jensen would soon be heading back too.

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Icarus and the Sun (NSFW)

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Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut

Summary: Some members of the team are giving Sam shit about keeping up and being in better shape so you invite him to come to your workout class with you and it turns out not to be what he expected.

A/N: Sam Wilson won in the 300 poll and I was more than happy to oblige. Hopefully I did him his deserved justice.

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Ice/Scott McCall Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Requests:  Hey since you did a awesome job on the last imagine, I was wondering if you could another one but a teen wolf one? Can you plez do a Scott mccall imagine where he decided to take the reader ice skating for their 2nd anniversary, but the ice was not strong enough. The reader falls in the cold water, Scott saves her…ends up with Scott driving in the cold wind to his house. And sort of cute where she is in her underwear in his bed and him holding her to keep warm. No smut just warm cuteness. Sorry if it’s sounds confusing

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Better Together

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Peter Parker X Reader

By: The Daydreamer, Brenna

Request: “Could you please write an imagine where readers parents are strict so she has to have a secret relationship with peter? x “ -Anonymus 

Word Count: 2,119 Words

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you like my take on this request.  It took me some time to discover what I wanted it to look like and to write it, but here is what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy it. I willing to accept requests and my tag list is always open.  Thank you all so much and enjoy! Masterlist

You sat on the fire escape, admiring the rain while sitting under an umbrella.  Suddenly, there was the sound of feet hitting the fire escape above you.  You titled the umbrella up to see Peter climbing down toward you, still fully decked out in his Spider-Man suit.  

“Hey, Peter.”  He came over and sat down next to you and put his arm around you.

“Hey, Y/N.  Why are you sitting out here in the rain?”  You smiled and slid closer to him.

“Waiting for you.”  You leaned his head on his chest.

“I know I told you I would come around, but can’t you wait inside.”  You laughed a little at his question.

“Because my parents are home and I don’t want them to see you.”

“Right, they can’t see me in my suit.”  He pulled off his mask with his free hand.

“Peter, they can’t see you at all.  Even with the suit.”  You stole his mask and stuck in on your head.

“Because they are restricted and don’t want you to date someone that could hurt you.  I remember.”  You giggled as he went to grab his mask.  You ducked through your window into your room.

“If you want your mask, you are going to have to come and get it.”  You stuck your face in the window.  Peter climbed through the window.  He pulled off his suit and threw it in the closet.

“This is my sweatshirt.”  He pulled a gray sweatshirt from the bag in the back of your closet.  He put in on, along with a pair of sweats.

“Ya.  You left it here early when you put on your spidey sit.”  He reached for the mask again, and you dodged out of his reach again.

“Give it back, Y/N.  I need that.”  Peter reached for it again.  You continued to dodge him, rolling onto your bed.  A loud laugh escaped your mouth.  Suddenly the cheerful atmosphere disappeared as you clamped a hand over your mouth.

“Y/N, what was that?”  You mother’s voice cut through the silence.

“Ummm, nothing.”  You hopped off the bed, shoving the mask in your closet and shutting the closet.  There was a knock on the door and your mom’s face appeared.  You winced.

“Y/N.  Who is this?”  Here voice took on a serious tone as she entered the room, motioning to Peter, who was standing across the room.

“Peter, Mrs. Y/L/N.  Peter Parker.”  He stuck a hand out at her.  She ignored it.

“What are you doing in my daughter’s room?”  Your face began to flush bright red.

“Working on homework.  That is all.”  Peter’s face was turning just as bright as yours was.

“I am going to have to ask you to leave.  Now.”  Anger flashed in your mother’s eyes.  Peter walked toward the window and climbed out.  You threw him an apologetic look and then turned back to face your mom.

“Y/N!  I have told you that I don’t want you to be involved with any boys at any time during High School.”  She was shouting at you.

“Mom.  He is just a friend and we were just doing homework.”  You lied quickly.  “You don’t need to freak out.”  You face was on fire, and was sure to be the brightest red you have ever seen.

“It doesn’t matter who he is or what you were doing.  NO BOYS!”  She slammed the door closed as she stamped out.  You dropped to your bed, tears sliding down your cheeks.  Would she ever understand that this was your life, so you should be able to do whatever you wanted to?

You love Peter, why can’t she just understand that simple fact.  Your parents were just so strict.  You climbed back through your window, out onto the fire escape, and sat down.  Rain ran down your cheeks, blending in with your tears, hiding your crying and soaking you down to the bone.

*  *  *  *  *

The next day, you walked into school with a heavy heart.  When you spotted Peter, you bit your lip to stop tears welling up in your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N!”  Peter walked toward you.  “I am sorry about yesterday.  Are you okay?”  You didn’t look at Peter, just shoved a duffle bag toward him.

“Ya.  I’m fine.  You left this over at my house yesterday afternoon.”  You took multiple deep breaths to control your emotions.

“Are you sure you are okay?”  Peter tried to take your hand but you resisted.

“Ya.”  You shoved your hand in your jacket pocket.  “I am fine.”

“Okay.  You are just  a little distance.”  There was awkwardness between you.  You started fidgeting and your eyes were wandering away from him.

“Ya.  I…We just can’t be together.  I can’t fall in love with you, so I won’t.”  A tear swelled up in your eyes, and you blinked them away.

“What?  I don’t understand.  Don’t we already love each other?”

“I’m sorry, Peter.  I am so sorry.”  Another tear welled up in your eye and this time, it rolled down your cheek.  “I didn’t want to hurt you.”  You turned around and walked slowly toward the bathroom, leaving Peter standing there.  When you reached the bathroom, you stared into the mirror and attempted to wipe the tears off your face.

That was over and done, but it didn’t feel right.  You reached into your bag and fished out your cellphone.

“Hello?”  The sound of Tony’s voice over the phone made you feel better.

“Is there any way you can get me out of school for the day?”  You burst out, finishing wiping off the tears that were staining your face.  You attempted to put some strain of happiness in your voice.

“Why would you want to get out of school?”  There was confusion in Tony’s voice.  You could hear it in his voice.

“I just need some advice and you are the only one that I thought would give it to me.”

“Okay.  I will meet you outside of school in ten minutes.”  Tony was basically a second father to you.  You could ask him anything and he would give you an honest and complete answer, even if it was not what you wanted to hear.  He knew what you needed to hear.

You composed yourself enough to be seen in public.  You walked out of the bathroom and down the crowded halls of Midtown.  You spotted Peter as you walked out of the school.  You looked away before more tears started falling, but you could feel his gaze on you as you walked out.  You walked out from and waited until Tony pulled up in his fancy limo.

“Hop in, kid.”  He popped the door open.  You walked down the stairs that lead up to the entrance and climbed into the limo.  “What’s up?”

“My parents hate me.  They forced me to break up with Peter, bt it doesn’t feel right.”  You looked Tony in the eye, a serious look on your face.

“Why not?”  Tony cared about you.  You could tell by the tone of his voice and the look on his face.

“I know I still love him, but I have to follow what my parents tell me.”  You bit your lip to stop the tears that were forming in your eyes.

“If you love him, go after him, no matter who or what tells you anything.”  He gave you a warming smile.

“I guess that makes sense.  Thanks, Tony.”  You reached over and gave Tony a huge.  Tony awkwardly returned it.  Tony wasn’t used to physical contact, so the fact that he was returning it meant a lot to you.

“Now, while you are out of school for today, let’s go get some ice cream.”  You smiled as Tony pulled away from the hug and signaled for the driver to drive away.

*  *  *  *  *

Later that day, after you completely ditched school, you headed home and climbed back up to the fire escape to think about the advice that Tony had given you.  The fire escape outside of your apartment seemed to be the greatest place for you to think.  It was quite, calm, and away from your parents.  There was a sound above you.  You didn’t need to look up to know who it was.  Peter knew where you would be and he would want to come talk about what you had done.

“Y/N.  Before you way anything, you have to let me talk and completely hear me out.  I don’t care what you say.  I love you and no one can tell me that I can’t be with you.”  You looked up at him, seeing the pain in his eyes.  “I should have begged for you to not leave, but I didn’t and so you left.”  You stood up and stuck a finger on his lips to interrupt him.

“Peter, I know that what I did, I made a mistake.  I love you and I can’t do this without you.”  You dropped your hands to Peter’s and took them in yours.  “I’m sorry.”  A tear dripped down your cheek, but a hopeful smile crossed Peter’s face.

“You are serious, right?”  You looked up at Peter, tears glistening in your eyes.

“Peter, I am 100% serious.”  Peter leaned down toward you and kissed you.  After a second you pulled away, but just far enough to rest your forehead on Peter’s.

“What are you going to do about your parents?  They won’t let you be with me just because you love me.”  You were silent for a second, thinking about the answer to Peter’s question.

“I have an idea.”  You took Peter’s hand and lead him through your window, off the fire escape.

“Y/N.  Where are we going?”  He climbed through your window and pulled to you to a stop just inside your room.

“There is something I need to do to solve this.”  You let go of his hand and walked out of the room.  Peter followed after you, cautiously.

“Mom.”  You turned the corner from the hallway into the kitchen.  “There is something that I need to tell you, and you need to listen.”  She turned to face you, slightly startled.

“What do you have to tell me?”  She set down the spatula that she was stirring dinner with and turned to you, giving you her full attention.  You reached around the corner and took Peter’s head, bringing him into the light of the kitchen.

“This is my boyfriend, Peter Parker.”  A look of confusion crossed your mother’s face, trying to understand what exactly you were saying.

“What?  Y/N, dar.  I don’t understand.”  She took a step toward you and Peter, putting a hand on your arm.  You brushed her hand off.

“You told me I can’t date right now, but I love Peter and I want to be with him.”  There was anger boiling up in your mother, you could see the tension on her face.

“When did this start?” She was having an internal fight to keep her anger in check and not explode.

“Four Months, Mrs. Y/N.”  Peter pipped up for this fact.  You smiled at his voice.  But for your mother, this seemed to be the tipping point.  Her anger erupted.

“While you are under our roof, your father and I expect a complete focus on your academics.  Romance is just a distraction.”

“Okay then.  I just won’t live under your roof.”  This surprised your mother.  The anger inside you was close to exploding.  You spun around and headed back to your room.  Your mom and Peter followed close behind you.

“What do you possibly mean by that?”  Your mother was practically shouting.  You started to shove your clothes and belongings into bags.

“I’m leaving.”  After a minute, you were done packing almost everything you owned, which wasn’t very much.  “Good-bye, Mother.”

Without giving her a second glance, you climbed out of the window, dropping your bags to the sidewalk below.  You climbed down the fire escape.  You heard Peter following you down and caught up with you when you hit the street.  He grabbed your arm.

“Y/N.  Where do you expect to go?”  You looked into Peter’s eyes, your eyes blurred with tears of anger.

“The Avenger’s Tower.  Tony will help.”  A single tear slipped down your cheek.

“Let me come with you.  Let me help you.”  He offered you his hand.  You took it, nodding.  You both grabbed the bags with your belongings.  Together, you walked toward the Avenger’s Tower that towering in the middle of New York City.  

Above you, your mother sunk to your bed, tears in her eyes.  She wondered why she was so blind to lose her daughter.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 44

Without much fuss or any other questions, Jared did end up following me as I tugged his arm. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t ask me later when we were alone though. I could see the wheels in his head turning. Curiosity would get the best of him at some point and hopefully when it does, he goes to Shannon with his questions and not me.

Jared’s arm rested across my shoulders throughout the drive to the venue. He was quiet but so was I. It’s not like this was the time or place to really talk anyway. Resting my hand on his thigh, I leaned into him trying to get as close as possible. Feeling his nose against my temple, I smiled.

“Ready for tonight?” I asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Pulling up to the gates of the venue, people were already pressed against the temporary barriers. We were still hours away from the start of the concert but fans were literally everywhere.

“We got time. Let’s hit the barriers.” Jared said.

As it stood, we were only about an hour away from the Meet and Greet. After that, it was pictures and the Q & A session then they’d need to warm up for the show. The only time to really relax would be the next sixty minutes.

Shannon reluctantly nodded, he knew it wasn’t worth arguing with Jared. I think as much as Shannon loves to play and loves his fans, he needs way more down time than Jared. Not everyone can be go, go, go, all the time like him and I don’t think he really sees that.

On the flip side, Tomo seemed to be down for anything, he’s so go with the flow.

“Robert will take you in and help you find my dressing room. Try to relax a little bit, okay? I won’t be long.” Jared said as the van came to a stop.

“Of course. I’ll see you in a little while.” I said, blowing him a tiny kiss. “Don’t worry.”

“I always worry.” He responded with a wink.

The windows on the van weren’t tinted and I didn’t want to take a chance at anyone seeing what I was doing. If someone, God forbid, caught me kissing him and got a picture of it, all hell would break loose. I haven’t been around very long but I’ve already gotten a taste of how crazy some can be.

With a little smile, Jared followed Tomo and Shannon out, “See you soon.”

Grabbing his bag and mine, I gave it a minute then stepped out. Emma followed behind them to the barrier as Robert met me at the door, having already been at the venue with the rest of the crew.

“Here, let me help.” He said, taking Jared’s bag from my hand.

“Thank you! I swear he’s got rocks in there, it’s so heavy!” I laughed.

The crowd erupted as I turned around. I was just in time to see as all three were practically swallowed up by fans. It seemed they were all happily surprised the guys were walking over to them. Small gifts were being passed and within only a few minutes, Emma’s arms were practically full.

“Wow..” I muttered to myself.

“It’s pretty crazy, right?”

“It really is…”

Robert and I made our way through the hustle and bustle to find Sheep, their tour manager. We could have probably searched around and found Jared’s room but this way was much easier.

Heading to the stage, we found him working with the venue staff, with seemingly quite a bit of frustration as he tried to have set-up the way Jared wanted it. I remember back in Chicago, Jared had requested the same thing, absolutely no seating or tables, and staff at that venue fought his request too. In the end, he won out of course. The same would most likely happen here too. No is not a word he accepts very easily.

As we waited in the wings for him to finish his tense conversation, Evan, Shannon’s drum tech came up to us.

“Hey, you got a minute?” He asked Robert who then looked to me.

I didn’t want to be a burden, I mean, I am an adult who has managed to travel around the world on my own. I was quite confident I could manage to wait for Sheep on my own.

“I’m good! I’m going to wait for Sheep then head to Jared’s room. Don’t worry about me.”

Robert looked a bit unsure. I’m sure Jared gave him strict instructions to stay with me but I knew I’d be fine. Even Robert probably thought Jared’s request was a bit over the top.

“Really…” I said, reaching for Jared’s bag that he was still holding.

Robert nodded after a moment of thought then handed me the bag. As he stepped away, Sheep walked up and I almost laughed at Robert’s relieved expression.

“What can I do for you, Vivie?” Sheep asked.

“Can you point me to Jared’s dressing room? He’s with Emma and the guys doing an impromptu meet and greet outside.”

“Absolutely, love. Let me help you.” He said, taking both my bag as well as Jared’s, “Right this way.”

I just loved his very British manner not to mention his accent. Being stopped at least five times as we walked told me that he had much better and far more important things he needed to be doing. It was sweet of him to be so gracious.

Walking in Jared’s dressing room, Sheep put our bags on the table.

“Anything else I can do, love?”

“No, I’m fine…thank you.”

After Sheep left and I was alone, I finally felt like I could relax.

The air conditioning in the room was set low so I was freezing. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to grab a sweater but then remembered Jared had a sweatshirt in his bag. Pulling the hoodie out, I slipped it over my head.

There wasn’t much for me to do as I looked around the room but to wait. A small yawn creeped up and knowing tonight would be a long, late one, I decided to lay down. Walking to the couch I sat down and although it was comfortable, I know what tends to happen on these couches so before I laid my head on the pillow, I pulled the hood over my head.

It felt like my eyes were only closed for only minutes before I felt Jared’s hand caressing my cheek.

“Can I lay down with you, baby girl?”

Lifting my head with a smile, “Of course…” I said moving farther against the back of the couch.

Jared laid down facing me. Slipping one arm under my head, the other was at my waist. I couldn’t help tucking my head under his chin as I snuggled my body against his.

“Looks like you slept a little..”

I nodded as I cuddled into him.

“You cold?”

“Not now.” I laughed, “I’m glad I remembered you had this in your bag. It’s warm, fuzzy and smells like you. I love it.”

With his arms tightening around me I tilted my chin up so that we were eye to eye. Being this close to him, all I wanted was to feel him. To really feel okay again.

Lifting my lips to his, I cupped his cheek. My fingers caressed his soft beard as I pulled his lips to my parted ones. Our eyes closed as we kissed, taking in each other’s breath.

Jared hand slipped under my sweatshirt to gently trace his fingertips up my tummy then under my bra. Deepening our kiss as he took my breast in his hand, massaging it just the way he knew I liked. I softly moaned into his mouth as my mind and body fell in sync with his.

“You feel so good, baby.”

I could feel the stiffness of his cock against my hip with each time he thruster against me. Pulling my leg from between his we instinctively moved so that he was now on top of me between my spread legs. Once settled, Jared thrusted his hips hard, his cock rolling right across my clit in such a way that I nearly came apart right there.

“Oh my God..” I quietly moaned in his ear.

“Mmmm, baby.”

This was pure, old school making out and it felt so incredible.

Our hands were fisted in each other’s clothes, wanting so badly to rip them off but also not wanting to stop making out to do that either. Heavy pants were echoing around the room, we couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Fuck, I want you.” Jared whispered, thrusting his solid cock against my core one more time before pulling his hips back allowing room between us.

Reaching down, I felt his fingers pull the button of my jeans open then the zipper down. Quickly yanking them open, he harshly pushed his fingers between my legs, moving the crotch of my panties out of his way in what felt like one solid motion.

Covering my open mouth with his, knowing I wouldn’t be able to control myself, he pushed two fingers into my dripping hole. The palm of his hand cupping me, I couldn’t help my body’s reaction. Pressing my hips into his hand, I used my hand to try to pull my pants lower.

Damn these jeans were tight!!

Unfortunately, between the sweat and heat of doing all this fully clothed, they didn’t go far. Instead of getting frustrated though, I turned my attention to him.

“Fuck these jeans.” He growled, frustrated he didn’t have more room.

As he continued to pump his long fingers into my pussy, I pulled his shirt up then slipped my hand down into his joggers. On instinct, as soon as he felt my hand wrapping around his length, he thrusted into it.

In a matter of seconds, we were pumping in tune with each other. Both climbing higher and faster than either of us expected. Adding a third finger and using his palm to rub my clit, my body reacted so strongly I couldn’t even voice a single word.

Gripping his cock tighter, I continued to pump him in my hand as I felt the first deep pulsing of my orgasm hit me. I was simply too wrapped up in the moment to control myself at all.

I wasn’t alone though. Being so consumed, Jared’s moan barely registered. It wasn’t until a few moments later that I felt his cock twitching in my hands and realized he was riding out his own orgasm.

“Holy fuck, baby…” he said as I felt his body relax against mine, “I think we both needed that.”

Nice Job, Pikachu

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, cursing


“This is dumb.” You said while carrying a foldable two person tent on your back that Oliver handed you.

You heard Barry chuckled lightly behind you and Oliver sigh. Someone had the excellent idea to go out into the woods and spend the night there because of someone else’s theory of the meta you, Barry, Felicity, Oliver, Cisco, and Thea were looking for. You were a meta like Barry, also struck by lightning, but instead of speed you got electricity powers.

“But Pika, you’re in you’re natural habitat. Aren’t you used to this?” Cisco started calling you Pikachu ever since he found out about your powers.

“Pika is about to use thunderbolt on your ass.” You responded quickly and harshly while Barry starts laughing hard and Oliver yet again sighs mumbling something about not understanding. “The only one use to this is Playboy over here.” Oliver looks towards your pointed finger which was directly towards him.

“Yes because I was on an island for 5 years, I get it.” There continued to be more banter that Oliver was getting annoyed with, and Barry was laughing at. The banter then stopped when you arrived at a clearing.

“Okay so here is where we’ll set up shop.” Thea spoke to everyone. Everyone then dispersed all mumbling their plans along the way. Barry, you, and Felicity went to set up tents, Oliver went to build a fire, Thea went to find firewood for Oliver, and all Cisco said was he had to pee.

“Hey, Felicity do you need any help?” Barry asks somewhat worriedly. You can tell he likes Felicity. Which makes you somewhat jealous.

“That would be much appreciated. This tent did not come with a manual.” Barry giggled slightly while you rolled your eyes. They proceeded to giggle and slightly flirt the entire time they were setting up a tent. And you had to listen to all of it. You seriously contemplated moving your tent. Once Felicity’s tent was set up, Barry used his speed to set up his next to her. You looked over to the finished product.

“Uhh, Barr is that a hole?” You ask referring to his tent roof. He furrows his eyebrows and goes to inspect.

“Aww man.” He sighs and turns around away from the tent, looking towards the sky. “And it looks like it’s going to storm!” He sighs. “I’m gonna go ask Cisco if I can bunk with him. He walks away slowly while looking at the ground.

"Hey, Fel, why doesn’t he just stay with you?”

“Mines only a two person and Oliver is staying with me.”

“Ooooooooooo. Felicity and Oliver sittin’ in a tree K-I-S-S-I—” You were cut off by Felicity throwing twigs at you and telling you to shut up.


It was now 10 pm and you were sitting in front of the fire because of the weather being so cold. Oliver, Felicity, and Thea went to bed in their tents. While Barry and Cisco were off doing something.

You saw them walk through the tall trees with firewood in their arms.

“C'mon Cisco, it’s only one night!” Barry seemed to protest.

“I told you dude, no way, I know we’re friends but we are not close enough to share my tiny one person tent.”

Barry sighed while plopping. The firewood into the pile and then plopping himself down next to you. Then he looked towards you with a a pout. You raised your eyebrow expectantly.

“(Y/n)… Can I stay in your tent? Pleaseeeeeeee…” You sighed loudly.

“What about Thea?”

“Oliver would kill me if he found out I stayed in the same tent as her.” You sighed again. He deepened his pout and payed his head on your shoulder. “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” And again, you sighed.

“…Fine!” He jumped up quickly running to his stuff.


10 minutes later you were heading to bed. When you unzipped the tent you saw Barry setting up his sleeping bag.

“What’s up?” He asks, still while continuing what he was doing.

“Just gonna go to bed.” He whispered what sounded like an ‘mmkay’.

You got snuggled into your sleeping bag, not much later you heard Barry do the same.

“G'night, (y/n).” He whispered tiredly after a yawn.

“Goodnight, Barry.” You said with a hint of a smile and your back facing towards him.


You woke up shivering. You were so cold. Your teeth were chattering and you swore you could see your breath. Your sweatshirt, sweatpants, and sleeping bag were not helping. You picked up your phone, teeth still chattering. 9°F. Oh my god. You hear Barry moan in annoyance.

“(Y/n). Stop making so much noise.”

“I’m s-s-sorry! I-I’m s-s-so c-cold!” You whisper yelled back.

“C'mere.” He said lifting up his sleeping bag as an invitation.


“If you’re really that cold I can warm you with my speed and I’m really warm right now.” I sigh and scoot into his sleeping bag. He uses his speed to vibrate which kind of helps, but not much. “Better?”

“No, I-I-’m s-still freezing!” You said, still shivering.

“Uhm. Okay so like- uh. Takeoffyourclothes.” He says almost at super speed.

“I’m sorry?!”

“If you take off your clothes you’ll get warmer faster.”

“You must be joking.” You say while blushing to the shade of a tomato.

“No. Science, (y/n).” He sits up and takes off his shirt then pants.

“Oh, my, God” You cover your eyes and hear him lay back down.

“I kept my underwear on, Jeez.” He chuckles while you put down your hand. You look at him and he’s already looking at you. “(Y/n), you will be warmer.” You viscously sigh.

“Fine.” You sit up. You look down at him to see he’s looking at you. “Close your eyes, perv.” He proceeds to put a hand over his eyes. You strip of your layers, only to be left in your panties and bra. You quickly lay back down and pull the sleeping bag up to your neck. “Okay.” He opens up his eyes and smiles a cute smile.

“There. Was that so hard?”

“Shut up.” He motions for you to come closer with his arms out. You snuggle close and wrap your arms around his torso. You can now feel the heat radiating from his body. You sigh happily at the warmth.

“Told you. I didn’t even have to use my speed this time.” All you do is snuggle even closer and fall asleep in a warm atmosphere.

*** smut ***

You wake up to slight moans in your ear. Barry is spooning you. And rutting against your ass. You open your mouth in surprise. What do you do? You could wake him up but that’d be so awkward.

“(Y/n)… mmm” And your mouth drops. He’s having a wet dream. About you. This is now turning you on. You close your mouth and bite down on your lip as he continues to rut, then tightens his hold on you. He moans some more and now you can feel his wood sticking into your thigh. What do you do? Now you’re turned on and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. That’s it. You turn around and push him onto to his back then straddle him.

“Barry.” He wakes up, surprised at the sudden movement and noise.

“What’s wrong?!” He asks worriedly, sitting up quickly. Wrapping his arm around you to stabilize and somewhat protect you.

“Nothing’s wrong with anyone else. It’s you who has the problem.”

“Huh? What do you—oh. Oh, my god. I am so—”

“Shut up.” You take a leap of faith and place your lips onto his hungrily. He responds after a second with just as much force. You bite his lip, electing a moan from him which draws heat into your stomach. You pull away, noticing he follows you before letting you pull away. You look into his eyes to see disappointment, because you pulled away. You bite your own lip and look down at his erection. You start to grind down slowly on it which draws out both yours and his moans.

“(Y/n)…” You stop grinding.

“You were talking in your sleep.” You gasp out. “Moaning my name.” He looks embarrassed, even ashamed. But is quickly replaced when you start grinding again. “It was so hot.” He moans loudly. “Shh… Don’t wake anyone up.”

He flips you bet so your on your back and takes this time to look at your body. He growls. He actually, growls and starts to nip, bite, kiss, and suck on your neck. You take your fingernails and take them down his back hard. He detaches and gasps at the pain. Then you super charge him with electricity. This causes him to heal and he seemed to get even more lustful.

He reaches behind you, unclipping your bra, then pulling it off your body. He then attaches his mouth to your right nipple and fondles your left breast. This brings out loud moans from you. He detaches his mouth and looks at you “Shhh… Don’t wake anyone up.” Smirking lazily at his reference to your earlier words. You role your eyes and wrap your arm around his neck bringing him closer to your lips.

“Screw that.” Then you kiss him with every emotion you have. You hear a muffled moan as you start to pull down his boxers. Only breaking the kiss to look down at his manhood. Suddenly you have an urge to taste him. You want to feel him come down your throat. You push him back then pull back your (h/l) (H/c) into a ponytail, which gives him a nice view of your breasts. He moans and lightly strokes himself. You slap his hand away. He looks at you confused. “That’s my job.” Then you take him into your mouth. He throws back his head and quietly says 'oh my god’.

You start to bob your head up and down on his shaft, grazing your teeth every once in a while. You release him with a pop and he whimpers. You lick away the precum and then lick his slit. He bucks up strongly at that. You put both your hands on his hips to keep him down. Then again you take him fully in your mouth. Then you let go of his hips, looking up at him with a invitation to fuck your mouth. You take one of your hands and start rubbing yourself through your underwear. He grabs the your head and starts to buck. “I-I’m gonna—Baby—” You close your eyes and moan at the pet name. He stops thrusting up into your mouth. “I want to be inside you.” You take your mouth off his manhood and sit back and let him take off your panties. “God—” Kiss. “You’re so—” Kiss. “Fucking—” Kiss. “Hot.” Kiss. You lace your hands in his hair and kiss him deeply while he lines himself up with your entrance. He pulls away to look into your eyes, asking for permission. You nod your head.

“Yes.” He kisses you again before pushing into you. He gives out a muffled moan and pulls away to kiss your neck. He thrusts slowly. Too slow. “Barr, please. Faster.” He goes faster but it’s still not fast enough for you. You lay back and moan. He follows you down, still nipping at your neck, then grabs your breast. “Baby.” He slows down his thrusts as acknowledgement. “Use your speed.” He growls hungrily and uses his speed to buck into you which cause you to cry out in pleasure. He leaves your neck to look at your face and takes a hand to rub your clit. You cry out at the sensations.

“Oh my god… So tight… So good… Never used my speed like this.” He moans out.

“I’m gonna come!”

“Do it, baby. Come for me. Wanna feel your walls clench on my cock.” Andddd you break. You cry out so loud you are sure you woke everybody up. He muffles the rest of your cries with a deep kiss and you feel him start to slow down and thrusts sloppily. He leans his forehead against yours and says your name along with many curses as he comes.

He pulls out the lays back down once you to catch your breath. You snuggle closer to him and rest your head on his chest. “See,” he says “Science never fails.”

*** smut end ***

When you woke up Barry was starring at you with admiration and a smile.

“Creep.” You smile and close your eyes.

“I’m admiring.”


“Gazing.” There’s a long silence after before he talks again. But first he laces your hands together and kisses the top of it, which makes you lazily smile. “Can I ask you a question?”


“What are we?” You get up and rest your but on your calves and look at him. He has his arm behind his head and his other arm is holding your hand against his chest like you’ll leave.

“What do you want us to be?”

“Well… I really like you. Like really, really like. Obviously.”

“Are you sure you’re not just saying that because I gave you a blowjob?” You chuckle.

“I’m trying to be serious and you’re ruining it.” He laughs out. He sits up to meet you and grabs your face in one hand. “I want to be with you. You’re not just a one time thing to me because I was horny. I want you. Every aspect of you. Your smile, your laugh, your jokes, your comebacks, the way you obsess over pop culture, your amazing powers that fit so well with mine. Also your body because damn, you fine.” You laugh loudly and all he does is smile and look at you lovingly. When you stop laughing you look back into his eyes. “I want you to be mine.”

“Okay.” He raises an eyebrow asking you to elaborate. “Okay, I’ll be with you.” He smiles brightly and brings your face closer to kiss you with passion.


Once you two got dressed, you decided to face the group and act like you didn’t have loud hot sex in a tent right next to them.

You both sat next to the fire with everyone else and Felicity hands you too cups of coffee. You both take a swig.

“So I guess you’re glad I said no to you sharing a tent with me huh?” Cisco says.

“What do you mean?” Barry asks and takes another long drink.

“Does 'Shh… Don’t wake anyone up.’ Ring any bells?” He spits out his coffee and starts choking. Your eyes widen and your face turns red. “You guys did wake us up so…”

“Uhm… Heheh”

“Nice job, Pikachu.”